Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post THIS Baby!

Time once again……Link up with Supah over at Adventures of a WannaBe SupahMommy!  Don’t be shy!!


Some of you might know that I have 3 kids, 2 of which are still in diapers.  I work a fulltime job (well, the hours have been sort of part time due to low patient load) and I also work another job as needed (at a nursing home).  I have a spouse that makes me wonder about life constantly…oh, come on…that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!! 

You also might know that I have been on this weight-loss adventure and losing the battle because of lack of time.  It just seems that each day gets shorter and shorter with everything I try to get accomplished.  Please…do not go checking in my laundry room because I always ALWAYS have a load in the wash or in the dryer.  Things just never get done in a timely manner….

But does time stop just because I need it to??  Absolutely not!!  I am forever on the go…..
So, happy Tuesday and enjoy these Post It’s, they represent my every day life……

























So…my Little Man turns two this weekend….I am feeling nostalgic….I am feeling that I cannot believe how time flies.  I wish I could slow things down a bit and enjoy the children more often.  I want to be able to give them a little bit more of the me that is fun….instead of the me that is always stressed and agitated…..

Bottom line….Kiss your children and your spouses….time goes by faster than we realize.  There’s no going back, so enjoy what you have when you have it!  Make sure the people you love know how much you care every day!!

Tomorrow always comes, but how many of us are gonna still be here??
Think about it!
Have a great Tuesday!                  


Kat @ said...

OMG - lAUGHING at your post it notes! Coming by assignment (AND SOO GLAD I DID!!) from Supah Mommy's drill to check out the 2 blogs above you.

I loved the random F bomb in your post it notes. Running around for the kids -- little ones -- after 40! I have 4, but pumped them all out by the time I was 33; shew!!

You met your hubs online? Me too! IN fact, I JUST posted something about that... I was on Oprah Radio last week about it. It's pretty funny.. I recorded the interview.

Hugs, and I'll be back!!

Rana said...

Thanks for the laugh today. I'm a bit delirious due to lack of sleep dealing with sick children. Hope you enjoy your special day in
March '25.

Homesick Cajun said... the eff' you to the wrinkles! I'm right there with ya sista! Sorry about the meltdown, hope tomorrow's a better day!

BigSis said...

So funny! I'm also looking forward to 2025!

Kat said...

OH man, tell MY wrinkles to eff'off too!! LOL! And let me know what Ms. Clairol says...we're sisters, so the same color may work for me!! I am seeing lots of blonde streaks in our future :)

Slurkin' Stasha said...

LMAO! I told my wrinkles to 'f' off today too! Luckily I don't have to worry about the grays, YET. But the wrinkles are startin' to give me a complex, LOL...

I met my hubs online too, almost 10 years ago... Was love at first type! :)

Linda Medrano said...

Oh stop right now Terry! You do not have wrinkles, those are little expression lines. Do you want a face that looks like a peeled mango, all slick and shiny? No you do not.

Weight. Hmm. It's really just all the more to love.

Kids? Ugh! (Only kidding, but the grandkids have been much more fun than the real deal ever was!)

Enjoy it Terry, you are just now approaching your prime! And that's a good thing!

Crazed Mama said...

Thanks for the follow! Here to follow back and BTW I should be a size 2 now also but the clothes keep getting smaller :-)

Shell said...

I love you for this post. So funny and random and SO how my mind works. :)

Brittney said...

couldnt have said it any better!!

Anonymous said...

Darlin' get yourself a bottle of wine and enjoy your melt down! =)

Frugal Vicki said...

REALLY!?!?!? You are going to single-handedly make me crazier than my kids already do. I am laughing at the 2025 and gray hair and other comments, then I am depressed with the extremely beautiful and poetic but depressing last comment. WTH? lol

OMG! My word verification is panti...wonder who ate the e

Dual Mom said...

Now probably wouldn't be a good time to express how happy I am that my kids will all be over the age of 20 by the time I'm 44? Yeah...probably not! Who said teen pregnancy was a bad idea? (Please read that with the sarcasm inteded)

But just think of how much life experience you have to pass onto them.

Not helping?

Fuck, there's always botox.

Danielle said...

lmao @ your post its!!! I think when you become a mother all sanity disappears. sigh.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, glorious 2025, when will you be here?