Friday, May 28, 2010

Incomplete Confessions

Well, it’s been a crazy week and for some reason I have not blogged.  When I logged on today to look at my lovely blog, I was so surprised that it still appeals to me.  You know how when you have something for so long you sort of take it for granted and you don’t really appreciate it??  Oh for Pete’s sake, I’m NOT spouse bashing….I’m talking about my blog. 

I still love my blog and I still adore all my bloggy friends.  I’ve missed reading all your stories for this week!  Now I’m going to catch up but only after I confess to Glamazon at the Friday Confessional.  Link up and cleanse your soul!

Friday confessional

I confess:

I trusted in my body that after one day of being sick with a sore throat and achy bones that my illness amazingly disappeared.  I felt good, I really seriously did.  NOW, only 3 days later, I feel like shit again.  My head is fogged up, I can barely hear my patients speaking to me.  I’m not certain I’m fit to be taking care of them today.

I confess that I don’t care if I’m sick, I’m making my home care visits and GETTING PAID.

I confess to losing my patience with my auto loan company to the point where I used the *F* bomb a little too loudly.  But seriously….it’s not like I didn’t PAY, it was because my freakin check was returned because THEY changed their mailing address and didn’t think it necessary to tell me.  Soooooo, THAT made my payment missing in action for a few weeks longer than I would have liked.  You can bet they are going to waive any late charges on that account!!  Seriously….fuckers.

OMG…I am so not in the mood to listen to other people ramble about shit.  Seriously, shut the FUCK up!  You do NOT know everything about everything so quit acting like you do.

I used to have more patience than I do currently.  Anyone could call, anyone could ramble on and on and I would listen.  But now??  SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

I get to speak maybe two or three words in most conversations and the other person speaks the rest of the time.  Ya know what??  I have shit to say too!! 

Also, if someone doesn’t let me speak my mind once in a while I am going to forget how!!


Ok….obviously I received a few phone calls in the middle of writing this post, and these phone calls pissed me off because it was just the other person talking quacky smack, and frankly…I was not interested!!

I seriously need a break.

Too much is coming at me at once.

I’m afraid I’m going to need an intervention soon. 

If not…well, I might just admit myself to some psych ward….all I have to say is I’m suicidal and they will let me stay, right?  I don’t really have to go through with it, do it? 

Do I even need to attempt it?  Cuz I so don’t want to go there….




Ok….now I can’t even get back on my confessional train of thought.  I’m sure I have more to confess because I don’t think that I’m that perfect.  Well…maybe I am, but certainly not as perfect as  Lourie over at  CA girl!!  Go see….she’s da bomb!!

Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!! 


Imaginative Me said...

OMG, I feel ya!! My patience has completely diminished lately! As far as the asylum goes, just stand out on a busy street pointing your blow dryer at cars. Have a pen and paper handy so that when the cop stops to ask what you're doing, you can write him a ticket!

Cheeseboy said...

Auto Loan Companies deserve to have the F bomb dropped on them at least once an hour, so I wouldn't feel too bad.

Lourie said...

LMAO! Thank you for link back. Hahaha. I hope you feel better soon. It sucks being sick, especially when we have to listen to other people ramble endlessly about dumb sh*t.

Glamazon said...

hahaha, that was awesome. And I agree with you, Lourie is the bomb! She is fantastic, but of course, so are you. I'm so sorry you feel like crap-that is the worst, when illnesses are well on their way out, and then they mysteriously re-appear, worse than ever :)

Feel better soon! Thanks for playing!

Rebecca said...

OMG...that Kill Yourself clock is the best thing I have ever ever seen!!

Hope you're feeling better and continue to drop the it!

Jaymi said...

It's horrible of me to say but that is exactly how I feel about hubby today..."you don't know it all and shut the eff up!"

Linda Medrano said...

Oh Terry, I'm sorry you've been feeling low. Just hang up on people if they are boring you. You can always say your phone went dead. I do not "pity the fool" who gets hung up on!

The Empress said...

Ha! The image of the clock is just my sense of humor...

Tina said...

If you commit yourself let me come too OK? I could use a break from reality this week!

Mad Woman said...

Car finance companies suck. And I'm like you....even if I'm sick, I still go in and do my home care visits. I just plaster a mask on my face and go. Those bills aren't going to pay themselves!

Spot said...

Do you think the patience is an age thing? Because the older I get, the less of it I seem to have. Especially for stupid people who think they have a clue.

Loved the clock!


The Reader said...

Great rock! :-)