Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who’s in Charge Here???

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If you’ve been reading my  blog you might be under the impression that my babysitter is walking a thin line.  If you ARE under that impression, you are absolutely right.

You see, when my sitter told me last week that my 3 year old fell and scraped her knee and “acted like a drama queen” wanting to be carried in the house and the sitter refused…..telling my precious 3 year old drama queen with the bloody knee, “you know how to walk”…..

….I said, “wow, that’s a little mean….”

What I Meant to Say Was THIS:

“You lousy rat-ass SOB….that’s fucking awful to not carry my baby in the house when she is crying and has a bloody knee!  Who in their right mind WOULDN’T carry an injured child??  And for you to agree that yes, you are a “mean mean babysitter” and laugh about it…..yeah, that was pretty much the straw that I’m going to poke you in the eye with broke the camel’s back.”


When the sitter comes in and plucks the binkie out of my 3 year old’s mouth and doesn’t bat an eye even though my daughter is about to wail…..I just look at the situation, dumbfounded.  Yes, my daughter should NOT need her binkie….she should be a big girl…..but isn’t there a better way to go about this??

What I Meant to Say instead of looking like I just got MY binkie plucked is this:

“Hey dumb ass….I’m sure you think you are an awesome sitter because you can bully get my children to do what you say, but ya know what?  Being a bully-bitch to toddlers does not make you the better caregiver.  It’s ME they want to snuggle up with, and it’s ME that they would come to if they needed love…not YOU.  You apparently think it’s cool to scare little children.  You must be high on yourself by the time you leave my house because you’ve accomplished so much….you’ve portrayed yourself as the “bigger man” …..which ain’t so cool when you are comparing yourself to toddlers.  Trust me…you are making yourself look like an ass and you are wearing your welcome thin.”


Seriously people…..what am I supposed to do?  This sitter of mine can be very good…but it’s moments like these that just make me cringe.

When the sitter helped my oldest clean out her closet and her dressers and then had a bag of clothes for her friend’s daughter (without clearing this with me first)….and then said how MY daughter said possibly she could have this sports bag of hers for helping her…..

Well, I looked at the bags of clothes that might be sold for a little something at our up-coming garage sale but were being given to the sitter’s friend’s daughter for FREE…..and I looked at the sports bag that my daughter used for less than 2 weeks of track…a bag that cost $30 and is just about brand new….I said…”ummm….wait one second here….”

What I Meant to Say was:

“Whoaaaa Nellie!!  Back up a step or two!!  These are NOT YOUR child’s clothes to be giving away!  These are clothes I bought MY child and it’s up to ME to give these things to who I want.  I am not here for you to accumulate shit for free for yourself or for your friend’s children.  YOU need to back it up…..get a grip!!  That sports bag is brand new and cost a pretty penny….yeah, I hardly think I’m giving it to you for helping my kid get her chores done when I never asked you to help her in the first place!!  I appreciate you helping her, but did you do it for HER?  or did you do it for your FREE BENEFITS??  Bottom line…who the FUCK do you think you are???”

So, why do I keep her? 

THAT is the QUESTION of the year, my friends.  I am finding more and more reasons to NOT keep her.  She is the only one that can sway me one way or another.

All I DO know is that I am NOT going to leave my children with less than adequate caregivers.  I will not stand for it. 



And that is all I have to say. 

Thanks for letting me link up, ladies!!  I hope y0u all had a wonderful day!! 


Jaymi said...

So sorry you're having Sitter problems! I would tell you all about mine and how I love, love, love, her but I always jinks myself when I say something good....So I wont.

Mad Woman said...

Wow. I'm surprised you haven't kicked her out on her ass yet. I probably would have. That clothing thing would have been the final nail in the proverbial coffin.


*LLUVIA* said...

I have not had a sitter yet (other than my neighbor once in a while), but wow!! I'd probably bust a lip, or something!

But I guess you keep her because she's reliable, no?

That whole yanking the pacifier off your child's mouth...eeek! It makes my stomach jump, imagining if it were my kid. I can only imagine what you felt. ay ay ay...!

singedwingangel said...

OH Hell to the NO.. me and a sitter would be going toe to toe. I would have done laid down some laws to her sorry tail and if she broke one out the door she went. I would be looking for other sitters if I were you, reliable or not being mean to babies is not even close to right. ooooo see I wanna go scratch her eyes out already..l

Cheeseboy said...

This babysitter has an interesting way with kids. Perhaps she should be a high school coach instead?

Brittany Ciara said...

Honestly, if I was your sitter and acted like that, you should fire me! Really...

Aren't babysitters care takers? Shouldn't they be loving and caring? Making the job easier for you?! Hmm?

Just my opinion. Hope you are able to work things out! :)

JKP said...

I'd be calling an agency, or putting an ad in the paper or calling friends or something right now to locate myself a new sitter.

Rebecca said...

We all know that a good babysitter is hard to come by and it's hard to break a new one in and all of that. I don't know if getting rid of her is the first step I would take.

I would definitely have a serious talk about boundaries and your parenting philosophy. She may be one of those people who doesn't realize her behavior is a little "out there." Maybe she thinks taking the bink away is helping...

She may also have a different take on kids...some people are tough love and can't really act any other way. If it's that, then it's her personality and that won't change. I don't know that I would carry my own child in the house with a skinned knee (and risk getting blood on me???)...does that make me heartless? I don't think so...just my opinion.

Brittney said...

wow! she must think that shes helping you out but she sounds like a tyrant bitch to me! I would fire her ass!!

Real Dads Hangout said...

I am sure you want to rip her eyes out...opps I mean have a stern conversation with her.

Lourie said...

I will sick my niece on her. She won't give your kids any problems any more!