Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, it was Monday when I started with this post and now it’s Tuesday and time for Post-It Note Tuesday but I really need to get this off my chest first….and I really can’t think of much for my post-its other than  my recent obsession…..SEX.  I could have saved this for Wednesday when I link up with Blue Monkey Butt for What the Hell Wednesdays, because I’m even saying “WHAT THE HELL is wrong with me??”  I also could have saved it for Friday when I link up with Glamazon for Friday Confessional…..because, damn, I’m outa sorts and really should confess these obsessive thoughts!!  But the truth of the matter is….I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Thank GOD we don’t have to worry about making more babies!!

I’m not really sure how or when this happened.  It’s not like I didn’t want sex before, but hell, we have 3 kids-two of them still in diapers, and there just wasn’t the time and the energy!  If I felt the urge, the timing wasn’t right, and I was too exhausted when the timing WAS right. 

So many nights I pushed the spouse away pleading exhaustion.  So many times I have just given him a quick peck so I could get back to doing the dishes or changing a diaper.  What WAS I thinking?? 

Now…apparently I have a problem with sexual thoughts constantly!!  WTF??  Today I even forgot to see a patient at our regular scheduled time because I was texting with the spouse about “long slow kisses” and “having some nooky in the car during our lunch breaks”…..I need to knock it off!!  I’m a grown woman!  I’ve been married for…..ummm…lemme think….yeah, married for almost 4 years (I know, not long, but long enough to be over the honeymoon phase)!

See my routine coffee mug???


_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00159 

So you see, this is why I need to figure it out….what’s different?  When did things change?  It seems to be going on a few weeks now, and the ONLY thing that has changed is the new medication I’m on.  No…it’s not a Viagra-for-women med!!  It’s freakin Neurontin!!  It’s a med for nerve pain.  Lovely Doc H. thought we should try it for the pain I’ve had for the past 4-5 years….and I’m thinking it works!  THAT in itself is awesome news, yes??  But seriously…Neurontin is not known to increase sexual desire.  I’ve never heard of it happening before, although my patients that take it are in their 80’s, so maybe they wouldn’t be the ones to question on this subject. 

I did some research…..because I can……and I came across THIS ARTICLE!!  Nintendo Wii made me a Nympho!  Ok…so this young lady, 24 I think, fell off her Wii balance board and injured some nerve “down there”…and now she gets turned on by almost anything!!  Even a damn food processor can put her into near orgasm!!  Laughing my ass off here….

No, I did NOT fall off my Wii balance board….but do you see the similarity here??  She injured a NERVE and I’m being treated for NERVE pain!!  Do you see NOW??  Is there something to this nerve idea??

I tried to tell my spouse that maybe I shouldn’t be taking this medication….what do you think he said?? 

“Double the dose!!”

Ok…so maybe I shouldn’t be consulting him….

I’ve thought of treatment-for-excessive-lust options and decided that would be ok…..IF the treatment could be completely in a timely manner so I could get back to lusting after my spouse.

I’ve thought of Art Therapy…after all, I AM a little artistic….and I heard that Tiger Woods was going to be asked to do it….but I’m not a Tiger Woods fan, and I only have ONE person I’m lusting after, Tiger had like 15 I think! 

So…what DO I do??  I’m sort of having fun with it….I don’t think the spouse is complaining…my one patient from today was a little perturbed, but she had no idea why I forgot about her. 

When I started the med I was on 100mg for 1 week, then I was to increase it to 200mg for another week……

Look out hubby, it’s time to increase it to 300mg…….

So, what do you all think??  Should I even question this turn of events??  Should I ask my doc?  Nahhhh…..Maybe just leave good enough alone, yes??

Ok…off to work on some Post-Its!!  (Yes, that would be 2 posts in ONE day, but I can’t miss Post-it Note Tuesday with SupahMommy!!)

Blog atcha later!!



Dual Mom said...

Or how 'bout you just sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts? lol

The Empress said...

Oh, must hide this post from husband reading over shoulder!!!

Aging Mommy said...

I agree with Dual Mom - if it's the meds then make the most of it while you can!!

Brittney said...

sit back and enjoy the pun intended.. lmao I laughed really hard after i typed that hahaha

Lourie said...

Of course hubby would say double the dose. hahaha. I laughed about the 24 y/o who fell off her wii board. good grief.

I have something for you over at my blog.

Linda Medrano said...

And this is a bad thing because??? Relax! I'm going to ask my doc for some of those pills for my nerves. (Nerve pain, nerves, whatever!) LOL!

Kat said...

I have posting to do about below the belt issues...unfortunately they have nothing to do with anything feeling GOOD! You are a nut! Give me some pills!

*LLUVIA* said...


I'd like some of those pills please! :D

Stasha said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it... It's when ya start lusting after strangers that you need to start worrying! LOL ;)

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.........enjoy,enjoy,enjoy!

Real Dads Hangout said...

I am a little annoyed now! How did I miss this post?? Ok...I am buying the Wii and going to try to find someone other than the wife to play it!..opps did I just write that?

gayle said...

Oh how exciting!! I am writing the name of this med down.........I am so in pain!!

Spot said...

I took Neurontin for over a year and did NOT have that side effect. But, um, more power to you nympho girl. LMAO!