Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I absolutely love Wednesdays mostly because of the opportunity to share one of my many What The Hell?? moments thanks to the gals over at Blue Monkey Butt!!  They have given me permission to just let it rip!!  Thank you sincerely!  If you want to play, click the pic below and link up!!

Blue Monkey Butt

So….this past weekend was spent doing laundry…and tons of it.  For the life of me I cannot figure out who wears all these clothes!  The tween seems to wear and re-wear the same things….hell, I’ve even caugh her taking them out of the dirty clothes…..the spouse…well, he seems to have alot of clothes on the bedroom floor so there shouldn’t be too much of his to wash either. right?  And the toddlers??  Well….they have enough clothes for an entire year without repeating an outfit…so why wash??

Anywho…..I have a love/hate or maybe it’s just a love/fuck you relationship with my washer and dryer.  Yes, they are beautiful front-loaders.  Yes, I can get alot in them at one time.  Yes….they get my clothes clean.  These are the things I love about them.  When we bought them we were told they would hold a queen-sized comforter.   Awesome!!  I won’t have to take my comforter anywhere to get washed!!  Well, that was a dream….

The first time I stuck my comforter in there it kept making the washer shake, rattle and roll.  Then when I stuck it in the dryer, it was too fluffy and it kept popping the door open!!


Yeah.  So, needless to say, I haven’t tried putting any more comforters in them.

One thing that continually gets on my last nerve is when I open the washer and everything in there seems to have fallen in love with another piece of clothing and they have intertwined themselves with each other making it impossible to get them to the dryer.  This past weekend was no different other than me losing my cool and ordering the spouse to get his ass in there and transfer the clothes to the dryer before I did something outrageous!!!  You see…when you try to dislodge the clothes from the washer, they end up falling on the floor.  It’s involves ALOT of bending down and picking them up…over and over and OVER!!  And this, my friends, is way more exercise than my fat ass would like to do on a Saturday!!




And they are all twisted up as if they have just made mad passionate love in my washer…..yuk!!  So I try to transfer them in one big freakin heap which doesn’t quite work….they just won’t let go of eachother!!  It’s fucking ridiculous!!



And it goes on and on and on for about 7 –8 loads….most of my weekend is shot.  I am in no mood for anything else.  The laundry totally uses up my last bit of strength.   It wasn’t supposed to be this way….the salesman was so SURE I was going to love them….

If anyone has figured out how to successfully tackle the front-loaders without hurting yourself or anyone else, please share your wisdom, it would be greatly appreciated!!


Tina said...

OMG too funny. Mine does the same thing with Katie's clothes. But see my dryer is on the top so I have to flip them in one quick motion without knocking my shoulder into the dryer door that continually closes on me. GRRRR!!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

My daughter wears a cami almost every single day of her life, and the straps on those things drive me crazy, they grab ahold of something and twist it up so I'm standing there with every load, trying to get the clothes to untwist. I'm always worried it's going to damage something. I just have a regular style washer and that still happens.

Anonymous said...

My clothes dont get twisted very often. And if they do they usually untangle in the dryer. Maybe youre shoving too much in there? Just a thought.

Kat said...

Mine are stacked, one on top of the other. I think the trick here is to stack them. This way, when your washer gets all crazy making love to the clothing, and it gets all tangled up in one big mess and shakes, rattles and rolls, it teaches the dryer a lesson so that your clothing comes out all fluffy and nice in the end. Of course, I haven't yet figured out how much weight I am actually LIFTING when I take the tangled mess out of the washer and "huff" it up into the dryer in one, tangled, glorious ball of bullshit. When I figure that out, I will let you know!! :)

Epiphius said...

The little bumpy dryer balls help. They don't solve it completely, but they help! I think we have the same washer/dryer as you too!

gayle said...

That is a problem with those type washers....oh I guess you knew that already!! Sorry!!