Friday, April 9, 2010

I Confess, Dammit!

It’s that time…Happy Friday!  Go link up with Glamazon and confess your naughtiness and have a great weekend afterwards!

Friday confessional

So, this week has been a bit stressful, and due to the stress, I have not been the nicest person that I have ever met.  In fact, I am downright disgusted with my behavior.  I will confess what I can, but I can’t confess it all or I might get my ass kicked I might make some people very unhappy if they read my blog!!

Here we go…bear with me…it might turn out to be a hyperfessional, instead of a confessional.

  • I confess that I totally lost it with the spouse over something that was probably nothing.  Well, he said it was “nothing”, I say it was something.  I may have called him thick-headed while “discussing” this certain issue while we were standing on the front porch…or I may have just thought it.  Either way, I confess!!
  • I confess that I put my spouse in a “no win” situation when I badgered him asked him a kazillion a few questions about the past females that contacted him on facebook.  He certainly was damned if he spoke, and damned if he didn’t.  Unfortunately, it took him too fucking long to SPEAK which made me feel like a lunatic.
  • I confess that I let this situation eat me alive from the very core of my being for the past week and a half.  Silly, I know that now. 
  • I confess that I have put too much thought and energy into this situation ….my obsessiveness and irrational behavior has been out of control, but I have resolved to be a less insane person (for now), and will bury this shit in the back yard and move the hell on.


  • I confess that if I wasn’t married I would probably go out with Brad Paisley.  Not that he’s asked or anything…not in person, not on twitter…..not at all, actually, but who knows what he’s thinking, right?  Wait…he’s married, isn’t he??


  • I confess to saying I totally understand why Mom’s and Dad’s go on vacation without their children when in the past this has always been a pet peeve of mine.  I get it now!!  I have seen the light!!
  • I confess that I still have the urge to beat the living crap out of Lil Lady each time she refuses to sit her princess ass on the potty.  Seriously…do I have to buy diapers for the rest of my life?  I’m going broke here….
  • I confess that when I see Little Man jumping up and down on the end table I really want to laugh, but then think ADD?  ODD?  just Hyperactive??  Is he normal??  and these thoughts knock the laughter right out of me.
  • I confess that the tween got a D in Science.  Well, what would you expect when she NEVER brings anything home from school???  What would you expect when she can’t even tell me what subject they are studying in Science??  I would expect an F….so I give her some credit for pulling a D.
  • I confess that I am really not looking forward to working the second job this weekend.  I am tired of working.  Tired Tired and TIRED! 
  • And last of all, this one is for Lisa (she keeps wanting me to confess the good stuff)….I may or may not have posted the results for a quiz titled “How Dirty are You” on Facebook.  AND I received something like 85 comments!!  So much more than the 37 or so comments my spouse got on his toilet paper post…..just sayin……

So, there ya have it….I hope you all had a great week, and enjoy your weekend!!


Small Town Girl said...

Oh wait! I thought we were SUPPOSED to badger our husbands. Is that not right? Whoops. I must need to go to wife school.

Kat said...

Wife are really cute confessions! Good luck with burying the thoughts in the backyard... :)

The Empress said...

Oh, you have such guts!

I'll live my courage through you, I'm afraid to confess anything like Brad Paisley on the internets :)

Lisa said...

First of win. He got 37 comments. You get 85! I think I have a solution. You quit rationing toilet paper and he will take you on a vacation WITHOUT the kids while your babysitter shows up on time and has Little Miss potty trained by the time you get back. :)

Thanks for finally giving me something to think, "My, my, my (in best southern accent)" about!

Glamazon said...

Seriously, I think we have all been through the jealous thing. Darned you, Facebook. It means we love and care, right?

Aaah, the joys of potty training. It's like getting an injection to the eyeball, pure hell. Sorry-hope it gets better soon!

Thanks for playing!

Mad Woman said...

Is this not what Facebook is for? To post the incriminating stuff?

And I've been like that with hubby all week. Something crawled up my ass and died and I've been taking it out on him.

Aging Mommy said...

Love your blog! Great post! I am looking forward to reading so much more.

For me it would have to be Johnny Depp - and I wouldn't even be accused of cradle snatching :-)

Linda Medrano said...

Baby, relax. Men are no count fools and there ain't nuthin' we can do about that. If they really misbehave, there's always those cupcakes that smell like almonds if you get my drift.

Lourie said...

I love your confessions. I have too many eyes reading mine to really confess stuff. ANd by eyes I mean the people who live with me! HAHAHA! Thanks for following me! I am now following you. And I may or may not be a stalker. ;) hehe

Real Dads Hangout said...

Ahh hang in there bud! You wouldn't be a woman if you were not crazy (oopps did it say that aloud?). We are all human (maybe some aren't) and I give you tons of credit for admitting this! You might not think it but you are a strong woman.

sammy said...

remember my post where i basically trashed math?? well the same goes for science. ; )

once again, FB and i are enemies.