Friday, May 28, 2010

Incomplete Confessions

Well, it’s been a crazy week and for some reason I have not blogged.  When I logged on today to look at my lovely blog, I was so surprised that it still appeals to me.  You know how when you have something for so long you sort of take it for granted and you don’t really appreciate it??  Oh for Pete’s sake, I’m NOT spouse bashing….I’m talking about my blog. 

I still love my blog and I still adore all my bloggy friends.  I’ve missed reading all your stories for this week!  Now I’m going to catch up but only after I confess to Glamazon at the Friday Confessional.  Link up and cleanse your soul!

Friday confessional

I confess:

I trusted in my body that after one day of being sick with a sore throat and achy bones that my illness amazingly disappeared.  I felt good, I really seriously did.  NOW, only 3 days later, I feel like shit again.  My head is fogged up, I can barely hear my patients speaking to me.  I’m not certain I’m fit to be taking care of them today.

I confess that I don’t care if I’m sick, I’m making my home care visits and GETTING PAID.

I confess to losing my patience with my auto loan company to the point where I used the *F* bomb a little too loudly.  But seriously….it’s not like I didn’t PAY, it was because my freakin check was returned because THEY changed their mailing address and didn’t think it necessary to tell me.  Soooooo, THAT made my payment missing in action for a few weeks longer than I would have liked.  You can bet they are going to waive any late charges on that account!!  Seriously….fuckers.

OMG…I am so not in the mood to listen to other people ramble about shit.  Seriously, shut the FUCK up!  You do NOT know everything about everything so quit acting like you do.

I used to have more patience than I do currently.  Anyone could call, anyone could ramble on and on and I would listen.  But now??  SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

I get to speak maybe two or three words in most conversations and the other person speaks the rest of the time.  Ya know what??  I have shit to say too!! 

Also, if someone doesn’t let me speak my mind once in a while I am going to forget how!!


Ok….obviously I received a few phone calls in the middle of writing this post, and these phone calls pissed me off because it was just the other person talking quacky smack, and frankly…I was not interested!!

I seriously need a break.

Too much is coming at me at once.

I’m afraid I’m going to need an intervention soon. 

If not…well, I might just admit myself to some psych ward….all I have to say is I’m suicidal and they will let me stay, right?  I don’t really have to go through with it, do it? 

Do I even need to attempt it?  Cuz I so don’t want to go there….




Ok….now I can’t even get back on my confessional train of thought.  I’m sure I have more to confess because I don’t think that I’m that perfect.  Well…maybe I am, but certainly not as perfect as  Lourie over at  CA girl!!  Go see….she’s da bomb!!

Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, we’ve all heard of the dreaded “viruses” that spread through our computers, and trust me, if it wasn’t for the virus that has attached itself to FarmTown on Facebook, I’d still be an avid farmer!!  Unfortunately, viruses suck!

What brings me to write about these said viruses??  Well, I am convinced that I received a virus of a different kind.  Yes…a real live virus….through a few tweets I was sent over the weekend.  You got it.  Twitter germs!!  Oh fark-it!! 

Anywhoozle, I am certain that’s where these achy muscles, sore throat, and sneezy-ness came from.  It was either Twitter, or it was Facebook, because the “infected” person is both a follower on Twitter and a friend on Facebook.   I mean, seriously, people!!!  Look at this!!!!


Damn…if he would have just held off the sneeze while he tweeted.  Or if he would have just stayed off MY facebook while being actively infected…..

……I might not be feeling like crap right now.

I suggested he try a  Neti-pot….that might have gotten rid of some of the snot that traveled my way through his tweets.  But  nooooooo, he chose to suffer and sniffle, AND pass his germs along through cyberspace….!  I certainly wouldn’t want to mention any names, so here are  the tweets as I asked if he was feeling any better….

@realdadshangout said:      @ezmomm hey good morning! A little don't have headache but still can't breathe and coughing.....grrrr

I said:      @realdadshangout …….. maybe try a neti pot! They help....but I've never tried! Get a bucket ready to catch the snot!

Ahhh…..ahhhhhhh…….. *grabs a tissue*  …..chooooooooo!!!!

*uses hand sanitizer before continuing to type*

See??  That’s how it’s done!!

Now I need to go give the Little Man his antibiotic….oh, no….he’s not sick…just on them as a preventative.   Yeah, right…I’m such a liar!!


