Sunday, February 7, 2010

All About Me

Seriously, is it ever all about anyone??  Some people think so, therefore, after careful consideration, I have decided to make this week all about ME!! 

I’ve slacked off on my diet which really pisses me off.  I know I can do it, so why don’t I??  This week I’m going to give my love to Lose It Bitches and work on my lifestyle changes.  No, silly, I am NOT giving up my White Chocolate Mocha No Whip Please, that would just be suicide!!  But I will watch everything else I put into my mouth.  I will also get on the treadmill which I am totally hating right now which makes me feel so much better about myself.

I will also shave my armpits. Yes,  I said SHAVE MY ARMPITS!!  I was showering this morning and realized I’ve been slacking off in that area too. 

And let’s not even talk about the legs!  WTF??  It IS Winter, right??

So, maybe my spouse doesn’t agree with the gorilla look just because it’s winter, but ya know what??  If he wants to feel the smoothness on my body, he needs to quit dropping the ball and let me shave the areas that need shaving!! 

Enuf said…

And what else shall I do for ME this week?  Well, most of you know that my laptop has taken a big whopping shit on me for the past 2 weeks.  It freezes up.  It doesn’t let me finish a blog post without saving the post every 2 minutes….otherwise when it freezes I lose my post.  Also, the K key has been worth shit since Little Man had decided to remove most of the keys and in the process he broke the clips on the back of the K.  Some of you know I’m working 2 jobs to make ends meet over here, and killing myself in the process. 

Not that the spouse doesn’t do his share of working.  He does.  Yes, he does.  I swear he does!!  Ahhhhh….soooo trying to be nice here.   Seriously, he DOES!  Stop looking at me that way!!

Anywhooooo…..I NEED a new laptop.  I don’t want a very expensive one.  I would even settle for the kind that I had since I just spent $100 on a new and better battery for it.  Then I’m thinking I should get one that is a little better than the one that just lasted me a little over a year.  Yeah…that’s what I think I should do.  The spouse has been working on mine….without much success, and with a lot of bitching in the process.  So, what I’m thinking is that I will get ME a new one and let him have the old one and if by chance he succeeds in fixing the fucker, he can have it!!!

So, yes, I want to get me a new laptop. 

The problem is…..

……for the first time EVAHHHHHH I’ve been told there are more important things that need to be paid first.  Huh???  Who says so???  Where the fuck does that nonsense come from???  I went to school, paid my own student loans off, worked every weekend while going to school, I have 2 jobs now….so WHAT if I fucked up by adding 3 more people to my little family of 2??  That’s not my fault!!!  It just happened!!  Like the immaculate conception or something like that……Geesh….look at all these babies……

I am just having a hard time with someone telling me what I WANT is not a priority.  Am I spoiled??  Fuck no!!!  I’m just insistent on what I want and when I want it I get it.  So there!!

I am not no prima-fucking-donna…..I swear.   And I’m certainly not famous….much…

Therefore….bottom line is…I deserve a new laptop!!  Right??  Absolutely!  It’s not like I want it for free unless Apple would like to donate .  I just want to be able to do what I’ve been doing with my laptop without all the freezing up interruptions!!  Afterall, I get enough of my own interruptions!!

SDC10444 IMG01014


Anonymous said...

The included body hair pic cracked me up...and no I didn't really think they are of you! I hope you get that laptop...nothing worse thatn one that won't work worth crud!

Brittney said...

girl go get yourself a new lap top! You deserve it!!!

EcoStylish said...

My philosophy has been that if one works very hard (and do you) and if you want a gadget (i.e. a laptop) I see no reason (bills be damned) that you shouldn't have one. You go girl!! LOL... Am I leading you astray...? Probably. Get the laptop. LOL

Maura @MiniMaura said...

i love little man's browns jersey!!! and heck yes it can be all about YOU!!! enjoy

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

Okay, two sides to every story. The responsible story and the Why the hell not side. My question is...does hubby always justify his purchases and now is putting his foot down OR has he been sacrificing, too. My suggestion, if you really rely on a computer, and most of us do these days, buy an inexpensive one that meets your needs. If the computer is not really needed...wait until you get yall's heads above water.

But gotta say, being divorced means I only have to ask me for permissiona and I am pretty easy.

Love ya, hang in there, Hugs, Lisa

PS Body hair so hawt this season and it saves you money on all of those expensive sweaters. Technically, you are going green. LOL.

Real Dads Hangout said...

Ok Terry you just showed me that you are more man then me! WTF? LOL..
I say be hairy (just dont share that with me cause I think of you as a sexy bitch), don't work so much (where does it say that kids have to eat every day and have a roof over their heads?) and get the new lap top (because if you don't keep the good stuff coming...I will be sad). I mean..that is just my opinion cause I feel like sharing!

I am with you on all of it!

Anonymous said...

New laptop should be tax deductible business expense at least with your traveling nurse job. Hey, maybe even all those traffic tickets are deductible too. After all, you were on the job.

thanks for the story and amusement.

Kellyansapansa said...

Compromise sucks - buy the new laptop!

Corrie Howe said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Don't know what I'd do without a laptop that worked. Oh, yeah, I do. I'd use my husband's because he hates it when I use his, that's how we all got our own over the years.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh I hate when the computer freezes and your info is lost! This did happen far too often on our old PC and we now have an Apple Imac! Thank God my hubby finds the computer, ie Ebay, a priority so I didn't have to beg for a new computer.

The hairy photos! My God might just put me off my dinner tonight which will be great for the waistline and Lose it bitches plan I'm on Lol!

gayle said...

You work 2 jobs..I say get your new lap top!!

Tina said...

GIRL .... get it!!!!! Return the battery. Buy the new one with QVC so you can take advantage of their easy installment payments. Thats what I would do!! Sorry Pete... no not really. LOL

Queen of Feisty said...

Shavings over rated, but if you feel the need to, go ahead. I've got at least 3 more months before I touch a razor (I kid. I kid!)

Thanks for the comment. I needed it. I think you need and deserve a new laptop. I also think I want one too.

Again, thanks for reading my rant, off to read more of you.


Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

Hey, I left you a little sumpin-sumpin on my blog post for 2/8 :) Come on by to see!