Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What The Hell?? Irish Fairies??

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!  Link up if you’d like with these ladies over at Blue Monkey Butt for What the Hell Wednesday!

Blue Monkey Butt

In the past I’ve been known to go out on the town wearing my Irish drinking glove, drinking some sort of green drinks (not beer…I don’t do beer) until I’ve passed out become so happy that nothing in the world can bother me.

This year, I have resorted to sitting in my car behind Caribou blogging about Irish Fairies because I don’t really have a life anymore, I have 3 children, and I am now much more responsible. 

I came across this site on Irish Heritage.  You can check it out if you’d like.  It’s called The Irish Path.  One of the topics discussed is Irish Fairies.  I cringe every time I type “f-a-i-r-i-e-s” because apparently they do not like to be called “f-a-i-r-i-e-s”.  So what the fuck are we supposed to call them??  I guess it’s okay if you refer to them as “them” or “The Other Crowd” or even “The Wee Folk”. 

I thought about this a moment and it made me think of how many times we say “they say you should do (insert blah blah blah here)” or “they say consuming 20 white chocolate mochas a week is bad for you”…..yeah, who are THEY??  Apparently THEY are the Irishfuckingfairies!!!  Damn!  Who knew??

I am probably going to cursed by “them” for writing this post.  Maybe I should apologize in advance. 

Dear WEE FOLK…please forgive me for anything that may sound condescending towards you.  I do not mean any harm.  Please do not curse me with a Fairy Stroke!!

Ok…that should do it. 

Did you KNOW they can be mean little Wee Folk??  I did not until I read it over on The Irish Path.  These cute little beings of The Other Crowd can throw Fairy Darts at you!!  And yeah, these fairy darts hurt like a muthafucka!!  They can cause “swelling in your hands and feet or BOTH!!”  There is a remedy for this, but you have to be certain to remove the dart otherwise it won’t matter how much damn butter you put on your hands and feet!

These little beings can also cause sinus infections and blindness!!  Holy SHIT!!  That must be what’s wrong with me!!  I need to call my doc now!!  Maybe my brain isn’t leaking but I have a whopping sinus infection from the damn Wee Folk!! 


Does THIS fairy look like she could do such harm??

Maybe THIS one…??


Now I’m thinking I need to be one of these f-a-i-r-i-e-s because I certainly would like at least ONE of their awesome powers!!  Can you imagine??  When that old bitty backed into me yesterday at the drive thru I could have just maimed her with a fucking fairy dart!!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today and each day after!! 

And you know what THEY say…..

Don’t piss off the fairies!!!


BigSis said...

I think the f-a-i-r-i-e-s gave me this nasty cold.

Frugal Vicki said...

that little one looked like a mean little F.. uh little dude. I do not need to be cursed. I have enough troubles dang it!

Are the F words like Leprechauns? Because I heard they are mean little buggers, too

Kat said...

Hmmmmm Wee Folk, huh? It sounds like you have been cursed. Lemme at 'em! THEY won't like ME! That's for sure!

WhisperingWriter said...

Eek fairies! That second one looks scary.

Lo said...

Funny....great blog.
I have a little idea......what about calling them "Faeries"?
I have seen that spelling used a lot...perhaps it is more acceptable to them. We don't want to piss off all those.....we folk, now do we......

Stacy said...

I don't see that we need to be politically correct with fairies, I mean really, who do they think they are?? And throwing darts at people. Well, that's just not nice at all! Thanks for joining us today!

Linda Medrano said...

Coming from San Francisco, uh, we say "don't piss off the gypsies". LOL.

AJ said...

you know... I have never trusted them wee folk. Really.

Damn. I just got a wart... why are my hands swelling?