In all honesty, Little Man was the one that shared his cold with me.  He’s getting over an ear infection…only a couple more days of his antibiotic.  I must say, a little ear infection certainly didn’t slow this guy down at all.  He had a good time at my nephew’s little boy’s birthday party even though it was raining.  I guess all I can say is that I was thankful he was already ON the antibiotics since he insisted on jumping in every puddle there was!!

So…as much as I would like to put the blame on my “tweeter” and “facebook friend”, I don’t really believe he passed his germs on to me….

….or did he???


If you want to know more about this “tweeter” of mine, check him out at Real Dad’s Hangout!  You won’t be sorry, seriously…just bring your mask, gloves, and disinfectant :) 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diets May or May Not Work

I think most people at one time or another have felt the need to diet.  Maybe for a special occasion….you know, like a wedding or a vacation…..But how many of us will go to great lengths to lose those unwanted bulges and pounds??  Seriously, what’s the worst you have done to lose some weight??

I can tell you a few things that I may or may not have done….

I’ve may have done Nutri System in the past with great success.  I kid you not, I did NOT cheat not one bit for 13 weeks, all through the holidays I ate their freeze dried foods and tasteless chips and chocolate bars that were hard enough to crack a tooth on…..I lost 39 pounds on this program and was able to fit into a size 2!!  Woo hoo for me!!  That was before kids.  Before marriage.  Obviously before I had any real stress in my life.

The only downfall?  I eventually needed my gallbladder removed because of the extremely low fat content of this diet.  Yep…bye-bye gall bladder!!  So, awesome weight loss at the cost of an organ that I really wasn’t needing anyways.  Pretty much ideal.

Unfortunately I gained it back.  It took time…it’s not like the weight just came back over night.  I had to eat alot of chips, drink alot of chocolate martinis, and oh yeah….I got married…..


When I got pregnant with my first child I was at a reasonable weight….Well, I say it was reasonable NOW because I am 25 pounds heavier than that weight.  Ain’t THAT a bitch??

Anyfatso, after having my first child I struggled and struggled with trying to lose weight. 

I may or may not have considered the strategy outlined by Horace Fletcher, a Californian diet reformer who suggested we chew each bite that we take 32 times….I think one time for each tooth or something.  The idea was that if you spend more time chewing then there is less time to stuff your face.  Interesting concept, but shit….I had things to do and couldn’t spend that much time chewing let alone COUNT each chew.  May you RIP, Horace.

I may or may not have tried the Cabbage Soup diet.  The main ingredient was…cabbage, of course!!  What happens to someone that consumes nothing but cabbage for 7 days straight?  I think they pretty much expand internally and are in a life-threatening state of combustion if they were to go near any open flames….I’m just speculating since I may or may not have tried this. 

I personally don’t believe this “cabbage” diet has much nutritional value, so I would be careful if you chose to try it.  I have tasted the soup before which is delicious when had on a single day, at a single meal….possible with a loaf of fresh Italian bread.

I may or may not have tried Nutri System again….I may or may not have thrown out boxes and boxes of their freeze dried foods months later when I realized I just didn’t have the motivation.  Oh wait….I may or may not still have a bag of the tasteless snacks in the back of my closet….

I may or may not have tried Slim Fast for about 3 days and then decided I wanted more than a chalky liquid breakfast and lunch.

I may or may not have considered the Tapeworm diet.  I did find out that tapeworms of this variety are illegal in the U.S.  That means I couldn’t have them imported and if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to sell them either.  Such a shame….I may or may not have considered consuming a large amount of undercooked or raw beef in the hopes that I would be infected with one of the said illegal worms, but by that time I was already a nurse and knew that this idea was preposterous!!  Not as preposterous as a tapeworm from pork, those can be lethal!  The ones from beef are different…..but ya know what?  It sort of freaked me out that I would have a “guest in my gut” consuming most of my food….Yes, I would lose weight pretty quickly, but the idea of this wiggling thing in my gut freaked me out!!

  I may or may not have fallen prey to the One Day Diet.  You know the one….You eat these wafers and fruit on one day and then the next day you can eat what you want.  Then you repeat the cycle…eat one day….wafers/fruit the next and so on……Yep….I think it’s mind over matter.  I have no problem going a whole day without food now, but damn, you tell me I CAN’T EAT for one day, and that’s the day I want to eat everything in sight! 

