Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lose It Bitches…Me, Not So Much

Ok….I Have. Had. It.  Yep….I need to regroup, once again, and figure out what the hell I’m trying to accomplish with my weight-loss goal.  You all may be aware of the Lose it Bitches challenge.  If not, go on over here and check it out unless you are a Skinny Bitch, then you might not be welcome….sorry for that, but those of us trying to be Skinny Bitches do not like you. 

You see, I have been fighting with the same 5 pounds for weeks….not that I only have 5 pounds to lose, but it’s the same 5 pounds that I keep losing and gaining…day after day after fucking DAY!!  Is this normal??  Can I just double up on my water pill??  Why on God’s green earth did the FDA ban Ephedra???  huh???  I could use some of that right now!! 

I’ve been exercising…yes I have!!  I bought the Just Dance game for the Wii and I love it!  I’ve been at least doing it 3 times a week.  That is GOOD for me.  The way I see it is that any increase in exercise should show some weight loss….don’t you agree?  Am I asking for a miracle here?  No, just asking for my bitch of a scale to cooperate already!!   I’ve done well with the Just Dance….just so you know.  But not well enough to join Shell over at Things I Can’t Say in her contest, sorry Shell! 

You see, my problems is that I…..well……ok, I can’t dance!!!  Ahhhhhahahahahaha!!  No, seriously….I tried….but to video tape myself??  Ummmm…I think not…..well, not until the scale cooperates!

That’s where my isssue is….I can NOT stand the way I look!  My spouse says I’m beautiful and that I have a warped sense of self.  This is probably true, but how does one fix that?  I look in the mirror and I see THIS:

In my eyes, yes….it IS that bad. 

Yesterday I was reading this post over at Can You Throw Up Your Life? It was written quite well….the gist of the post was that possibly when a person continues to fail at their weight-loss goals, it’s because they WANT to be miserable. I can so relate to this, but the part that got me was when she was talking about squeezing an ass that is size 16 or 18 (or larger) into size 14 jeans….and from that point on all I could think about was that I had to leave the house in an hour and I would have to put on JEANS!!! No SHIT!! This sucks!! I wear comfy scrubs to work….and as soon as I get home I put on my oversized flannel pants….yeah….spouse must be ohhhh so turned on at all times.

So…where do I go from here?? Do I continue to fail at this?? I seriously don’t know….

I just know that I am tired of seeing that fat lady look at me from the mirror and just *SIGH* in defeat…..I am seriously tired of her, period.

So…Lose It Bitches…I have not given up…..and I am NOT giving up….I’m just going to continue fighting those fucking pounds into submission.  I will come out on top, you can bet on it!!  It might take me until I’m 80, but I’ll be a Skinny OLD Bitch and be proud of it but look what I’ll be able to do!!


Dual Mom said...

Oh my god I love that picture...and she has RED shoes on. That's so me in 40 years!!!

As for not losing those five pounds. Obviously you need to change something up. Do you have access to a treadmill or an elliptical. The WII obviously isn't working.

As for many cookies have you had this week? Chips? Sugar?

Not being a bitch....just trying to get you to really look at what you're doing and change it!!!

Of course I'm a complete fucking hypocrite because I haven't lost a pound this week.

Homesick Cajun said... that pic! That bitch is old, I'm youngish and I can't even do that shit!! I haven't been able to lose any weight's really starting to piss me off!! I can't stand the way I look either!

adrienzgirl said...

The pic of the old lady is awesome!

I haven't lost in two weeks, but I know why. I haven't tried, haven't walked. Haven't done shit. Using the baby as an excuse. But, really, it's just an excuse.

You need to change what you are doing for sure. Change what you are eating. Your body must be holding on to whatever it has because it knows you are trying to lose weight. You are in starvation mode or something.

As for exercise, start walking. It isn't fancy or sexy, but it works.

Hang in there!

Crazed Mama said...

LMAO! I am trying to lose the same friggin 5 pounds too.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, my dear, I feel your pain! I'm tired of fighting my metabolizing-challenged fat myself! Don't give up! It's GOING to happen!!

Hang in there!

Kat said...

You can do it!! I know you can! I have to start walking, too, because I know it will help me in the long run. Do I want to? Nope! Stop worrying so much! And I'll be right there with you! Only my shoes will be sparkly :)

Kiera said...

whoa I hope that first comment doesn't get you down. If I were you (actually, I'm in the same boat) write everything down! literally, every bite you take- wrte it down! It will become very clear to you the improvements you can make. A lot of times people actually forget what they ate.

I've joined weight watchers an it is a sure thing for me. Maybe you could consider that?

I'm so sorry you're feeling so frustrated about it! I know the feeling. Sometimes it turns into a vicious cycle. So keep your chin up and don't quit!

Linda Medrano said...

Hey Babe,

My sister lost 100 lbs with WW and walking in about 7 months. I think we tend to plateau at a certain weight and then start losing again. Try increasing your water intake and do think about walking. (Of course, weather can screw that up I know.) Also, think about seeing your doc. There could be a sluggish thyroid working here too. But even if not, some advise from a doc wouldn't hurt. Don't give up! You'll make it. Plus, I am a fat old bitch and it's not that much worse than being a skinny old bitch so take heart!

LMJ said...

OH my goodness! I've been fighting with the same pounds as well!!!

I've lost 13 lbs so far!! But I stopped at that! :(

P.S. love the old lady!

Nicky said...

That picture makes me think of my BF's grandmother! Too funny!

Good luck with the weightloss, and if you figure out how to do it, please share with the rest of the class!

Small Town Girl said...

I haven't lost crap, but I know why... I've been stuffing my mouth with all things bad. I'm going to get back on the wagon come Monday though. Yeah, did you notice I didn't say today or tomorrow? I ordered these things called bodylastics. Idk...worth a try. Hang in there.

The Reader said...

I LOVED this post. I have been struggling to loose weight. I'm afraid to get on the scales after being on holidays because I'm sure I've gained weight. I'm going to regroup and get back at it too!

I hope I'm as flexible as the lady in the picture when I'm 80...go skinny OLD bitches. LOL!

Rock on girl!

Brittney said...

you sound a lot like me. Ive never been a real skinny bitch, but ive never been the size i am right now. The hubby tells me he thinks im beautiful but i see the fat cat too! If you read my blog today.. you will see i did give up i cancelled my gym membership.. oh well Ill jump back in sooner or later I guess I just have no motivation... so can you give me some? lol! I wish you all the luck and I hope those 5 lbs die!!! haha!!! Have a great weekend!

Kellyansapansa said...

Oh, you poor thing. Don't let yourself get demotivated, just hang in there and you WILL get there!

Kat said...

I gave you blog fodder for today :) Come to my site and see what it is!

gayle said...

I am having trouble losing too!! No loss this week. It seems that if I screw up once or twice then I don't lose. It is driving me crazy but I am going to keep trying!! We can do it!!!