Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Job Security

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This week of What I Meant to Say and What the Hell Wednesday is dedicated to my second job….the job that is supposed to be my “cake job” which is NOT my “cake job” but more of a pain in the arse!! 
Seriously….I deal with such crap there that it even amazes me, and it usually takes quite a bit to get me riled.

Last Saturday I worked the day shift.  The key words here are DAY and SHIFT.  Yes…it was from 6am-2:30pm.  I personally think 6 am is too early, but the way the meds are timed, it works just right for getting report and passing the morning meds on time.  The meals fit in there just right too.  AND when 2:30 rolls around, you still have most of your day to enjoy if you so choose!!

The nurse that I worked with on that particular day was not one I normally work with.  She’s a regular full-timer there, but I’ve never worked up in the front of the nursing home with her before.  Therefore, I don’t know what she normally does.  On this lovely Saturday, she apparently was having a difficult time doing her job, period. 

I was busy passing meds, answering lights, taking people to the bathroom, stopping to assist one lady to get her blouse on….wheeling people to the dining room for breakfast….and on and ON and ON I went until I realized I hadn’t seen the other nurse in a while.  I was even answering lights over on her section. 

WHAT THE HELL?  Where the hell was she???

Anyways, I didn’t have time to find her.  I just kept on moving, doing what I had to do to get the job done.  Because after morning meds, it’s charting and more answering of lights and then comes 11am meds, then noon meds….lunch…and so forth. 

All of a sudden I notice the other nurse coming down the hall where there is only 3 residents….but ALOT of empty beds.  She seemed “ok”…not sure what room she came out of.  She was visible for all of about 45 minutes to check on a few things.  At this point I went on a little break.  I figured it was safe to run outside for a few moments because she was there.

When I came back in…..she was gone……AGAIN.

I asked around…..where did Disappearing Nurse Ms. R. go??  All I got in response is “I don’t know”, or “I haven’t seen her”…..

Ohhhh…..about 1 1/2 hours later I spot her coming out of one of the empty rooms from down the hall. WHAT?!? Huh…wonder what she was doing in THERE???  You got any idea?

I tried so hard not to jump to conclusions even though as she wrapped her sweater more snuggly around her body because I’m sure as she woke up and removed the blanket came from where ever she was, she felt a slight change in temperature….

I can’t believe this shit!!

This nurse was obviously napping for most of the shift.  I was appalled!!  As I said at the beginning of this post, this was DAY SHIFT!!!  I understand, sort of, the bouts of napping you find on the nightshift, but DAMN!!  It’s dayshift!!!  Do you hear me???  DAY-SHIFT!!  Wowwowowow!!

Seriously, if you are too tired to do the job…stay home!  And if you are stupid enough to sleep during DAY SHIFT….then SHIT like THIS can happen:

Ok…so it was the weekend, and no managers were around, but there is always plenty of family that comes to visit their loved ones on the weekend!  Holy mother eff’ing dandelions!!  This was totally amazing to me.

I said to her, “While you were *cough*cough* on break, Mrs. L needed an aerosol treatment.  I gave it.  Mr. J. needed pain med, I gave it, and Mr. X nearly fell on his ass using the urinal but I happened to be walking by so I saved his butt.”


Listen her monkey-butt with your patterned haircut…I medicated your patients while you were sleeping.  I saved Mr. X from landing on his ass which in turn saved you tons of fucking paper work as well as an explanation as to where you were hiding.  You may have the other staff here fooled, but I’m no jackass.  I KNOW you were sleeping in the empty room down the 300 hall.  How do I know?  Well, your wrinkled clothes are an indication, but the blanket you left on the bed is a dead give-away!!  And as for the meds that you say you gave Ms. M yesterday…yeah, there was no way you could have done that because THEY ARE STILL IN THE MEDICATION CARD!!  Fucking ass-monkey….why don’t you throw your license in the trash over there because that’s where it’s gonna end up anyways!"

Seriously, people…who in their right minds thinks this is ok??  We are talking about a NURSE here…someone who is PAID good money to take care of the elderly population. 

And just so you know, I did mention this to a supervisor who apparently is already aware of this nurses behavior, and when I asked why she is allowed to continue working there, I was told, “Because no one will write it up.”


Seriously???  Here I am TELLING her…should she not write it up herself??  Apparently not.  And she didn’t ask me to write it up either which is a good thing too.  I did my part, yet I won’t put myself in the position to have my tires shot out or my brake line cut!!  This is one hard-assed nurse I’m talking about here. 

I guess that is how she gets away with it.  Who the fuck knows.

All I know is that people continue to blow my mind with the audacity to do as they please….with the mind-set of doing only the minimal necessary to JUST. GET. BY.  Where are the people that go above and beyond??  Where are they?  Take a stand, people!!  Just because others are getting away with this type of behavior, that doesn’t mean you should also give it a shot!  Yes, I would have loved to be sleeping during DAY SHIFT last Saturday also, but I abide by nursing ethics!!  Damn!  Some people should NOT become nurses.  In fact, some people shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves human!!

Damn ass-jackets!

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be associated with “nurses”…especially when they act like this one does. 
The highlight of my day was when one of HER patients called me her “angel”…and thanked me profusely for taking care of her that day.  She has NO IDEA I wasn’t even her nurse.  Imagine that!  This is what I call JOB SECURITY!!

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Rebecca said...

It's so true...most people suck!!! Most nurses don't though...thankfully!

I gotta ask...what is a patterned haircut? Any chance you can get a picture during one of her snoozes? I'm completely lost on this "trend."

Pam said...

All I can say is that I am glad she is not my nurse and hope and pray that she will never be a nurse for any of my family. Gives nurses a bad name!

Frugal Vicki said...

That is hard too, because my first instinct would be to quit covering her arse and let her fill out that paperwork and do some 'splaining, but that isn't fair to the elderly either. What a wench!

Linda Medrano said...

Damned lazy bitch! She ought to get her ass fired and lose her license. Peoples's lives are at stake here. WTF? I hate to hear about this kind of thing, particularly with the elderly or the very young who really have so little in the way of defenses. Slash her tires at least Terry!

Stacy said...

Is there a top person you can speak to? Like the owner or something? You definitely need to report her!! I hate people like that! I work with people similar to that. It's so aggravating for us that do our jobs! I hope someone fires her ass! Thanks for joining us today!

singedwingangel said...

I would seriously call the board on her butt. That is bs and dangerous as heck to the patients not to mention you...

Elle said...

Seriously she shouldn't be a nurse. That's awful. I wonder if this is a regular habit with her.

Thanks for joining us for WTHW again!

Lourie said...

Holy freaking cow! That is just plain wrong. But you know, karma is a real bitch and she will get hers. Too bad others have to suffer before she does.

BigSis said...

Your pictures are THE BEST. The story is pretty damn hilarious too, although if it happened to me I'd be SO PISSED!

Real Dads Hangout said...

You should have confronted her and knocked some sense into her!


Anonymous said...

I would be fuming too in fact I am fuming! Next time she's in a bed sleeping go in and pretend shes a patient and give her an enema.

Kat said...

Patterned haircut...LMAO!!! You are a nut! And I thank God for you every day!!

Lisa said...

Americans have quit showing up to work at work, moreso to just pass the time until the checks are signed. You are better than me. I have ratted out a few teachers the past few years but it's because it was the kids who ultimately pay the price! Hang in there, know that you are someone I have come to respect! You are good people.

Dual Mom said...

This just makes me want to puke. Not only should she be fired, but every supervisor that's aware of the fact that she does this should be fired too.

Those poor seniors in her care. It's a good thing you were around...but what happens when you're not?