It took somewhere around six or seven years after having my first child for me to find something that worked for me.  I lost weight mostly by counting points through the Weight Watchers program.  I know, People….IT WORKS!!  Well, it DID then anyways.  I was back down to a happy weight.  During that time is when I lost my spouse in an accident and a short while after that I met my current spouse.

Exactly….didn’t I tell you earlier that what sabotaged my “happy weight” was getting married???  See???  I know what the fuck I’m talking about!!  So….with this marriage came 2 more babies….and now I’m at a weight that I despise!!

I may or may not have recently tried the Jillian Michael’s Cleanse and Detox product.  I may or may not have gained 2 pounds while on this product.  I may or may not have been full of shit.  My spouse would probably say I am….but seriously…who the fuck gains weight on a detox and cleanse program??  Obviously someone who is NOT full of shit!!  I will now take a bow.

So, here I am today….at a weight I dislike as much as I dislike bill collectors.  I may or may not be trying to watch what I eat.  I may or may not be trying to only eat fruits and veggies during the day and then eat a light dinner.  I may or may not have the Weight Watchers Point System in the back of my mind.  I may or may not be living on popcorn 94% fat free as my in between fruits/veggies snack.

I may or may not throw the dagnabbit bathroom scale out the window. 

I haven’t decided yet.

I DO know that my spouse says he loves me the way I am.  I DO know that it’s not all about what the scale tells me.  So why do I let it piss me off so much?? 

Here’s to my next diet craze!!   Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post THIS Mr. UPS!

So, you all know I would wither and die if I didn’t participate in Post – It Note Tuesday with Supah over at Adventures of a WannaBe SupahMommy….and we all know YOU would wither and die if I wasn’t here to entertain you….right??  Oh, ok….so maybe the second part is not so true, but humor me, alright??  And humor Supah and link up!!


Ok….I just realized that I have issues with “CHANGE”.  I came to my “spot” behind Caribou but I had to park a few spots over from MY parking spot because there was a damn UPS driver in MY spot….and I couldn’t do it.  As soon as he moved his vehicle, I HAD to move mine. 










I also have to go to the same gas station, pump gas at the same pump (#3), pump the same amount each time….and God FORBID, do NOT let that pump be out of order or I will have a full-blown anxiety attack AND run out of gas!!

I know, I KNOW!!!  It’s crazy!!

Another problem I am having is that I pack my lunch…a healthy lunch no less, and I totally FORGET to EAT it!!!









So, my Sis over at 2010-Year of Miracles and I were talking and she mentioned this prayer she received from my Aunt.  She said the prayer has helped her ace her tests thus far.  I think she’s just that smart, but that’s MY opinion. 

This got me to thinking….maybe there are more prayers out there that can help ME.  You know, one that will make me skinny??  One that will get my out of debt??  One that will get rid of my gray hairs that are trying to sneak up on me??

Anywhoozle…I was doing some searching… went from prayers, to money making, to THIS……This thing called “Quantum Jumping”.  No shit…..apparently it has to do with the law of attraction….in all senses.














That’s it….that’s all I’ve got today…..I think I ran out of steam after dueling with the UPS guy……I won, by the way!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Not ME!! No Way!

This is a new one for me….Not Me! Monday!  I found it somewhere…hmmm….anyways, you can link up with McKMamma’s blog if you would like!  Just click the button below.


So, I guess I will just jump right in and make sure you know that it was NOT ME who hollered at the spouse when he was taking his good ole time helping me with the groceries as I stood there carrying a freakin watermelon, a gallon of milk, a bag of groceries on one arm and my purse on the other!  Nope, not me at all!  I’m not one to yell…..

And it was not me who rolled her eyes at the checkout when I witnessed the married cashier flirting with the big hunk of a man that was some sort of sports fanatic….and it was not me that muttered “ohhhh puleeease!!” when the cashier asked if she could bag his frozen goods with the not frozen goods…..Good lord, people!!  Who cares!!  Just do your job!!!  I have shit to do!  Flirt on your own time!

And I was NOT the one to throw my hands up in the air and say “I QUIT!!” when the mass of weeds in the front flower bed got the best of me.  Oh no…this wasn’t me….I would have tackled those mother truckers like there was no tomorrow.  It also wasn’t me that totally thought getting one of THESE….

