Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh hell…it’s Wednesday!

Well, I usually have alot to say on Wednesdays whether it’s for Chief at Hiding from the Kids …..


or for the gals over at Blue Monkey Butt…..


Apparently I’m in the need for a vacay….somewhere warm…somewhere far away….somewhere quiet…..

I don’t have any hilarious stories for you, but I may have a few What I Meant To Say moments…they were brief….they were not fun….but they were REAL.

For example, when I came home from the grocery store, made 3 trips into the house to carry them in, put them all away including the meat (yuk, disgusting raw meat!!), washed the dishes that were in the sink….then, and only then, did my spouse appear and ask:

“Is there anything else to bring in?”

Me:  “Are you serious??”

What I meant to say:  “Fuck you.”

Done.  Seriously, this is on on-going issue.  I suppose if he is lurking around and reading my blog, he might actually get it.  I don’t know.  It’s not like he doesn’t know how I feel about this.  Trust me…we’ve had “discussions”.  We just see differently on how we are supposed to “enter a house”.  I feel that when one of us is out getting groceries, the other one should be somewhat aware to the point that they hear the one coming home struggling with the bags, making several trips…..

Especially if the one at home is supposed to be AWARE enough to be watching the toddlers….

He feels that the one coming home needs to “announce themselves” like he does when he comes home from work.

WHAT THE HELL?  For some reason after fighting the asshats at the grocery store, nearly being run over in the parking lot, and getting flipped off for taking MY turn at the stop light….I truly don’t feel like coming in the door and saying, “Honeyyyyyy, I’m hooooooooommmmmeeeeee!”  Nope, not me.

When he is coming in the door after work he is NOT carrying 20 bags of groceries…he is carrying a coffee mug and a lunch pack.  He doesn’t NEED help getting in the door after work….at least I hope not!  He says he “seeks me out” when he comes home.  I say I am usually 10 feet from the entrance because unfortunately we do NOT live in a mansion.  What’s this “seeking out” shit??

Anyhoozle…That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  It’s just one of those “we don’t see eye to eye” or “nose to nose”  issues.  No big deal….we all have these moments….yes?  Say yes….make me feel better!!

Link up….(yeah, those buttons at the top of this post).  I will be over to read yours because I need a few good laughs!!  And yes, I expect some laughs!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Linda Medrano said...

Do you need any help Baby? He asks as he hears the garbage lid go down after you carry out the trash. Do you need any help Honey, as you put away the last of his 50 pounds of clean laundry. Uh huh! Been there! All too often. I tell myself, "walk away from the butcher knife".

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Man! I had a nephew that stayed with us for a while that did this, drove me CRAZY!! We just learned to say, "I'm home and I need you to get up right now and help me carry in the groceries!" EVERY time. Sigh!

Danielle said...

UGh. This is an ON-GOING issue at my house too. Like you, our house is NOT big, far from it. When you walk in, or I walk in, we should atleast acknowledge that we are aware of each other. Not that hard. Geeze!! Let me know if you all find a solution.

Dual Mom said...

He seeks you out? He seeks you out? What the hell is that crap? I'd hide....

Frugal Vicki said...

Oh my gosh I am so glad I found you, you crack me up! What is it with men. Mine somehow mysteriously does not know that I am folding laundry until it is done!

Oh, BTW, I left you an award!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Been there,done that. Next time you get home with a car load just come in the house empty handed and seek HIM out and tell him to unload the car.

Anonymous said...

That happens to me too...getting asked if I need help AFTER I've finished!!

Stacy said...

Wow, your life sounds just like mine! Sunday I hobbled into the house (messed up my knee) carrying a ton of groceries, and there's my husband sitting on the couch! And the same when he gets home, it's like we're suppose to jump up and down and greet him at the door! Ugh

Thanks for joining us today! You are really funny!

Elle said...

He seeks you out! LOL! It's the same way with the kids. They act like they have no idea you could use a hand.. huh? what?

Thanks for the laugh and thanks for joining us!

Lo said...

The problem is we women have trouble asking for help.....the solution is simple......rehearse in the mirror till it is a habit....."Honey, I need help!".......(he won't change so you have to....once you try it, it's not so hard......and what's so bad about asking for help?)

Chief said...

No Shit... I have nothing else to say...

this is a regular episode at my house

WhisperingWriter said...

Ugh men. I have to yell at my husband to get him to help. I'm all, "Are you going to sit on your arse or what?"

Kat said...

You need to bring in just the gallon of milk or orange juice, drop it in his lap while he is reclining in the chair sleeping, and say, "Honeyyyyy! I'm hoooooommmmmmeeee!" :)

Lisa said...

As a teacher, if I want quality work, I have to give clear and concise expectations and I have to repeat them. I feel like I should not have to but it works.

The reality is He needs you to tell him what you want. It doesn't make you a bitch. Just be direct and say "Honey, there are three bags left in the car. I need you to go get them now and to help me put them up so I can get some other things done. Thank you honey." Let him do it and don't bitch that he is doing it all wrong.

Hang in there. :)

gayle said...

Lisa has a point! I think I will try that!! Good luck to all and I am email this to my daughters!! Love this!!

Tina said...

Terry you need to do what I do - I come in with my purse and drink and TELL Pat to go out and get the groceries!! We do the shopping at least they can bring the bags in for us to put the stuff away. :)