Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post THIS Mr. UPS!

So, you all know I would wither and die if I didn’t participate in Post – It Note Tuesday with Supah over at Adventures of a WannaBe SupahMommy….and we all know YOU would wither and die if I wasn’t here to entertain you….right??  Oh, ok….so maybe the second part is not so true, but humor me, alright??  And humor Supah and link up!!


Ok….I just realized that I have issues with “CHANGE”.  I came to my “spot” behind Caribou but I had to park a few spots over from MY parking spot because there was a damn UPS driver in MY spot….and I couldn’t do it.  As soon as he moved his vehicle, I HAD to move mine. 










I also have to go to the same gas station, pump gas at the same pump (#3), pump the same amount each time….and God FORBID, do NOT let that pump be out of order or I will have a full-blown anxiety attack AND run out of gas!!

I know, I KNOW!!!  It’s crazy!!

Another problem I am having is that I pack my lunch…a healthy lunch no less, and I totally FORGET to EAT it!!!









So, my Sis over at 2010-Year of Miracles and I were talking and she mentioned this prayer she received from my Aunt.  She said the prayer has helped her ace her tests thus far.  I think she’s just that smart, but that’s MY opinion. 

This got me to thinking….maybe there are more prayers out there that can help ME.  You know, one that will make me skinny??  One that will get my out of debt??  One that will get rid of my gray hairs that are trying to sneak up on me??

Anywhoozle…I was doing some searching… went from prayers, to money making, to THIS……This thing called “Quantum Jumping”.  No shit…..apparently it has to do with the law of attraction….in all senses.














That’s it….that’s all I’ve got today…..I think I ran out of steam after dueling with the UPS guy……I won, by the way!



BigSis said...

I TOTALLY have certain ways I do certain things - and I don't like my methods to be messed up either.

I was noticing how different people's processes are for eating. Some eat the burger first, then the fries; some fries, then burger; and some intermix. It's fascinating to watch!

Shell said...

There's definitely some bizarre things you can find out there.

If you find a magic weight-loss prayer, please share!

*LLUVIA* said...

LOL @ Shell! But yeah...please share!

Brittney said...

Lol I refuse to put gas in my car if the pump i use is taken I thought i was the only one haha!! yeah im with the others send the weight loss prayer this way when you find it

Lourie said...

We are creatures of habit. We park in the same places, go to the same pumps, etc. It's comfortable and it is what we know. So it's pretty normal I think. is. Totally normal! :D

Angie said...

Damn him for taking your spot... wth!?! LOL

I will try some prayers for your gray's if you say some for mine!

Dual Mom said...

Ummmm can you say OCD? lol

I've honestly never heard of someone intentionally going to the same pump. I rarely go to the same gas station. Judging by your comments you're not the only one that does this. Perhaps I'm the weird one?

Linda Medrano said...

It scares me that I think you sound totally normal, Terry! I think you got a lot of this from my side of the family.