Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Smart Dog?

For the life of me I cannot comprehend why more people don’t participate in What The Hell Wednesday with the girls over at the Blue Monkey Butt.  Seriously….what the hell??  It’s fun.  It’s simple.  And for Pete’s Sake you know you say “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!??” at least 3 times a day, so link up!  Enjoy!




So…something weird has been going on. 


Mine! 104


My dog….the sweet 7 month old Golden Retriever….believes something is in our wall….the wall in the hallway.  She can’t walk past this wall without stopping and listening.




What the hell?  Pretty freakin scary if you ask me.  

I’ve listened to the wall.  I’ve listened again.  Not sure if I hear anything or not.  Well, the one time I was listening I got the shit scared out of me because my daughter went on the other side and did a little “knock-knock”…thinking she was being funny. What the hell, kid??  Are you out of your fucking mind?  I’m no spring chicken here and besides, I’m the one that feeds your skinny ass!!

The thing that concerns me is that if it is a mouse….no big deal….it wouldn’t be staying in one place in the wall, correct?  It would move around.  But Cali always goes to the same spot…and stares….and digs….and goes absolutely bonkers.

So…is it BIGGER than a mouse?  BIGGER than a breadbox??  BIG enough that it’s fat ass got STUCK in my WALL???  Shit…












Or…God Forbid…

fat cow

What The Hell???

(I’ve never seen a cow that fat….)

So, needless to say, I’m a little concerned, as I should be…..


If it turns out that Cali is right, and something IS living in my wall…




Enough said.

The Bug-Guy….well, in this case, the Fat-Ass Rodent Guy, will be here Friday.  I’ll keep you posted!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seriously?? ONE Pound??

I am so on a roll.  I tell you…I totally ROCK! 


I started a diet that I’ve stuck to for 2 weeks….Yes!!  2 WHOLE WEEKS!!  Until this evening….

I get up in the mornings.  I have my coffee.  I’ve been certain to eat a breakfast of some sort even including a half cup of skim milk.  Why skim milk?  Because THEY said it’s important.  Then I follow that with either veggie sausage and an egg (cooked in Pam…not butter) or cottage cheese with fruit (one of those Cottage Doubles).  I also have a fruit cup (not in syrup…maybe in light syrup but mostly sugar free.)  I can’t even believe I’ve done this for 2 WHOLE weeks!!

For lunch the first week I basically fucked up.  Yep…I brought celery and peanut butter every day thinking that the peanut butter would be my protein source.  Why protein?  Because THEY say protein is important. 




Then I realized that I was taking way too much peanut butter but by the time I realized this I was already addicted, so I needed to go cold turkey.  Skip the peanut butter and add Laughing Cow Blue Cheese flavor to have with my celery.  I also bring 2-3 rice cakes, a granola bar and a fruit cup.  Nice, huh??  I should be shedding those pounds daily, don’t you think??




Yes, I haven’t been able to give up my White Chocolate Mochas, but, mind you, I have them made with skim milk and NO WHIP so that should count for some sort of will-power, right??  (And possibly my “milk” consumption for the day)




For dinner I’ve been having cauliflower and tomatoes sauteed with garlic and olive oil….or I have mushrooms stuffed with different flavors of Laughing Cow Cheese…awesome!!  You should try them!  If you are doing the Weight Watchers points, these little delights are barely nuthin!!  A few times I had some baked chicken…

I’ve had popcorn for a snack.  I’ve been drinking water and tons of it because at  my new place of employment there seems to be an issue of very dry air, and along with my lips being so dry they are cracking and my nose being so dry it’s bleeding, I walk around feeling quite dehydrated, so I DRINK TONS OF WATER at work.  I’m wondering where it all goes since I really don’t get a chance to pee….



(Oh come on…that’s not ME….look at her waist!!)


I slipped up one evening and had McDonald’s with the family, but I didn’t eat the whole snack wrap and fries, just half. 

I also exercised for 30 minutes…once…but I’m just getting started.




I’m thinking of trying a new exercise routine next week…might be worth it….ya never know…another weight loss goal could be attained!!



So, tell me….and tell it to my face….why the FUCK have I only lost one damn pound???  Is there some conspiracy against me?  What have I done to deserve this?

