Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What The Hell???

Ahhh….Usually on What The Hell Wednesdays I am the one you hear saying WHAT THE HELL??!!  This week you will hear how my spouse came to say it….and I had nothing to give in response…imagine that!  If you want to play along, link up with these ladies over at Blue Monkey Butt.  You know what to do…click the button below….geeeesh…..what the hell??

Blue Monkey Butt

So, a week or so ago I was having a very trying day with the toddlers.  They were at each other’s throats, literally.  They were pulling hair.  They were throwing toys.  They were dumping the toys out from any and EVERY container.   They were, basically, acting like animals. 

Now, I have been trying very hard to not swear in front of them.  Seriously, this is a problem I have.  Shhhhhhh…..not everyone knows that. 

Anyways, before I spurted out every obscenity known to mankind, I spurted out this:
“Okayyyyyyyyy!  You two want to act like animals??  Huh??  Do ya??  Do you know where animals live??  Not in my house oh no they don’t!  They live at the zoo!  Yep, that’s right, the ZOO!  Do you want to live at the zoo??  Huh??? Do ya???”

Lil Lady:  “No No…..I don’t want to live at the zoo with animals.”

Little Man:  “huh?”  (he’s picked this up from his father…you ask a question…he says “huh?”)

Me:  Then you better quit acting like animals because I. Have. Had. Enough!!

So there you have it.  I got the situation  under control without using not ONE obscenity!!  Yeah me!!!
Now…here’s the tricky part.  Sometimes you say things thinking you are getting a point across yet not realizing that the other party is totally taking your word as the word of some Goddess or something.  After all, I AM THE MOM. 

This is what happened next:

This past Saturday the spouse had a grand idea of all of us going out to dinner.  I said, “Kids too??”  Of course he meant kids too.  What was I thinking??  A dinner with just the two of us?  Unheard of!

Unfortunately, it did not go as planned but that is a totally different post. What happened was that Lil Lady fell asleep way too late for her nap. The spouse said for me and the tween to just go but I knew this would come to bite me in the ass at a later time so we decided maybe we would just take Little Man with us which would sort of give the spouse a break with Lil Lady sleeping.

Nope…spouse decided we should wake the Lil Lady.  She does not like to be woken up.  It needs to be on her terms and her terms only.  She’s three for Pete’s sake!

So she fought…..she kicked….she cried….she kicked some more.  She didn’t care that she could have spaghetti at a restaurant.  She didn’t care that we were finally letting her out of the house.  You see, I keep my kids hidden indoors because sometimes they aren’t fit for public. 

Oh come on!!  I’m kidding!!  We just don’t get out much.  That’s all….so I figured she would be excited to go somewhere.  Afterall, she’s the one that begs to go with me any time I put my coat on!!!

She wasn’t settling down.  She wasn’t getting changed so I said fine…she could wear the lady bug dress that she’s had on for 3 days to dinner.  That helped a little bit.  She was still quite upset.  The spouse was getting ticked off.  He said, “I told you just to go with [the tween]!”  Blah Blah Blah….I knew better than to do that!!

Anyhooo….finally we are ready….the Lil Lady’s coat is on, her shoes are on. her hair is half brushed, and she’s standing by the door wringing her hands, sniffling….tears still sort of coming.  The spouse is saying, “Good Lord!!!  What is wrong with her?????”

I say, “Lil….what’s wrong??  Why on earth are you crying???”

Lil Lady says:  “Because I don’t want Daddy to take me to the zooooooooooooo…….whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”


Little Man: “huh??”

The Tween:  ***eye roll***



Spouse to the Lil Lady:  “We are not going to the zoo, Lil.  Well, not today, but another day I will take you……”

Lil Lady: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Tween:  ***giggling now***

Spouse looks at me like I’ve grown two-heads as I explained about the acting-like-animals-threatening-to-take-them-to-live-at-the-zoo incident……

Spouse:  What the hell?????  (again)   Are you out of your mind????

Little Man: “huh?”

Me:  Well, I never said YOU would be the one to taken them……

So, lesson learned on my part.  Do not threaten very impressionable nervous-nellie toddlers that they will have to live at the zoo when they act like animals.

I am just hoping that when Spring comes that Lil Lady has recovered because I seriously would like to VISIT the zoo!!


BigSis said...

Clearly, you chose a very effective method. I would be proud :) Of course, I threaten my nine year old with military school.

Tina said...

OMG too funny! I wonder if my girls are too old to use that line?? On the other hand... they would probably say yes - I want to live at the zoo! Poor Lil Lady!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about getting bitten in the ass.

Kathee said she saw you and the tween at dinner. So you did get out.
good for you.

I had been bugging Kathee for 'details' about her ------ with hubby.
So, she starts out telling about dinner. And that's as far as I got.
At my age food is better than sex anyway.

Dual Mom said...

ahahahah hubs has no place to say did what you needed to do!

Cassie said...

See in my house, I would say Do you want to go live at the zoo? and my boys would respond Yes, When can we go?

Elle said...

My youngest wouldn't want to live at the zoo either. Not with all those smelly dirty animals. LOL! Hope she doesn't have a zoo phobia. Kids take us so literally.

Thanks for playing WTHW!

Shell said...

LOL I love this! I don't think it would be a threat for my boys- they would probably be excited to go live at the zoo. Otherwise, I'd totally threaten them with it.

Shell said...

Oh, and I'm grabbing your button! Thanks for grabbing mine!

Linda Medrano said...

I used to threaten all kinds of things (like I'm going to hang you by the hair on the wall and keep you there for a week!) Because my kids knew that wasn't going to happen, they usually just laughed about, even when they were young. Of course, when I told my daughter in front of her kindergarten teacher to behave, she said "oh, are you going to hang me on the wall by my hair again?". I had a little "splainin" to do! This post was hilarious! Love it!

Stacy said...

That was so funny! Hey you didn't swear, so you should be proud!

Thanks so much for joining us this week!

Kat said...

Poor poor Lil she would not have survived as one of my kids. My boys heard everything from "I'm going to drill screws into your door if you come out of your bedroom one more time tonight" to "I'm going to take you and drop you off at the nearest bridge so you can be HOMELESS!!" LOL