…was reasonable!!

It was not me to ask “Who the FARK are YOU,  J. Rivkah???”  when said person made a Facebook comment on a comment I made to another person…..Basically implying I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Ahhh….social media!!  It’s not ME that wonders why some people even bother!!  And it’s not ME that thinks some people should just shut the FLUCK UP if they don’t know what they are talking about!!!

It also was NOT me that thought of bending one of Little Man’s toys when I saw how he bent my glasses.


Oh no, cuz I have the patience of a saint, and it’s not ME who needs their glasses at night just to make it from the bathroom to my bed.  Oh, certainly not, I can make my way regardless….

No harm done, people, because ….


Thanks, MckMamma for letting me play along! 


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, well, well….I think I’m way behind in doing this, but I feel that if I don’t, I will be a Baaaaaad Bloggie Bud, and I certainly don’t wanna be in THAT category!!  So, here’s my attempt at catching up on my awards that I’ve received from such awesome people!!  I will apologize in advance for this being so long, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out.  I’ve learned my lesson…DO NOT procrastinate on this shit!!

These are in no particular order, because that would show how far behind I am.  I will NOT even tell you WHEN I received these because that is just shameful on my part!  But here I go!!

First I received the Cheese Award from Linda over at The Good, The Bad, The Worse.  I was somewhat concerned because I think of cheese and I think of cholesterol, and arteries blocking, and fat…and, well, you get the picture!  Anyways, the idea of the award is that your blog “Feels Like Home”….I think.  I’m gonna stick with that!  I think the award originated from Nicky over at We Work For Cheese….and somehow she is related….so Linda says….anyways….here it is!  My CHEESE!!


I also received the Sunshine Award from Linda AND my Sis (just yesterday, so there!!)   You can find my Sis over at 2010-Year of Miracles…and after the week she just had, she needs you to come visit A.S.A.P. and give her some love!!  Seriously…..


I recently received a new award that I haven’t seen before…from Sammy over at To Unravel.  It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!!  Get this…he called me a “clown'”!!  I think this was a good “clown”….I hope so!!  Also, he made note that I devirginized his blogging award cherry!  Yesssss!  I’m the bomb!! 

Anyclown, here’s the award, and you must go visit Sammy….seriously…and make sure you check out some of the pics there!!  Tattoos…beautiful family pics….even Ke$sha….hmmmm…..Oh…and he’s half Jamaican!!!  Enuf said…


Then there is this “Mad Woman” who is the mom of FOUR over at Still On The Verge…..I wonder what she’s on the verge OF with FOUR kids….I can only imagine.  My THREE have put me over the edge!! 

Anyways, she gave me the Honest Scrap Award.  I love this award, because if nothing else, I’m honest!!  I may talk “scrap” or “crap” or even “smack”, but it’s honestly honest!!


Then I received THREE…..count them….ONE, TWO, THREE of the Happy 101 Award!! 

These Happy 101 Awards came from Mike over at Real Dad’s Hangout, Lisa over at a Blogoddess’ Tale, and Lourie of CA Girl!!

Mike is a hoot…I’m telling ya.  He tells it like it is.  Right now he’s in the waiting period for baby number FOUR!!  Oh yeah…NUMBER FOUR!  He’s gonna be joining the Mad Woman from On The Verge pretty soon….cuz he’s gonna be on the verge of something for sure!!  Go…give this fine man some love on his blog…he needs your emotional bloggie support!! 

Lisa is just too damn fun to not visit!!  You can even find her on Twitter as @LadyWanderlust with Mike @realdadshangout!!  Seriously, if you like to tweet, these two can make your mornings bearable, and your evenings a hell of a lot of fun!!

Then there’s Lourie….her blog says she is a CEO, a writer, an MD, a Lawyer, a Ref, a Taxi, and a Chef!!!  WTF???  This lady is certainly way more talented than I am!!  Go see!!  You might be able to get some pointers…..

Ok, I think that is all the awards I need to be thankful for at this moment….whew!!  Now….for the rules….

FYI…I don’t like this part….

For the Sunshine Award I have to share 7 things about me..

That’s                 2  x  7  =  14

Wow…14 things about me.  Really?