I kid you not, I AM TRYING!! 

Now I am so fucking frustrated that today I decided I am on a “break”.  A poptart for breakfast, skipped lunch because I had a Mocha….then I just ate 5 Cajun chicken wings and 1 slice of spinac-artichoke pizza for dinner followed by a little tasty treat called a “s’more” made by this new little pizza joint near my house….

Yep…I ate all that junk, and now I’m pissed.

Do you ever do this?  Try try try only to get discouraged and go off the diet thinking you will start fresh on Monday?? 


Why do we do this to ourselves??

Call it human nature, call it lack of will power…or call it fucking PMS for all I care!!  It sucks!

Anyone got any suggestions on how to kick start this weight loss already????

Monday, January 17, 2011

I’m Still Here!

Wow…how long has it been, my friends??  Seems like forever since I blogged, but if you recall, I started my new job.  You know the one….I mentioned it HERE …. and I talked about leaving my old job HERE. 

So, when I interviewed for the new job, I had an IDEA of what I would be doing.  You know the drill for a Restorative Nurse….track the incontinence (this means keep tabs on the peeing people), track the incidents (this means making sure NO-ONE and I mean NO. ONE.  falls on the floor!), and also writing programs for those residents that have graduated from physical therapy.

Sounds easy enough, yes?? 



I am busy as hell!  I get in there and I work from the moment my feet step over the thresh-hold of the 300 Unit until my over-worked feet step over that very same thresh-hold when my brain can no long comprehend even where my office is.

Seriously.  From this:


starting line


To this:




I’ve had days of training.  I’ve been to meeting upon meeting upon meeting!  I’ve been signed up for a seminar, I’ve been invited to a conference on “Falls”….

My head is spinning with all the new information I’ve been handed.

I want to get it right.  When those surveyors come in and request “information” from ME, I don’t want to look stupid.  I want to have the answers.  The one guy from corporate that came to train me some said that when the surveyors come in and ask “Who keeps track of the falls?”….




You got it….in your face, baby!  Well, in MY face, that is….

You see, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ultimately responsible for the outcome of these “incidents”. 




  It’s a little scary…but I can do this. 


On the other hand….my previous employer….not so much.  You see, when I was told they had my homecare patients “covered” so why not make that day my  last??  Yep….they were “covered” by my supervisor/the OWNER….Oh Yeah….Do you think she still has it “covered”????




So, as much as I truly miss my little lovelies (homecare patients), I absolutely positively without a doubt am loving my new job!

I love the challenge, that is for sure!

How about you?  Do you love YOUR job??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Me?? Trendy??


"Thank you everybody. Thank you Tom, and Bob and Dolores, who are home reading my blog… I hope, and thank you so much to everyone who voted for me.

There really is nothing more important to me than striving to be a good human being. So, to be here tonight, blogging, and be acknowledged as one to receive this honor is beyond expression in words for me. 'I am a human being, nothing human is alien to me.' Terence said that in 154 B.C. and when I first read it many years ago, I had no idea of the depth of that meaning. “

Wait, wait……..


Holy Shit!!  For a second there I was feeling like Oprah Winfrey as she accepted the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award….

Seriously…I have been AWARDED!!! 

By whom???

By Rebecca over at Unexplained X 2, that’s WHOM!!

I am honored, because as once again I see that I have lost a fucking follower….and I’m not sure why…..possibly it’s my fucking potty mouth, but I doubt that….I  am wondering why on earth people take the time to un-follow, unless of course the one they un-follow does them some injustice…but damn….did I do that???   We are all adults here, right?

So…why un-follow my blog??

Ok…so maybe the day you came and followed me I was having a really really good blogging day and maybe you even peed your pants a little as your read about my chaos I call “my life”….and then when you came back I was having a really really lousy blogging day and you didn’t even get one little giggle stuck in your fucking throat as you read….but damn….to un-follow me?  Ruthless….

….just plain ruthless.

(I can see the numbers dropping now…..)

Anyruthlessness, I got an award!! 




Ok…so IRL I am so not “trendy”, but apparently here in the bloggy world, at least ONE person thinks my blog IS.

