Monday, November 23, 2009

It’s Not A Bird

….. it’s not a plane, and it’s not Superman….it’s my “Little Man”!   Although I must say, he is faster than a speeding bullet…he can climb speakers IMG00658mountains in less than 2.2 seconds…and then destroy the DVD player and all contents on top of player save any damsel in distress who may be at the top of that mountain.

2009 065

In all his gracefulness he can outsmart any three year old sister that is trying to dunk his ass villain........................

Yes, this is my “Little Man”…the one that lights up my mornings with his giggle from his crib just after 3 year old sister provided him with a red stamper….

He’s the one that can make me do the what-the-hell-was-that-about stare when he throws his body to the floor in a complete full-blown tantrum all because the tower of blocks that he stacked keeps falling. 

Little Man is the one that makes the Daddy proud when he yells out “yeahhhhh!” during a football game….sounding JUST LIKE A MAN….yet not knowing what the hell football is.

He’s the one that blessed my life with his presence just 18 short months after his sister was born.  He’s the one that  sprouted because I was too scatterbrained too busy to fill my “prescription” before going on vacation….enjoying long nights of lots of wine and nooky….

  Seriously, this little guy will keep you hopping 24/7 without a break.  He can only speak a few words which include his one sister’s name “Lillllll-ayyyyyyyyy” and “Dadddeee”.  He just recently started walking around the house saying “Ma-Ma…Ma-Ma” yet he will walk right past me while saying it so either he doesn’t know who his Ma-ma is or he’s not really calling my name…ugh….ego boost fail.  My husband assures me that having a son is a special blessing because all sons will treat their mothers like royalty when they get older.  I look forward to that day instead of the current head-butts for a hug, and the climbing up my back when I sit on the floor.
2009 144
                                          I look at my Little Man and wonder what he will be when he grows up.  Will he be a heartthrob to the ladies with his dark brown eyes and eye-lashes that every female only dreams of?  

Or will he make it through college with a Masters Degree in Engineering?  Will he become a doctor.....                                                          

2009 167  

2009 1142009 203 
A police officer who will keep his city safe?  Or a famous chef???

In the long run…it’s doesn’t matter what Little Man becomes other than a respectful human being with values and morals and a large bank account so he can take care of his aging parents a love for life.  Right now I can look in his eyes and I see the mischief…I see the adventures just waiting to be had, the curtains mountains he wants to climb….all of his dreams and hopes….and no matter how many times I have to remove him from the table top….I love this Little Man….and as we near Thanksgiving, I want to be sure it’s known I am thankful for the distraction of Little Man in a world that can be less than desireable at times. 
Don’t get me wrong, my girls do not me2009 256an any less to me….I love them just as much.  In a nutshell, my kids are my world…..Manny is just the one that keeps me on my toes!

Forget all the irritating people at the stores, the aggravating traffic you may have to fight each day,the money you wish you had and count your blessings ……. Because we ALL have BLESSINGS to be thankful for!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why am I Crying?

Yesterday when I was reading the tweets that were coming in about @AnissaMayhew and how she was in ICU after suffering a stroke, the tears came so easily for this lady that I have not met, I have not tweeted or even followed.  Amazing how many tweets kept coming through with the hashtag #prayersforanissa!  Absolutely A-mazing!
So, I was curious…..who is this Anissa??  What is so great about her?  I checked out her site Aiming Low where she is “taking low to new heights” and thought, hmmmm….pretty interesting.  Then I checked her out at her other site Free Anissa where her tagline reads “With the purchase of an Anissa of Equal or Lesser Value”.  This is when I thought…ohhhh, she’s not only interesting, but funny too! 
From reading through her posts, I have gathered that Anissa is a beautiful lady, has a way with words, and loves her family and friends.  From battling cancer with her little Peyton to planning a Disney Cruise “without family”, she has become an integral part of the social media world.  From all the tweets with #prayersforanissa that I saw last night (and yes, I retweeted as many as I could), I have come to the conclusion that this Anissa Mayhew is loved.  Her family is loved.  Her friends adore her to no end and will put themselves out there for her.  THIS to me is awesome….and I cry. 
I cry because I know how it is to have a loved one sick.  I cry because I am a nurse and have taken care of people that have suffered a stroke and know the recovery time is going to be difficult…. for Anissa….for her family.  But I also cry with amazement because she has such a wonderful support group.  Close friends, blogger friends, twitter friends and facebook friends.  There are so many prayers being said for her at this very moment that she MUST be feeling it.  She sounds like a strong woman……one that didn’t deserve this unexpected twist of fate.
This morning I read a post by @lilmommasmom over at her new blog Worldofmomma where she prays for Anissa and a speedy recovery.  @lilmommasmom is a Twitter friend.  I also read a post by @5minutesformom, 2 sisters – Janice and Susan who have met Anissa….they have worked together…they are friends.  The tweets coming across from @5minutesformom were heart-wrenching…the sisters were devastated to hear of their “precious friend” in ICU. 
Overall, my heart goes out to all of Anissa Mayhew’s friends whether they are in her day to day life, on twitter, through her blogging, or on facebook.  My tears are for the pain each of you is feeling at your helplessnes and shock.  My love and prayers go out to Anissa and her family.  I hope for a full recovery for her, and after reading all about  Anissa, her family, her life which she shares through her blogging….I hope one day I can be blessed with a tweet from her that says “I’m back Tweeps!”  and at that point I will probably cry some more…..
Blessings to you, Anissa….this post was for you from a person who has never met you, never tweeted you, and up until  now…wasn’t even following you!  I bet you had no idea you were so loved!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok…I know it’s been a little while since I last posted, but if you must know…I’ve been helping a friend.  She came to me one day and asked what I would do if I found  out that my husband was  viewing pics on the internet.  I’m not talking about pics of crazy-I-have-to-have-it lawn equipment, or even pics of bikini models, or even p()rn pics…..I’m talking about pics of REAL women….REALLY nekkid or NAKED!!  However you say it, they have no freakin clothes on!!  Apparantly these women are being viewed on and I’m pretty sure you have to do a search for said women in order to view them.  Hmmmmm…..makes me wonder what brings her husband to this point… seach for nekkid/NAKED women….in the little bit of free time he gets.  I’m certain they have a reasonably good marriage, with happy children, but sure….they are under some stress and have little time for each other, but SHE is not searching and viewing NAKED MEN in her little bit of free time!  (who would??)