For the Happy 101 award I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy. 

That’s                 10  x  3  =  30

Really??  Who has 30 things that make them happy??

For the Honest Scrap Award I have to share 8 things about me. 

That’s                      8

                       +14  (from the sunshine award)

                          22 things about ME!

For the Versatile Blogger Award I am supposed to share another 7 things about me.

More math people!!              8 (from the Honest Scrap)

                         +14 (from the 2 Sunshine awards)

                         +  7   (from the Versatile Blogger)

                           28 things about me!

Ya know what I think?  I think it’s time to make MY OWN RULES!!

I will tell you a few things about me, but when I run out….I run out.  End of story!

  • I have 3 children. The oldest is 12…almost 13.  The middle one is 3 1/2 and the baby is 2. 
  • I have a cockatiel that is somewhere around 18 years old.  I had no idea birds lived this long!  I swear he lives on NOTHING….I never feed him, never change his water…and god forbid, DON’T CLEAN THE CAGE!!!
  • I used to think my bird was a “he” until “he” started laying eggs.
  • I still call my bird “he” or “him” when referring to him.  I can’t change my thinking.
  • I have been married to my spouse for almost 4 years.
  • Before that I was married for 8 years.
  • Before that I was married for 9 months.
  • You can stop judging now…..
  • Only ONE of those ended in divorce.  The other was til death do us part. 
  • I hope my current marriage never ends!!
  • I live in a small house that used to be big enough for me and one dog.  Now the house is a little cramped with me, the spouse, 3 kids and a bird with an attitude.
  • Our yard is big though…so if we need to get away we go outside. 
  • If it’s cold outside I hide in the bathroom.
  • I seriously love blogging and all the people I have met through the blogs.  This is my relaxation.  This is where I come to let it all out. 

Ok…I don’t know how many that is…and I’m not counting either.  The previous math did me in.

I think now is when I tell you 30 some things that make me happy….I will just roll with it, if I make it to 30, yeah me!!  If not….well, then that’s just sad.  Here I go!

  • My kids (that counts as THREE)
  • My spouse
  • My profession as a nurse
  • The fact that I don’t have a negative balance in my checking account
  • My friends at Caribou Coffee that call me by name (that counts for 4 more)
  • White Chocolate Mochas No Whip Please make me extremely happy!!
  • I’m happy I have a few good friends in real life and many online friends.
  • I’m happy for the people that text me back quickly. (I despise waiting…..)
  • And I’m happy I HAVE people that text me all day long…seriously!  It’s a wonderful distraction!
  • I’m happy for My Little Man’s silly ways.
  • I’m happy for my tween’s sense of humor.
  • I’m happy for my Lil Lady’s intelligence although it seems to have gotten in the way of her potty-training.  (she’s too smart for that!)
  • I’m happy my wifi is back up…damn I was jonesing for my iPod fix!! 
  • I’m happy for good medicine that took my headache away today, if only for a short while.
  • I’m happy for a warm bed to sleep in at night.
  • I’d be happier if the Lil Lady didn’t think she needed to sleep in it too.

Ok….I think I could probably go on and on…seriously, I never knew I was this happy.  Shit…I thought I was a cranky ole biotch!!  I’m happy to learn that I’m not!!  (hey!  that’s another happy note!!)

Now, I need to pass this along.  To how many??  Oh hell, I don’t know….I think I’m going to pick a few that have not already been mentioned in this post.  Then they can go badger award their bloggie friends!  Wait!  I got it!  I’m going to go find FIVE new blogs and then pass these awards to them!  How about that?  AND I’m gonna find them through the people that gave me the awards!

They are MY rules, so be quiet.

I’ll be back shortly…………………….

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Ok…here we go!!

First I will give the Sunshine Award to the sweet lady osunshineblogawardver at I Heart Bowheads.  I found her through 2010-Year of Miracles.  I don’t think she NEEDS the sunshine because if you see her pics of her children on her blog, you will know she has enough.  But….I think she deserves it for being a wonderful mom!! 

Next I will bestow the Honest Scraphonestaward Award to Big Mama Cass over at The World Through My Eyes.  I found her through Lisa and yes, I had to stay awhile because her blog is  readalicious!!  Yes!!  Go see!!

