Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WTH Wednesdays with the Short People

Time to link up and tell about your What The Hell moments with the gals over at Blue Monkey Butt!  Come on…you know you have these moments!

Blue Monkey Butt

I do!!  It can be as simple as trying to open a fucking jar of mayo that the hubs obviously used last…I could put all my damn energy into twisting the mother trucking cap and yet…..nothing!  Not a budge…not even by a millimeter….

Yet….the tween walks in….all 84 pounds of her and she says, “Gimme that”….

Aaaaand she twists it open without even breaking half the sweat I did!

WHAT THE HELL??  Am I THAT weak??  No…the tween is just THAT strong!  I’d show you her muscles, but THIS is all she would do for me…..

April 2010 018


Soooo…the other day we were all sitting in the living room, yes, this is a rare occasion – all of us in the same room at the same time.  Lil Lady was lounging on the couch finishing up her popsicle.  Just as she finished, Little Man walks by and Lil Lady says, “Hey…Man….throw this out….”  and she hands him her popsicle stick. 

He takes it.  No questions asked. 

He takes a couple steps and she says, “Hey…Man…this too…” and she hands him the paper towel. 

He goes back over to her and takes that too.  He then walks to the trashcan and throws it out.

Not so unusual, right?  Except Lil lady is 3 1/2 and Little Man is just TWO!!

WHAT THE HELL??  She is definitely teaching him how to be a GOOD MAN!!  She is not only taking control IN the house, but taking control of who does what OUTSIDE too….



My kids are awesome…I must admit this.  Of course, I don’t want them to know they have me wrapped around their little fingers or anything.  I need to maintain my “Mean Mommy”status.  Although sometimes this is really challenging, like the other day I was in the basement with Lil Lady.  She wanted to play The Dog Island on the Wii.  

Not saying she isn’t intelligent enough, but the problem is that she is left handed and the Wii remote doesn’t understand this!!  Anyways…we tried and we tried to get the fucking little doggie on the island to move in the direction she wanted but it just wouldn’t work.  I tried telling her it was broken.  She didn’t want to hear that.  I tried getting her to play a different game….or maybe do something even more fun like watch Mommy blog….nope, she was having none of it.  She wanted that little doggie to move where she wanted him to go.

Her chatter was incessant….it was grating on my last nerve….after all, I’m a very  busy Mommy!!  Trying to catch up on reading blogs, writing posts, following my tweeples and even facebooking….damn, I have SHIT TO DO! 

I KNOW she knew I was getting frazzled….that I was about to throw the dagnabbit remote through the TV….but then it happens…as usual….when she knows I’m about to spit nails….

She says…”My mom…..”  (because of course, I. AM. HERS.)


Lil Lady….”I love you.”

What the hell…..

How can those three words coming out of that little tiny mouth mean so much to me?  Cuz I’m NOT a Mean Mommy….despite my reputation.  My kids are my world, and their love….so unconditional….is the most awesome thing in the world!!

Needless to say, I logged off the computer and we tackled that fucking Dog Island with a vengeance!


The Empress said...

Oh, if I didn't have enough guilt feelings about blogging and reading and posting already.

You're right. A time and a place for everything.

Good mama.

Anonymous said...

This is just so freaking cute :-) I love it!

Linda Medrano said...

You my darling are what I have to call a push over! Love it! She's the cutest, smartest, bossiest and best!

Lourie said...

Isn't it amazing how they can just melt us like that?

Anonymous said...

Did you see what I left for you at the Blogoddess House? I'm gonna give you some Sweet Lovin'! Come on by and pick up your sweetness!

Stacy said...

That's so funny that she has her brother throw everything away for her! She sure has him in line....don't you wish your kids would listen to you like that? Do this or that, on the first time you ask them. My son is left handed too, and the Wii just sucks for lefties!

Thanks for joining us this week!

Elle said...

I love that your little guy didn't even bat an eye, just did what his sister said. LOL!

My youngest is great at throwing out an "I love you mommy." just at the moment I'm about to lose it and yell. Then I feel like such a mean mom.

Thanks a bunch for joining us today for WTHW!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweet mommy you are!

Ya know, the sweet I love you's have to be from some built in survival instinct. =)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

It's funny how a couple of big tear filled eyes or three little words out of teeny perfect mouths will melt a heart and make all the crap just go away. I love being a mommy.

Aunt Juicebox said...

LOL When my niece does something she knows she's not supposed to, she'll ask you if you're happy or sad. She was telling me a story about her and her sister taking their shoes off in daddy's car, and I asked her if he was happy or sad. She said, Neither, he was MAD! lol