Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fragments

I found a new fun thing to do on Fridays!!  This one is brought to you by Half-Past Kissin’ Time.  I just came across her blog this week and it’s lovely!!  Seriously….if you can, stop on over there and take a look-see, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The new fun thing to do?? 
FRIDAY FRAGMENTS!!!  Wooooo hooooo!!  This is so up my alley since I really have a very short attention span, and often can only get a few words down at a time.   Now my fragmented posts of mismatched information will be saved for Fridays!!  How convenient is THAT??
During the week, you save up some tidbits of what’s been going on, it may not be enough for an entire post, but enough for a “fragment”…you collect all these fragments and then you can jot them down in one post on Fridays.  Sounds easy enough!
So, why not save your fragmented posts for Fridays and join Mrs4444 over at Half-Past Kissin’ Time where it’s ok to be fragmented, or scattered, or even demented…well, maybe not demented, but you get the idea!  Just be sure to link back to her!  She deserves at least that much for giving us this opportunity.
This is the day I almost lost my Little Man.  You see, he’s really quite the adventurer.  Nothing can keep him contained, hence the new locks on the front and back doors that are high enough andcomplicated enough that he cannot do them. 

Kidding…ours look like this:

door lock
On this particular day, everyone (including the spouse) was upstairs as I was in the basement catching up on blogs doing laundry and I heard the back screen door open and close quickly with a *bang*.  I heard nothing else.  I thought for like…ummmm…..3 seconds and said to myself, “Self, get your ass upstairs because that did not sound right.”  Sure as shit, my Little Man had Left. The. Building. 

I looked at my spouse as he wanders into the kitchen….he looks at me….I point to Little Man outside (thank God in a small fenced in area that was once used to contain our dogs)…..and the spouse holds up his hands to deflect my smack hangs his head and says….”uh-oh”.  UH-OH is right!!!  Damn Damn and double-damn!!  I am NOT the only one who should be aware of what the children are doing!!
This was the evening I realized I had one big lousy, painful, and quite annoying UTI.  Spent most of the evening in the bathroom saying, “what the hell?”  “why me?”  “Is this really necessary??”  Went to bed….worried about WETTING the bed….was up all night trying to pee and also up because I was determined NOT to wet the bed.  I am in my 40’s, for Pete’s Sake…this is the in between age where I am not supposed to wet the bed!! 
Woke up in severe pain.  SEVERE!!  Shall I repeat that?? 
S E V E R E !!  P A I N !!
Spent a good part of my day in patient bathrooms, nearly falling off their toilets as I waited not so patiently for my doc to call in an antibiotic.  He finally did which was much appreciated!!  I think I need to send him something….a thank you card, perhaps??  A bouquet of balloons??

This is the day the spouse got ticked off at Little Man removing all the DVD’s from the drawer….I don’t know how many are in there, 50?  1000??…anyhow, he kept going in there….oh wait….first, let me say, we thought we rectified this issue with Lil Lady a few years ago with the Tot Lock….but Little Man has BROKEN it!!  Now Little Man likes to remove all the DVD’s one at a time, asks you to put the movie in just so he can take it out and ask for another one….It can go on for hours.   So….never the less….our nice TV cabinet table looks like THIS:
_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00266Quite attractive strap we got, yes??
I kid you not….locks where there  normally aren’t locks, door knob covers so he can’t open doors we don’t want open….Oh yeah….LOCKS on the fridge  AND freezer because Little Man was helping himself….ALL. Day. Long.  (certainly not because I don’t know how to stop snacking…that would be absurd!!)  Is this because he’s a boy??  Never had so many contraptions to deal with before…hell, you should see what I have to do just to go to the bathroom!!
Friday….Fragmented and Disgusted
Today I tried to talk with my babysitter about cutting down her days.  Yes, I know she is struggling, but I can’t be the one to help her when we can’t help ourselves.  I thought we were more than employee/employer, but I have been shown otherwise.  When I tried to tell her it was because I could no longer afford to pay her and pay the mortgage or the van or or OR…..well, she basically came back with:  “Well, you made it easier for me….I was going to ask you for more money or tell you I was going to have to look elsewhere…”  WTF??  Really?  This is coming from someone that I knew long before she started babysitting for me….not that we were close friends or anything, but I would think there would be something to say for that.  Also,  She KNOWS how we are struggling……Apparently….basically…..people just SUCK!!  They are out for themselves.  Period.  I tried to tell her it would be temporary….
Ahhhh….well….it’s just a sucky way to end my week.   I could go on for a whole post on this one, but I really need to get my thoughts together.  I am seriously wondering how far people will go to benefit themselves.  I need to think about this one…
So, Friday Fragments was a cool way to speak about a few of the major things that have gone on this week.  As you can see, Little Man has us hopping.  To end this on a happy note….I must show you one more way in which the Little Man thinks. 
This worries me just a bit…..
elmo slippers2
Yes…those are scissors……
That is all.
Happy Friday to you all!! 
Thank you Mrs4444 for bringing Friday Fragments into my life!  You are my hero!


Aging Mommy said...

Oh my! Your little man certainly is into everything! Sorry about your babysitter, I hope you find a solution to that issue quickly.

Doreen McGettigan said...

You really have your hands full with that little must be a boy thing; my son was a terror..he used to escape all the time..I felt so bad putting locks on all the doors.
Sorry about your daughter quit her well paying job to start a home daycare so she could stay home with her baby..people take such advantage of her..she has lost a few kids because of lay offs...
I followed you from FF..hope when you have a chance you will stop over to say hello!

Lourie said...

And I thought my guy was a handful! Good grief. Don't worry about the scissors and Elmo's little eyeballs. He is just practicing for when he becomes an eye surgeon.

Rebecca said...

First, I love that lock...perfect for my house!

Second, I really really hope you have a better week this coming week. Last week was rough!

Third, that sucks about your babysitter. It's so hard to deal with finances and friends in the same realm. Hang in there...

Mrs4444 said...

Wow-Sounds like he really keeps you on your toes!! That first lock pic was really funny.

The UTI-Not so funny. Hope you're back to your "normal" self, haha.

Sorry to hear about the babysitter thing. Money is tight here, too. Well, I suppose it is everywhere, but that doesn't make it easier, does it?

Happy to have helped! FF are so satisfying...

Nick said...

Enjoyed that! Thanks for stopping by my place. I might have to get into this Friday Fragments! Thanks for sharing.

Nick @ A Dad's Take

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. Looks like a lot did happen last week at your home. Great pictures and a wonderful post.
I'll be at her blog later today.

Linda Medrano said...

Terri, my daughter was an escape artist too. I used to have to lock her bedroom at night so she wouldn't take off at 3 AM to go someplace. (She was three.) Oy vey! I hope your are "in the pink" again Honey!

*LLUVIA* said...

WOW!! Your little man so cute and so into all kinds of stuff!!!!

I love the first door locking system!!! I can already see myself working it just for fun!! I love puzzles and crap like that!