Next…I am giving the Cheese FeelsLikeHome1-150x150Award to Ali at Mommie Life.  I found her through Linda.  I read her last post and at first I thought “OMG!!  A shock collar!!!???”  But…then I saw this nice lady tried it herself first, so don’t go judging people!!  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!! Also, she’s got a cute little baby….GO SEE for yourself!!

Ahhh…The Versatile Blogger Award…..who the hell shall I give THIS to???  How about…..drum roll please……


…….Mr. Stupid at Stupidation!!!  I found him through Sammy’s blog.  First I picked him because I just liked his avatar….and that he’s honest enough to call himself Mr. Stupid.  Then I got to reading his blog and I was laughing my ass off.  Seriously….You need to go meet Mr. Stupid!  Thank you, Sammy, for leading me to him!

Ok, last one…the Happy 101 award goes to Mrsbear Happy_1011over at Outnumbered Two to One!!  This lady has guts!  I’m telling you….she really does!!  She posted a pic….make-up FREE!!!  OMG!  And ya know what?  She’s beautiful :)  Go take a peek!  (Oh, and I found her through the Mad Woman at Still on The Verge!)


Ok…I think that is all my awards….was that 5  new blogs??  Yes, I think it was.  Now those of you that received the award, these are the rules:

There are NO RULES!!

Just pick up your award and do what you want with it.  Enjoy.  You all deserve the mentions!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Confessions I Own

Oh wow…the weeks fly by.  I confess on Fridays and feel great.  Then I fuck up all week….only so I can confess again!  Geesh!  The cycle is getting old!!  But, once again, I link up to confess….Why don’t you??

Friday confessional

I confess….

Last night, when the tween and the spouse were fighting about freakin’ Barbies…..something about the tween insisting they still belonged to her, when Lil Lady has been playing with them for months…yet the tween decided she once again liked Barbies…..and the fight went on and on as I was trying to take a relaxing bath….yep, I pretty much wanted to exit out the bathroom window and not come back for a very long time.  






Also last night when Lil Lady agreed to fall asleep in her OWN bed as long as I read a story, I was so pleased that the spouse and I wouldn’t have this 30 pound lump between us in our bed. 

Then I was just as disgruntled after I read the book to her, told her I’d be right back to check on her, yet when I came back she was gone…..Only to be found in MY BED!!  WTF people??  I need a break.

I seriously want to run off with or without the spouse.  The kids need to stay home.

I’m sure they can take care of themselves.  They can change each other’s diapers…and if not, maybe they will be potty trained when we get home.

They can eat pretzels and pasta (I’ll make sure it’s made in advance….wouldn’t want a toddler using the stove while we are gone).

The Little Man knows how to open the fridge and get a yogurt out.  I hope the tween will open it for him when he asks.  I can’t expect too much from the Little Man…he’s only 2.

The Little Lady will keep the tween in line, I’m sure of it.  After all, she’s like 30 years old in that little 3 year old body.

I confess that I don’t care who knows I want to leave my dysfunctional children alone while I go lay on a beach somewhere with some Jamaican serving me frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them.

I confess also that I blame the “other parties involved” for the dysfunctionalism of the the children.  There is no WAY they get this behavior from ME!

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about wine and medication this week.



I think that thought alone is telling me I need a break.

I just might partake in the wine and meds this weekend.

I want to send the tween to some sort of school that teaches her how to wake up in the morning and how to go to sleep at night.  A school like that exists, yes??  Please say yes…..

I bought yet another pair of cheater reading glasses.

That makes three pairs.

I still can’t see well.

I’m getting old.

I would seriously like my vacation before I’m too old to enjoy it.



I also confess that even though my children make me crazy and they make me want to pull every last hair out of my head on a daily basis, I love them, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, maybe that last statement was a lie.  I certainly would like my same children, but I would like them to not destroy the house, and go to bed on time, and NOT sleep in MY bed, and not squeeze their juice boxes on the dining room floor, and NOT throw tantrums over fucking BARBIES!!!!  Yes, I want PERFECT children….is that asking too much?????  I want them to look like THIS:


Oh…..wait….they DO look like that!!  Damn…..

Cute, eh??

Yes, I am blessed……

I confess that I often forget that part of it, the blessing part.  So I need to keep that in check now and then or I seriously might crawl out that bathroom window the next time!!

Have a great WEEKEND!!!