Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shit Happens

Ahhh, Post It Note Tuesday, I love you!  And Supah??  Yeah, I love you, too, for making it all possible!!

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For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that I’ve been having some babysitter issues.  I am pleased to say that my tween (actually, she’s a TEEN tomorrow!!) has been doing quite well on the days that she has been babysitting.  It’s the time with the regular sitter that has been an issue.  You see, I had to cut her hours because of the inability to pay her.  At that time she told me she was planning on asking for “more money”….even after I said I couldn’t pay her what I was currently paying her.  WTF? 

When I hired her, I was pretty certain the only language she spoke was ENGLISH, so I’m not sure what part of “I can’t pay you” she didn’t quite understand. 

Anydumbass, this week alone she took off Monday for a doctor’s appointment of her own, and then Monday afternoon she called to say she wouldn’t be able to work today because she had 2 appointments for her kids.  I was dumbfounded…here she is getting pissy with me for cutting her days, and then telling me she can’t work on the days I have available for her.  I don’t understand.

So, in honor of all the people out there that think they can do whatever it is they please and that their EMPLOYERS need to bow down to them and kiss their ugly-ass feet….here’s my Post-It Notes for the week!




















































I’m seriously hoping we can all move on from this and think of it as a learning experience.  I know I have learned plenty.  I’ve learned that people aren’t always what they appear to be; I’ve learned that when I have to come home early every other Wednesday so the sitter can make it to her “counseling appointment”…this is NOT a good sign, and I’ve also learned to stay outa da way when the Sicilian gets ticked off!!  I’ve also learned that I am NOT the one with the balls in this marriage….

What??  I seriously didn’t know!!

Ok, ok…yes I did, but the spouse stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun, and I’m proud of that. 

I’m proud that he stood up for his wife and family.  I’m proud that I didn’t have to twist his arm remind him that this was HIS job.  I’m proud that he took the BIOTCH bull by the horns and did what was needed.


I’m proud to be Sicilian by marriage…..and now I feel I must

…and just move on.

How about you?  How was your day?


BigSis said...

Good for you. I work in HR and am amazed on a daily basis by the employees who act shocked that I want them to get to work when scheduled and do something other than chat with one another. I'm a slave driver, huh?

I am Harriet said...

YIKES! Glad I'm done with the baby sitter thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

Brittney said...

lmao good for you and that picture is just awesome

singedwingangel said...

OK the pics to go with this are too cute.. Ha sucks to be the babysitter right about now don't it lol

cfoxes33 said...

Some sitters think that "you'll regret it when I'm not around". I was a sitter once and I tried very hard to always be available for them. So when I hear of one like that...cringe!

Small Town Girl said...

I'm glad the Sicilian took charge for you. I'm giving you an air high five.

JKP said...
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Lydia @ On The Verge said...

My day sucked. Sorry to hear yours sucked too! I can't find a babysitter for four kids. And when I do I probably won't be able to afford them! lol


Lourie said...

It will be interesting to see what happens in a different type of job setting for her. It's all for the best, and it's good for the teen to take on more responsibility.

passionofthemom said...

LMAO That's right, Supah...tell that bitch WHO'S BOSS!! Too bad you can't really do the 8-foot bitch slap to go along with it, which cracked me up so much I had to make a running trip to the loo. LOL Also, LOVED the cat graphic....that was priceless!! xD

Aging Mommy said...

Good for you and your husband! When anyone starts down that road as your babysitter did you know things will only get worse. I hope you find someone so much better soon

Kat said...

Love it!!