Thank you, Rebecca!!  You rock!!

Even though my un-followers have made me feel like I am part of the un-cool crowd….



…you, Rebecca, have made my day!!

Now, I am supposed to hand this award over to 10 other bloggers that I feel fit the bill.

I am a little nervous about doing this.  You see, I have read how so many of you do not like to do the dirty work that follows receiving an award.  And I truly don’t want to step on any toes.  So…

….I’m thinking I will say right here and now that you are ALL trendy in my book.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.


(Well, except for those un-followers.  They are SO not Trendy.)

They should be careful who they unfollow….




……just sayin.


I hope you all had an awesome weekend!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Confess and Move On

I haven’t confessed for quite a while, so I’m pretty sure it’s time.  If you are way over-due for a confession, like I am, have no fear, you will not get struck down by the lighting of God, because we have Glamazon!!  and Mamarazzi!! 

That’s right!  Go ahead, link up and confess.  Then you can walk into that church on Sunday and feel proud that you’ve done your duty.



I confess….


  • Being off for three days while I took the kids to the sitter’s anyways was really  nice.  I don’t know why I didn’t keep them home other than because I give up on obtaining Mother of the Year recognition I have to pay the sitter whether they are there or  not….
  • It blows my  mind that the sitter gets paid for not working…is this normal babysitting protocol??
  • I am nervous as hell about starting my new job on Monday.
  • I’ve done home-care for as long as I can remember (13 years) and I’m concerned that I might get a little psychotic while having to stay in ONE building for 8 fucking hours.
  • It’s killing me right this very moment to NOT video-tape Mr. Sake as he dances to “Just Dance KIDS”  for the Wii.  Oh yeah…it would be awesome! 
  • And by “Just Dance KIDS” I am talking “The Wheels on the Bus” and the “Chicken Dance”…”Bingo”…..yep….dance away, my Dear!!
  • I just broke the news to the spouse that this week’s grocery shopping will be the beginning of “OUR” diet.
  • He said, “WHAT diet??”
  • I don’t like to suffer alone.
  • Misery loves company, for Pete’s Sake!!
  • Seriously…three bagels and broccoli-cheese-potato chowder for a lunch is NOT a good idea….
  • Yes, I said THREE bagels.
  • Yes, that’s what the spouse brought for his lunch the other day.
  • I am sick…my sinuses are stuffed and painful, my head hurts…I can’t taste anything…Dagnabbit!!  I have a new job to start on Monday…I can NOT be sick!
  • ……………… – …………………………….
  • …………………….
  • ………………………….. Mrs. Sake will be right back, she’s video recording…………
  • ………………………………..
  • ……………………(and WTF does she mean by “OUR diet”???)


I confess….

  • Silly me, I forgot what can happen when I walk away from the computer with my blog window still up….
  • Some things are just not right…
  • Like this……



  • And some other things are just plain freaky….


freaky barbie


  • I confess that when the kids aren’t home, or even if they are in another room, I often get out a few black trash bags and clean house….and certain “things” end up in my bags.
  • I have no idea where that Barbie went.
  • She was there one minute…..



Then….POOF!!  All. Gone.

  • This week I had an orientation day for my new job at the “corporate office”.  That meant an hours drive…on the freeway.  I confess that I HATE the muther-trucking freeway and all the asshats the drive it!
  • I do not like being forced to drive over 65 mph….they can all kiss my ass.
  • Seriously, I saw alot of THIS while driving the freeway….


Is there any reason to be so rude? 

Ok…ok….I confess….I was the one doing the flippin off.

Don’t judge me.  I am only human.


Happy Friday!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It’s a New Year

I finally did it.  That’s right, I took the initiative to make my situation better.  You see, for the last year I have been working full-time hours for part time pay.  This, my friends, basically SUCKS!!

Some may THINK that seniority with a company is good thing, but I know better.  Because I was the employee that had the most years in with this company, of course I was getting paid higher.  As with most companies that are trying to fuck over their employees save their company from failing, my employer did what they had to do.  They took patients from me and gave them to a new hire that was most likely getting paid less to do the same job.  BUT….could she do it as well as I could??  Maybe….maybe not.

