Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Man is TWO!

Wow…I can’t even believe Little Man is TWO!!  This totally blows my mind….seriously…This little Man has come a long way.  When he was born 2 years ago I was amazed at how tiny he was.  I had no idea who he looked like…if any body.  He was perfect…..

I had no idea the difference between boys and girls…oh come on now, I’m not talking anatomy.  Although you might think I was- considering the  number of times I’ve been pregnant!!  Seriously, my girls were little angels, especially my first, the Tween.  Lil Lady, number 2, well, she has her moments, but I have never found her on TOP of the table like Little Man.  And I have never found her knocking over lamps just because she could like Little Man has been known to do.

This Little Man has me hopping every waking moment.  If I didn’t work outside of the home which gives me a good 5-6 hour break each day, I think I would have committed myself by now!!

His favorite saying is “blahh blobby”.  I have  no idea what this means, and neither does his sister.  Trust me, I have asked her thinking that maybe being so close in age she might have a clue.  Nope.

I was worried for a while that he wasn’t going to talk because his big sisters spoil him and talk for him.  Shoot me now, the Little Man is talking!!  When I asked him to say “TWO”, he said, “dos”.  Repeatedly.  Damn you, Dora…..

So, yesterday we had his party.  Why is it that my kids do NOT get excited about opening presents??  WTF is up with that?  When it’s time to open gifts, it’s me and the spouse that open them…..all the little guy wanted was the freakin camera!!  We could hardly take pictures because he was being so insistent!  Then I always feel bad because these little people never say THANK YOU when they are supposed to!!  Geeesh!!  Ok…so he’s two, but he says it allllll the time at home!  Even if it’s just because you changed his diaper, he will take the diaper, throw it away and holler “Thank youuuuuu!”

I’m hoping that everyone knows how thankful he was for all the gifts…even the noisy ones..yeah….well, appreciated people!!  

The food was delicious, the cake was pretty good too…so I was told.  I did NOT have any…do you believe that bit of willpower people???  No need to pat me on the back, I’ve done it for you.
There was only one mishap with the cake….and I’m pretty sure Little Man was the culprit.  He was arranging the animals on the top and this is what he came up with….

2010-03-07 14

Yep…the freakin alligator sniffing the elephant’s ass.  Now….where does this sort of thinking come from??  Is it because he’s a boy??  Has this been passed down from his father??  Was my child switched at birth??
Is this just a preview of what I have to look forward to in the future???

Anyways, the party was a success.  The children ran all over the place letting off their pent up energy.  The tweens and teens sat and played on their iPods.  The adults passed around bottles of wine laced with Xanax.  And we all had a great time!!  Here’s to another good year for the Little Man!!  Let’s hope he’s still in one piece next year!!

~_to_2010Mar07 160


Danielle said...

LMAO @ the Dora comment. Too funny! Glad Little Man had a great birthday!!

Anonymous said...

your so lucky, Terry
nice family

Dual Mom said...

OMG he was so tiny! How much did he weigh? Maybe it's just the seat.

It's funny, I found my boys easier than HER...still do.

I love the crocodile sniffing the elephants ass. Priceless!!!!

Brittney said...

LMAO! That was too funny.. the aligator & the elephant sounds like something my toddler would do!

Melissa said...

He was so tiny, I mean tiny tiny. How much did he weigh?
I laughed, nearly spit out my water when I read about that is funny.
Sounds like the party was fun, I miss giving my little ones parties. But now they are grown, not adults, and just wanna have a sleep over.

Linda Medrano said...

Terry, he is all boy! They are noisy critters, but in the end, easier than girls. Boys don't lie. Girls don't tell the truth. (You worry less about the girls because they always are smart enough to tell you what you want to hear!) LOL. Happy birthday, Little Man! Yummy baby!

Small Town Girl said...

Awww....I want one!

Tina said...

Hey! No one passed me the bottle of wine laced with Xanax!! Darn it - I was zoning from all the sensory overload!! :)

Kellyansapansa said...

Aww, it sounds like an awesome celebration. Happy birthday to your little man!

WhisperingWriter said...

How sweet. I'm glad he had a good birthday!