Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post It Post It Post It!!!

It’s Post-It Note Tuesday with Supah over at Adventures of a WannaBe SupahMommy.  Go ahead…do what you are supposed to do and LINK UP!!  I mean it….


So, where will I begin this week?  How about here:

You may or may not know about the Lose It Bitches challenge…but I am supposed to be part of it.  Yep, my sis over at 2010 Year of Miracles and I joined them way back when….and she’s done very well with her lifestyle changes but me??  not so much…




















So, you see…everyone has their issues…and dieting is one of mine.  But on a lighter note, the spouse has taken it upon himself to be my personal pain in the ass trainer.  We have been walking every evening.  Honestly, it’s been quite painful very enjoyable walking with him and the kids. 












I believe that Lil Lady has been lurking on my blog…especially on Tuesdays because this is what she’s been up to…….




For those of you that read my post yesterday about my fairy ring….I’ll have you know the “wee folk” are still up to their shennanigans.  This  morning when I went through Caribou for my white chocolate mocha no whip please, I was told their espresso machine  was possessed by fairies overnight was being worked on. 








And as for you, you fucking fairies…






So there you have it in a nutshell…or in little post-its….

I hope you are all having a great week!  I’ll be by later to visit you!   


adrienzgirl said...

Oh honey I think we have all fallen off the damn wagon so to speak. I have been using the baby as an excuse, but really, it is just that, AN EXCUSE.

I think I can be held responsible for the failing of the LIB support as I have been markedly absent from the support I so willingly offered up! *kicks self in the ass*

I talked with Dual Mom about starting another challenge when this one is complete. We would love to have you back in...for the WIN!

Yankee Girl said...

I never joined Lose it Bitches, but I fell off the diet wagon on January 2nd. I JUST got back on last week. We'll see how long it lasts this time!

Aging Mommy said...

Love it! Hey we all have our vices, mine being Cadbury chocolate and ice cream, in copious amounts! Those fairies are definitely up to mischief. Can't wait to hear what they get up to next! Fun post as always

Lourie said...

I am trying my hardest to stay on the diet band wagon. SOme days are just harder than others. *sigh* Pass me french fry.

Kat said...

I think a lot of people are off the wagon so to speak...I for one am...although I am riding the bike with the coyotes...

As far as a personal trainer goes? Yeah. If Ken decides he's going to be mine? I'm kicking his ass :) Just sayin...

jayayceeblog said...

I've read a lot of PINTs today, but I think yours made me laugh the hardest! Thanks!!!

Brittney said...

I need to join in on some support system to help me lose my fat ass!! Im doing better but its one of my big issues too!! Good luck girl (and i wont tell about the mickey Ds if you dont)

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie here and I am so glad to have found you! Now following! You had some hilarious post-its!

Mad Woman said...

Aww I think a lot of people fell off the LIB wagon. I have struggled with it myself but am still on board. Just.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I have been on and off the damn wagon so many times the driver is pissed! But. I'm good right now. I mean, I've been killing myself the past two months and my weight has been going up and down anyway. I lose 5 pounds, gain back 3. It's unreal.

Megan said...

Arg, loosing weight is a pain in the ass, literally! Hope you find your motivation soon!

Melanie said...

Your Post-Its were the absolute best! As for dieting... I fell off the bandwagon and I don't see me picking myself back up very soon. I think I'll just lay here for a while.