Granted, the company I was working for was a small company…run by husband, the accountant, and wife, the Nursing Supervisor…




But seriously….what good is seniority??  What good is loyalty??  I gave my patients 110% each and every day.  I’ve been seeing the same ones it seems like forever….they are like family to me.

But I did what I had to do….I found another job.  One that will make up for the income I’ve lost.  One with benefits.  One that still allows me to work with the elderly population which is my forte. 

I quit the homecare.  I can NOT believe I did it.  I really didn’t want to do it.  I love that job.  I love the people.  I love the flexibility.  My supervisor??  Not so much.

When I resigned, I explained to my supervisor (she is also the owner of the company) that this all started with her taking away my patients.  She didn’t seem to comprehend.  I told her I’ve been sinking because of the lower income.  She just looked at me….




I told her when they took my monthly benefits check of $400 from me right before Christmas…that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She said she couldn’t believe I was leaving.  She even recalled that I have been there for THIRTEEN years…even longer….”Oh my gosh….” is what she said.   “I can’t believe this….” came next….





Really??  You really can’t believe I’m leaving after you sunk my ass into bankruptcy?  Wow…amazing.

She insisted I give a 4 week notice which made me have to tell my new employer that I would have to wait to start.  That seemed to be ok with them.  I managed to get my vacation time out of my employer which was good.  I worked 2 weeks of my 4-week notice.

Those 2 weeks were heart-breaking.  I cried.  My patients cried.  I cried some more.  I tell you again, they are FAMILY to me.

I explained to my patients that I had a weeks vacation coming up and then the week after that would be my last week.  I prepared them the best I could.  I told them I’d be back…ONE MORE TIME.  They would relax after hearing that.  They felt better knowing they had one more visit with me.  It didn’t make them happy, but they were consoled for the time being.


Oh just hear this….

My supervisor calls me the Thursday of the week before my vacation week.  Remember, this would be the end of week 2 of my notice.  Week three was vacation, and week 4 was to be my last week visiting my patients.  My supervisor tells me, as if it’s no big deal, that the Friday of my SECOND WEEK could be my last day.

What the HOLY FUCK??  Seriously??  I just told all my patients that I had one more visit with them!  And the ones that I still had to see the following day didn’t even know yet that I was resigning!!

I was furious.  She said it was because she had them all covered for my vacation week, so why not leave it at that instead of giving them back to me for one more week…..???  Unfuckingbelieveable!!

I cried.

I called all my patients and explained. 

They cried.

We cried together.

So very very sad. 

That Friday I took all my stuff in to the office.  I handed it to my supervisor.  I just looked at her.  She told me if she had enough new cases to give me that would give me all of them.  She said she hated that I was leaving. 



She. Gave. Me. A. Gift!!!




I don’t get it.  I told her it was BECAUSE of HER taking my patients in the first place that this all started the downhill slide to my resignation.

She still DID NOT GET IT!


I somehow think she is playing a game.  She can’t be THAT dense, can she?  Seriously….she runs a fucking business!!  Too bad she has forgotten how it is to be the nurse out there taking care of the elderly.  Too bad she had lost her compassion. 

Too bad the almighty dollar has made her into such an uncaring individual.  (Yes, I’m trying to be nice…and professional….but FUCK!!  it’s hard!)  I feel sorry for her.  She is definitely NOT the person that hired me 13 or so years ago.  She definitely has lost her “spirit”. 

So, this week I’ve been fielding calls from my former patients that are not happy with their new nurses (one being my supervisor!), and doctor’s offices that state they are getting no response at the office when they call….asking who is taking over….asking who will draw the blood….asking why on earth did you quit????

Ahh….such is life.  Too bad Too bad Too bad!! 

Next week I start my new job. 

Am I nervous?  Hell yeah!!  I’ve been doing the same thing for 13 years….driving from house to house, shopping whenever I feel like it….

Oh man….I’m a nervous fucking wreck. 

I wonder if I can get an order for Xanax or something….since I’ve already passed my pre-employment drug screen…..Hmmmm……

Actually….I CAN do this.  Yes. I. Can.

Just watch me!! 

I will be the Little Engine That Could….



Happy Wednesday!! 


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