Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog About Nothing

I honestly don’t have anything to blog about today.  I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with something, yet nothing comes to mind that is worth sharing.  How crazy is that??
I was going to write about The Ten Things that Piss Me Off the Most, but I got to number 3 and was already too pissed off to continue.

I was going to do a Mother’s Day Post – After the Fact, but I seriously cannot write about  my mom without balling my eyes out, and I just don’t feel like crying today.

I was going to blog about how I’m trying so hard to get back on track with the weight loss, but then I went into Walgreens to pick up a prescription and ended up buying a bag of Doritos, a package of Jack Links beef steak nuggets and thought…shit, I’m really NOT on track, am I??

I was really wanting to blog about SEX, but I think you all are tired of hearing about my nympho ways, so I thought I would spare you.

Then I thought….hey!!  I got it!!  I will write about how I love my job and how it pays so well, and that I have no debt collectors calling me because I have such an awesome pay check every 2 weeks….but then realized…this is so NOT true, and I would never lie to my bloggie friends.

So….what shall I blog about?

Hell…I don’t know….

How about how all the department stores have their swimsuits out and they are displayed right at the front of the store when you walk in??  Huh??  Damn…ain’t that a bitch??  Knowing I won’t be in one….probably ever!!  I think my bikini days are over…..well, in my eyes anyways.  Speaking of bikinis, has anyone seen this video??  Justin Bieber fans… you go!!

Yep, you know what I’m thinking??  I’m thinking a bikini for the spouse!! 
Seriously now….Justin Bieber fans….here’s the real version.  Sorry, I think the boy is a hottie.  Please don’t unfollow me….

Ok….so apparently I’ve lost my mind today.  But hey…we all have those days, yes??  And besides, I KNOW you laughed at the first video…..Of course you did!!  If not…..don’t tell me.
That’s all the torture I will provide you with today.  I really need a vacation!  Spouse promised we’d play hookie soon….not sure where we will go, but I can’t wait!!
Happy Thursday!!


Real Dads Hangout said...

When I move near you (so you can babysit for me)I want to make it a point to sit sit down and eat sausage and Doritos while sipping Caribou coffee with you! I like all of those things too!

Hang in there!!

Linda Medrano said...

Doritos are sooooooooo Diet Food! Just put a little carrot slice on them and voila!

T, bikini's are so 1980's! You don't want one. I did love the video though. That guy rocked the bikini! You need a vacation, but I need a nap!

That One Mom said...

My house is chock full of Bieber courtesy of my 9 year-old daughter. He is kind of a cutie pie.

Lourie said...

Oh to be the happy fat cat! ahahahaha! Carrots suck anyway.

Cheeseboy said...

Your blog about nothing is better than most people's blogs about stupid somethings.

There are Justin Bieber fans that can read?

sammy said...

damn now i want some doritos!

i couldnt write 10 things that pissed me off because i would soon find myself trying to figure out which 10 would be included! ultimately, i'd get pissed off about the list and i would be back where i started...pissed

hey ive got a little something for ya on my page.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. T, I LOVE YOU BIG...but um, really, Justin Beiber? I am so sick of seeing that 12 year old girl out whoring himself so that Disney can get even richer... ;-)

I bet you look great in a bathing suit. You are one hot mama...never forget that. :) HUGS, Lisa

Tylaine said...

lol even when you got nothin you're hillarious!
I left ya somethin on my blog :)

Rebecca said...

Hi, Pissed Off, I'm Don't Give a Shit ya doin? That cat is disgusting, but somehow, I can relate to it! The bikini song will forever be stuck in my head...thanks for that. I love that your list pissed you off so much that you couldn't even finish! Love it!

Pam (The Reader) said...

I loved the first video T, that guy TOTALLY rocked his bikini better than I would rock mine (if I had one--which I don't)

I hear you on the diet fail...still trying to sort my own diet issues out. I thought paying to join a diet program would help me loose the weight but apparently you actually have to do the DIET. Shit, i paid for the weightloss, isn't that enough?? Now, here I am, eating Doritos, but now I have to listen to the diet natzi calling me to make me feel guilty that I haven't stopped by to weigh in.

Anyhoo...hang in there girl! Happy Thursday!!

Dual Mom said...

Well for someone who didn't know what to blog about I think you did a pretty good job!

Justin - I just want to cut his freakin hair everytime I see him!

Bathing suits are the work of Satin.