Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stickies and Snails

Or shall I just say “sticky snails”??  Once again it’s time for Post-It Note Tuesday sponsored by Supah over at Adventures of a WannaBe SupahMommy.  If you don’t know, this is my most favorite day of the week for blogging!!  Link up if you wish!!


So, here’s the scoop.  My BFF (tween talk) very graciously gave my 3 year old a fish tank with several guppies in it because the Lil Lady was in awe over my BFF’s whenever we went over there.  Now the Lil lady spends hours gazing at her fish.  The BFF stated she thought all of the guppies were males therefore we would not have any mass reproduction going on.  So far we have sent one rounded-bellied fish down the disposal to the fish doctor, we have acquired 2 snails that fornicate constantly, the spouse has educated me on the fact that male snails (as opposed to snail mail) display their penises proudly on their HEADS, and it took the spouse several hours to clean the tank….yes, the same tank that BFF said she only had to clean a couple times a year!  (we’ve had it for one month….)

So, in honor of my BFF, the guppies and the snails, I bring you my Stickies for the week!



























Tina said...

Oh that's so not nice! Did I forget to tell you that guppies can also change their sex, males can become females to reproduce. Oopsie!! Luv ya! I can do without a family of ladybugs doing the nasty.

Dual Mom said...

I had no idea about the snail male thing. Why does it not surprise me?

Guinea pigs will also procreate at an alarming rate...just so you know. Xmas present for bff's kid perhaps?

Oka said...

LMAO too Gary has a Penis on his head, I will make sure not to point that out on Sponge Bob.

When my oldest boys were younger, they felt that fish needed their own transportation... they would drop hot wheels in the tank.

Jenners said...

Well, there goes my idea of getting a fish tank for my son. Ewwww...dick-headed snails!! Gross!

A Mother's Thoughts said...

OMG that was too cute!! Thanks for sharing your, what sounds to be like a very dramatizing experience!! lol

Good thing you don't have dogs...your husband would have a lot to explain.


Lucy said...

Who would have thought I would get a snail lesson today? Too funny!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Snails can lay eggs and as long as the fishies don't eat them, you might get even more snails knockin' boots. I tried to keep a fish tank but I just can't keep the darn things alive. I also kill houseplants.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Terry,
Go Here to learn about snails genitalia
Thank you for giving me the curiosity to learn something that I will never use again.

Brittney said...

OMG i cant stop laughing!!! "your quite the dickhead arent ya" hahahaha I loved this post! And nope I sure didnt know all that before now thanks for the lesson!

Anonymous said...

I did not know that all male snail are dick heads!

Shell said...


They're really dickheads????


I take it you are out buying s ladybug farm right now.

Frugal Vicki said...

oh mY GOD! I don't even know where to go with this because I can't stop laughing and staring at the picture wondering if that thing is really as big as it seems? Oh too funny!

Slurkin' Stasha said...


You learn something new EVERY. DAY.

I did not know a male snails penis was on his head...

Too funny!

Katie said...

Geez, I thought they were the same sex like fish.
Thanks for the Animal Bloggie Sex

Very Funny Posties ;)

purejoy said...

ohymstars that was hilarious!! mr. snail is a dickhead!! it must run in the species. i'm pretty much convinced my mr is a dickhead, too, after dinner tonite. sigh.

o hope the fishtank gets better. you can go to the fish store and buy the kind of bottom feeder fish/snail thingy that sucks all the crap off the bottom and sides. they work!
good luck!

thanks for stopping by today!

Anonymous said...

LMAO Who knew that snail porn could be so funny?!

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...


1) I think I just was on some type of porn site.


3) ha ha ha you said Dick Head.