Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, we’ve all heard of the dreaded “viruses” that spread through our computers, and trust me, if it wasn’t for the virus that has attached itself to FarmTown on Facebook, I’d still be an avid farmer!!  Unfortunately, viruses suck!

What brings me to write about these said viruses??  Well, I am convinced that I received a virus of a different kind.  Yes…a real live virus….through a few tweets I was sent over the weekend.  You got it.  Twitter germs!!  Oh fark-it!! 

Anywhoozle, I am certain that’s where these achy muscles, sore throat, and sneezy-ness came from.  It was either Twitter, or it was Facebook, because the “infected” person is both a follower on Twitter and a friend on Facebook.   I mean, seriously, people!!!  Look at this!!!!


Damn…if he would have just held off the sneeze while he tweeted.  Or if he would have just stayed off MY facebook while being actively infected…..

……I might not be feeling like crap right now.

I suggested he try a  Neti-pot….that might have gotten rid of some of the snot that traveled my way through his tweets.  But  nooooooo, he chose to suffer and sniffle, AND pass his germs along through cyberspace….!  I certainly wouldn’t want to mention any names, so here are  the tweets as I asked if he was feeling any better….

@realdadshangout said:      @ezmomm hey good morning! A little don't have headache but still can't breathe and coughing.....grrrr

I said:      @realdadshangout …….. maybe try a neti pot! They help....but I've never tried! Get a bucket ready to catch the snot!

Ahhh…..ahhhhhhh…….. *grabs a tissue*  …..chooooooooo!!!!

*uses hand sanitizer before continuing to type*

See??  That’s how it’s done!!

Now I need to go give the Little Man his antibiotic….oh, no….he’s not sick…just on them as a preventative.   Yeah, right…I’m such a liar!!


In all honesty, Little Man was the one that shared his cold with me.  He’s getting over an ear infection…only a couple more days of his antibiotic.  I must say, a little ear infection certainly didn’t slow this guy down at all.  He had a good time at my nephew’s little boy’s birthday party even though it was raining.  I guess all I can say is that I was thankful he was already ON the antibiotics since he insisted on jumping in every puddle there was!!

So…as much as I would like to put the blame on my “tweeter” and “facebook friend”, I don’t really believe he passed his germs on to me….

….or did he???


If you want to know more about this “tweeter” of mine, check him out at Real Dad’s Hangout!  You won’t be sorry, seriously…just bring your mask, gloves, and disinfectant :) 


Real Dads Hangout said...

Now look regardless of what you say...I will not stop following you on twitter,reading your blog or being your friend on FB. If I am going down I am taking the whole bunch of ya with me!!

I should have known this was coming when you asked me to sign the release for the use of my likeness.

You still RULE and I am glad we are bonded by germs!

Cheeseboy said...

Colds in May suck and are not fair.

Mad Woman said...

You know, *I* treat my Facebook friends kindly and don't make them sick.

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Spot said...

Oh holy hell! Don't tell me I can get germs via cyberspace now!! I though all my stay-at-home-reclusiveness was good for my health...

Sorry you're sick. Get well soon.

*runs off to find face mask and sanitizer*

Cassie said...

Feel better. A blogger just commented on my blog that she hoped my pregnancy wasn't catching. I told her I didn't think so but she better not touch anything in there just in case. LOL

Linda Medrano said...

Don't worry about the cold Baby! It's the rash and the itching that concerns me.

Lourie said...

*wipes keyboard, monitor and mouse pad....applies surgical mask and gloves* So, how are you feeling? Better I hope. What? Paranoid? Germ-a-phobic? What makes you say that? Seriously, feel better soon.

Jenny said...

Funny post! Saw your post on Lourie's and came to visit. Somehow I feel like I'm coming down with something now. ha!