Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is Your Washcloth missing?

I have almost given up on my computer!!  It seems to freeze up at the worst of times….you know, right when I’m just about done with a post but haven’t saved it yet??  yeah….
So, I am going to try to participate once again in What the Hell Wednesday which is sponsored over at  the Blue Monkey Butt.  Click below to play along!!


I think my entire life is a series of “WHAT THE HELL??” Can you imagine having 2 toddlers, a tween and a spouse that most likely suffers from adut ADD?  That’s my life.

I admit that I have issues with needing to have everything in it’s place.  That goes for needing the silverware put away the way it should be, having the towels stacked just right in the linen closet, to having a dining room table that you can actually see…..well, that’s how I used to be.  Now……well, it seems I have lost the battle.  I find myself throwing the silverware in the drawer and where ever it lands is good enough for me.  I don’t care if there is shit all over the table as I sit here and blog…nope…doesn’t cause me not one bit of stress…and if you believe THAT, well, that’s awesome, because deep down I am a bundle of nerves.  I can just about lose my freakin mind with all the crap that is around this house.
Anyways, I’ve been trying to just let it go.  Come on, I tell myself, is it worth energy to fight with the tween to change her bra more than once a month??  Nahhh….you can LET IT GO….just breathe your way through it…..

Is it worth it to lose a nights sleep over the dirty clothes that are left on the spouse’s side of the bed….on the floor….in a pile….with shoes in the mix…..nahhhh…..LET IT GO… is not about the amount of laundry there is to do…it’s about what you were doing when the clothes got dirty in the first place right?

Is it necessary to have a massive coronary over the containers that fall out on to your head when you open the cupboard to put away yet another one of the 20 million Tupperware containers that have been collected?  Absolutely not!!  Just shove them back in and quickly close the door….as my 100% Sicilian spouse says quite often….FORGEDDABOUDIT!!! 

But….THIS is where I draw the line.  I have so many many MANY pet peeves….and I’m really trying to tame it down a bit.  I swear…when the spouse leaves razor stubblies all over the bathroom sink right after I’ve cleaned it….I just wipe them up.  When the tween unfolds a blanket in the living room because she is chilly while waiting her 2 minutes for the bus to come, then leaves it jumbled up on the couch as she runs out the door….yep, I just fold the fucker for the thousandth time and be done with it.

 BUT…..when each person in the house uses several washcloths for their bathing rituals, and the spouse uses several more on the toddlers’ bathing ritual and they are left like THIS day after day…..


….over and over and OVER……


Seriously….is this fucking necessary???  What do they think happens when you stack several hundred WET washclothes on a towel bar??  Do they think they might start to smell like something has become rotten in the bathroom?  Do they think that just maybe they will start to get rancid if someone doesn’t take them to the laundry room to get washed???  Who do they think removes them from the bathroom??  Of course, if we let them stay there long enough and keep on layering them ever so gently, the ones on the bottom will be able to get up and walk away…most likely carrying the others with them!!!

So, the washcloths are the pet peeve that I have yet to let go of.  It’s the daily thing that makes me utter “what the hell”….

I am sure with  just a little bit of counseling I might be able to get over this one too….and of course, that will just give me the opportunity to concentrate on another one that will piss me off even more… maybe the collection of sippy cups that I just removed from the toddlers’ bedroom?  Yeah….thank the good Lord they like to drink water and not something that spoils within a day! 

So, if any one is missing any washcloths, I have plenty to spare…just gimme a call.  I am usually free after  7:15 a.m. when the tween gets on the bus.  Just be sure to call before 7:18 a.m because that’s when the toddlers are up and my free time is over.

Furthermore, I just fucking realized it’s THURSDAY and What the Hell Wednesday is OVER!!!  And I was proud that I was blogging and getting back on track here……



Anonymous said...

We don't care what day it is.

I have no toddlers, no tween, just TW. But she does everything that your four do and maybe more. I used to be neat and organized. Not anymore. Can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Maybe you can lock up the washcloths so they have to come to you to get a fresh one.
And you can say, "NO!"

Anonymous said...

I got tired of doing it all, and make them pick up after themselves. Ok,I admit it, I give in sometimes!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Oh dear Lord I can smell those wash cloths all the way over here!

My pet peeve is when the prince uses my sink and leaves water all around the counter. When I lean up against it, I get soaked all over my clothes. ANNOYING!! Go use YOUR sink! That's why we have TWO!!!

Kellyansapansa said...

Oh, that would drive me NUTS! As hard as it would be, maybe you should just let the washcloths accumulate until there aren't any clean ones left and then when they start complaining, tell them politely to deal with the stinking mess themselves!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Terry,

I have some sunshine for you at my blog. Come and get it.

living my life, whatever
I know you didn't do the last one yet. No one's keeping track.


gayle said...

I feel your pain!! For me it's our husband will not go through stuff he leaves their unless I get really upset..why can't they just do it!

Kat said...

Sweetheart, you need a maid. And I was complaining about the lint on the carpet and the fingerprints all over the wall next to the refrigerator...I guess I should just shut my mouth! I think I would shove every one of those washclothes down their....or up their...oh nevermind. I would get violent LOL! Let's leave it at that!

Aunt Juicebox said...

ROFL Sorry, but that's just funny. ;) My daughter uses those poofy things, so we don't really have a washcloth issue.