Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday: On Going Saga

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It’s a constant aggravation around here….paying bills.  I honestly wonder where the money is going to come from sometimes.  My spouse has never really looked at the bills, he only sees me or better yet, he HEARS me banging on the desk, howling like a skinned raccoon, and crumpling up bills  paper that I no longer feel like dealing with  have a need for.  He has said on more than one occasion that we should sit and do them together.  WHAT??!  That is Just. Not. Feasible.
Therefore, Post-It Note Tuesday and my on-going saga regarding the bill-paying brings you this:















So, have you heard of Ashton Drake Galleries?  They have collectible baby dolls.  Yes, I fell for them a few years ago but at the time I thought I was purchasing ONE baby doll.  No….apparently I signed up for a “Collection” of baby dolls.  You pay for one and they ship it…with a bill attached.  You pay the bill and they send you another one with another bill attached…hmmm….pretty tricky, huh?  So, I stopped paying, I tried to cancel further shipments without success….
The bill went to collections.  So, I paid the bill not wanting anything in collections.  2 weeks later I got another baby doll!!  WTF??  So….I’m done with them…period.  




Have a great day everyone!!    Thanks again, Supah!!


Dual Mom said...

Dear jesus posts like this make me so glad I live in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kat's tearing Chevy a new one, and you're doing everyone else.
Go, Girls.

And when you try to talk to someone about their bill, they are no help, if they speak English, that you can understand because they have their head up their ass.

I ordered a book once. [yeah, I can read] Then they kept sending me postcards that I had to send back if I did NOT want the next book. It was linked to a magazine I was getting. I sent them a stop and desist letter, canceled my subscription, and let their guinea pigs loose.

Adoption of Jane said...

Kick Sears Arse! I hate it when people call for my 3yr old too, next time I'm just gonna give him the phone and let him babble.

Denise said...

It's funny and not at the same time. I am in the same boat. I am waiting for it to catch up with me....

Kellyansapansa said...

I totally feel your bill pain :o(

Danielle said...

Those medicals bills kick my @$$. It is CRAZINESS to have to pay such high premiums and then have hundreds of dollars to pay in medical bills. Ugh. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Hope that Sears will cave in.

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL@ your Dear Sears...yeah i feel the same way!!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Yikes. I guess I'm glad my husband is the one who pays the bills. I'd probably end up in jail if I had to deal this kind of stuff.

Sara said...

Hang in there, Sears are assholes! I had issues with there photo studio, will never go back.

Thanks for sharing about those cute baby dolls, I almost bought 1 for my sis. I had no idea they were a club.

Thank you much for the follow and I am now following u, love your blog and will be stalking, oops meant coming back to your blog:)

Have a great day

Brittney said...

My bills are making me insane too!! Hubby just doesnt understand the "art" haha! I hate it!!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I paid my bills yesterday, BOY could I have used your post-its!!

Glad we're both done with it for a few weeks more! Cheers!

elzimmy said...

You know, someone in the credit industry once told me that it's actually *worse* to pay off a collection that's on your record, because by paying, you're admitting guilt to the debt.

If I were you, I would dispute the collection for the dolls. Most companies don't have the time and resources to fight back, and voila, it vanishes from your credit report. You can do it online with all of the credit reports.

And, you get a free credit report from each bureau at

Try it, it's worth the time.

Sara said...

I ahve an award for you, congrats!

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

God forbid you and your sister unite and Chevy sends either one of you a bill. LMAO!

Hang in there, Sweetie. This too shall pass.....

HUGS, Lisa

gayle said...

Do not pay anymore money for those doll!!! Write a letter explaining the situation. As for the medical bills ....someone told me that as long as you pay a little each month they can't do anything. I alwasy pay mine last!!! Love your notes!!