Friday, July 2, 2010

TGIF Fragments!

Today it’s FRI-Day!!!!  OMG!  I never thought it would get here.  I am exhausted.  This week has been quite adventurous, I can say that much.  I will just give you a few fragments though because I am not out to write a book.  I will leave that to the “real” authors!

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So…at this point in time, my babysitter issues are resolved.  Yep, we are utilizing my daughter and a friend of hers since paying them pennies as apposed to paying an arm and a leg to the asshat of a babysitter we used to have.  Well, I’m not actually paying them pennies.  I give them an amount that is do-able, for me and for them.  They even got a little bonus this week!

Why??  Because of this:


You see, Lil Lady has been a tough one to potty train.  She is one hard headed miss prissy pants stubborn, yet very sweet and brilliant, little girl.  The lovely teens you see in the pic are the new AWESOME sitters I have.  I came home from work to find them having a Potty Party…right there in the kitchen!  This….well….to say the least, this made me proud.  The previous sitter did not give much thought to trying to get Lil Lady to go on the potty.  She knew it was going to be tough, but she didn’t really try to  help Lil Lady get over the hump.  I was having a hard time because I did not have someone that was going to follow-up with what I was trying to accomplish when I was  at home.  But NOW….I have the TEENS!!  And they are really working with Lil Lady.  They are motivated!  And I promised them both $50 bucks when they succeed!!  Shhhh…..bribery….it goes a LONG way!!

Anypotty….it’s not like they know when I am coming home because my hours vary.  Yet…..they were “caught” in the act of doing an excellent job of taking the time with the Lil Lady to get her to pee on the potty.

Since having these girls babysit instead of the ogre I had before, Lil Lady has peed on the potty at least once a day….and yesterday she made her first poop on the pot!!  OMG!!  I never thought THAT would happen!!

So we are on the right track!!

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Another accomplishment this week is that Lil Lady has been sleeping in her own bed and she also STAYED there all night for at least 3 nights…..not too bad, eh?? 

I’m telling you….I should have gone with my instincts and canned that sitter a long time ago!!

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Some other excitement this week?  Holy hell….Lil Lady threw sand at the Little Man.  I was horrified!  I’m a nurse, but I will say it for the kazillionth time….I do NOT work in the ER for a damn good reason!!  You got it…..the spouse took charge.  Well, he was “in charge” of them when it happened, so in my defense, he SHOULD have handled it.  And he did.  And he did it well!  Kudos to the spouse once again this week!!  (The first time was for the awesome way he canned the babysitter!!)


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My oldest became a TEEN-ager this week.  Wow.  We went shopping for a bathing suit and she insisted on a two-piece.  I must admit, she has a little Barbie body, but still….does everyone have to know that??

Yes, I am biased.  Yes, I think she’s gorgeous.


So, when she picked out a two-piece that had bottoms like this:


I made sure she knew she had to wear THESE over them:


Now that we are clear on THAT…let’s move on….

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The hubs and I are still working on gathering, organizing, cleaning, re-organizing, cleaning some more….all in preparation for the up-coming garage sale.  I’ve never ever had a garage sale on my own, and I really have no idea how to get it all together.  If there is anyone out there that will offer their services for free….other than my BFF who already has…..well, contact me asap!!  I need help!!!!

 fragment fragment fragment fragment fragment fragment fragment fragment

Another goal met…..I have scheduled the laser appointment for the spouse and I for our attempt at quitting smoking.  Yikes!!  The appointment is next Monday, so if you don’t hear from  me next week it’s either A.) I am comatose   B.) The spouse has killed me or C.) I am too embarrassed to tell you that it didn’t work!!!  

I am quite nervous about it.  My biggest fear, seriously?  I don’t want to get a freakin headache!!  LMAO!  That even makes ME laugh!!  Silly, I know….like there’s no such thing as Tylenol??

So, wish us luck!  Pray that we don’t destroy eachother.  You see, we are being lasered on Monday and then we are off for the whole week together getting ready for the garage sale while 2 toddlers take all the toys that we are going to be trying to sell.  Add all those things up and it could be deadly.


Just sayin….

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I hope I am still functional next week to update you on the garage sale preparation and the lasering…….

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Shell said...

Yay for potty training!

And your daughter is gorgeous! I'd cover her up, too. ;)

Cheeseboy said...

DANG!! Nobody told me that the secret to potty training is TEENAGERS! I should have rented a couple for my boys.

Lourie said...

Yay for successes on the potty! Yay for better babysitters. Yeah the boxers are must!

Good luck to you and the spouse.

Mrs4444 said...

LASER treatments to quit smoking?! Now, that's something I have never heard of! I hope it works!

Garage sales are a LOT of work. I hope yours is worth it :)

Yes, she is adorable, and so are your little dividers! I love 'em.

Hooray for kid babysitters and for getting rid of the rotten one!

Lydia @ On The Verge said...

Stop by when you get a chance. I have an award for you.