I told her she needed to confront him.  After all, if you don’t say what it is that is bothering you, it can eat you alive!  You can become a very irritable and nasty person to anyone that crosses your path!  It’s not fair to your children, your co-workers, your friends, or the cashier at the grocery store that you bitch out for scanning your box of Wheat Thins twice.  Most of all, it’s not fair to YOU.  No, it’s not fair at all.

So, she’s been trying to come up with a way to confront him.  She is soooooo NOT the Queen of Confrontation!  She is normally a very quiet person, except when someone does her wrong. (yes, the cashier lady again…)  She thought she might send him an email…..


While I was searching your browsing history to see what you’ve been viewing signing on to Facebook on your computer, I got as far as www.f and a site called popped up.  I was curious as to what this was.  I clicked on it and was then prompted to log in with my yahoo ID.  I proceeded to log in with your my ID and found recent pics of women that had been viewed.  I was shocked! mortified! embarrassed!……….I wanted to beat the living shit out of you…..

Yeah…you see why an email would not work?  She would get so far and her reasonable self would be overtaken by the evil-I-want-to-kill-you self.  She then thought maybe a few words in a text might let him know what SHE now knew and the amount of words would be limited, right?

Text #1  Hey, I was on your computer and found that you were looking at naked women…naked effing women??  come on….REALLY??  (too blunt?)

Text #2  Hey honey…the naked women pics that you were viewing keep popping up on your computer…can you tell me how to stop that from happeni  (out of characters)

Text #3  I am sorry to say that I can no longer look at you without feeling ill……  (just mean)

No…you see….nothing was working for her….she was really feeling lost.  She wanted to scream at him, kick him in the num-effing-nuts but also knows this is a guy thing.  Knows that many guys do this.  She didn’t even want to know WHY he was doing it.  That one was obvious…he’s a MAN!!  But she wasn’t yet ready to forgive him for looking at other REAL NAKED/nekkid women…oh no she was NOT ready to for-give.  She was at the point of needing to punish….punish with a capital “P”.  She thought….oh…..maybe she would blog about it, but then thought maybe that might not be a good idea because who knows who might read her blog and feel sorry for her.  She is so not into the “you poor thing” sentiments……So, blogging was out (for her anyways).  Then she had a plan.  It would take some thinking….and it would take a little bit of devious behavior, but she really did have a good plan….with a little help from her bestest friend…..(that would be me, of course).

This is how it went……..

She made an account….on  Ohhhh yes-she-did!!! …..and she was annonymous to anyone who would see her there.  She posted a pic.  Oh yeahhhhh this is good………………………………… She then invited her spouse to view her pic.  You can do that on……did ya know? 







Well…..Now you do…..

As you can see, she made sure it was not easy to recognize her.  She left him a simple message stating…

“Honey, I love you, but in the future, if you are going to view the naked bodies of other women, please do it from the comfort of your OWN home…which will not be THIS one.”

Seriously people….she does love her man and she would do anything for him as long as he would get down on his knees and kiss her feet but it really felt wrong to her to have stumbled upon what he was viewing.  So, men, boys, spouses, jackasses….if you are going to do such things….yes, they are pretty much harmless, but can you learn to DELETE YOUR HISTORY???  Please??  Otherwise, you might be in the same situation as my friend’s hubby……..embarrassed, probably a little pissed, but definitely……..