Monday, June 14, 2010

My Toddler Speaks Chinese

Talking toddlers….ahhhh…..the glory in learning new words!  AND, the glory in HEARING the new words they speak each day!

To be honest, I was worried that my Little Man wasn’t talking soon enough.  I know…every child is different….they will talk when they are ready, they will try different foods when they are ready, or they will sit on the damn pot when they are ready.  Lil Lady STILL won’t sit on the damn pot, and none of my three eat vegetables!!  Oh sure, they all ate vegetables when I was the one feeding them….when I shoved in the mashed peas and plugged their noses so they had to swallow had control over what went in their mouths, but now they can speak and say “NO!”, and they can throw it on the floor or at the wall…..



Anyways, back to the speaking thing.  Little Man has been slow to speak, in my opinion.  The doctor said it’s nothing to worry about, he will talk when he’s ready.  Besides, he has two older sisters that do the talking for him, especially his 3 1/2 year old sister…she can talk anyone’s ear off.  I swear, she’s like 30 years old in that little body!!

So, Little Man has been speaking….all the normal first words like “Mommy”, “Dad-dad-da-da-dadddd!” and “Lilli” for his one sister.  He calls his oldest sister “Issy”….leaving off the first “S”. 

He now will walk around with a flashlight and shine it on different objects, naming the objects as he does so.  This is so cute!!  But we do have to keep tabs on this because we find flashlights ON all over the place…..


He also rode on into my bedroom the one day on this little pink and purple push car (this little car actually belonged to “Issy”) and in a very serious, angry voice said, “ahhd dammid!  ahhd dammid!!” and pointed to Lilli.  I asked what???? He said, “da phones!”  Yes, Lilli had both play phones and wouldn’t give him one.  THIS was not so cute, but yessss, wayyyyyyyy funny!!  I should have hung my head in shame, which I eventually did…since these are MY words…but only after I called everyone I knew who cared that my baby was speaking!!

  AND swearing!!

He loves to dance to the Dora The Explorer theme song, and most of the time he tries to sing it too, but usually only says the last word.  Still…this is adorable!!

The other night we were sitting there watching Ni Hao Kai-lan…the cartoon about the little Chinese girl.  People think she’s like a Chinese Dora.  The two shows are quite similar….both speaking a different language, both having animal friends that talk, both little girls wearing orange shorts…..


Anylanguage, we are sitting there watching Kai-lan and my spouse starts telling me how the other day when Kai-lan says “let’s count to 3 in Chi….”  He doesn’t even get to finish his story and Little Man says, “Yi, Er, San!!!” 

For those of you who haven’t done your homework, or watched Kai-lan, that’s ONE, TWO, THREE in Mandarin Chinese!! 

I said…..WTF???

I know, I know….this isn’t unusual…kids pick this stuff up so easily.    I am just not used to hearing Chinese come out of any of my children’s mouths.  Yes, English…and yes, some Spanish…but Chinese??  I’m dumbfounded!!  The only time I hear a language similar to this is when I piss off one of the doctor’s I deal with go get my nails done….I expect to hear it there.  (I seriously think they are talking about me, but they won’t admit to it.)

The other day in the store he looked at this lady and said, “I’m Manny”.  Do you know what she said?  Nothing.  She looked at him and didn’t acknowledge him.  What’s up with that you Fucking Biotch?????!!  Seriously…he was looking right at her…she could have at least said “hello” even if she didn’t quite understand what he said.  Right?  Am I right?  Yes, I am right….her ass is mine if I ever see her again.

So…Little Man is catching up with his vocabulary, and I am so proud.  I am now trying to tone down my language in the house….really, I can’t have Little Man calling people in the stores “Mother fuckers” just because he hears me call his Daddy that.  (with utmost respect, of course)

I have to be a good role model for my baby.  After all, he’s my last, and I have to make sure he knows how to be a good Man.  Therefore, when I ran across this video of Ni Hao Kai-lan, I put it in the back of my mind that when the snowy season starts coming around, Ni Hao Kai-lan will be off limits!! 

Take a look and you will see why!!


SNOW = xuě   ……….seriously…..go HERE and you can hear how it’s pronounced!!  Kai-lan is quite correct!!

Now…if Little Man starts walking around saying :

tā mā de       

….I just might have a problem with that…..!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!  Peace out!!


yǒng ān! 


That One Mom said...

Hahahaha! That's so funny...

My mom has called snow that for years, but I don't think her version starts with an x....

JKP said...

Aww...your little man is so cute. Both my kids started talking at 9 months old. As soon as the youngest learned to talk, they started arguing, and they haven't stopped since (they're teens now). j/k of course. They don't argue when they sleep.

The flashlight thing cracked me up!

They didn't have Dora and the other one when my kids were little. They had Teletubbies, which they didn't watch, and Barney, which they did, and Arthur, which I made them watch so I could watch it, too. Arthur is awesome.

Pam (The Reader) said...

That's an awesome post! Don't worry about little man. My third child was ridiculously late starting to talk...for the same reason your doctor mentioned. Her older siblings did all the talking for her. Now she never STOPS talking (she's 11). xue! (smirk)

Aging Mommy said...

I think boys are often slower to start talking relative to girls, I know so many who have been. Sounds as if your little fella is doing just fine - and remember, learning more than one language at once slows down development of speech :-)

Mrs4444 said...

Omg-Is that for real?! LOL

Show some respect! You should really call your husband Mr. MotherFucker.

Lourie said...

I remember the first time I saw that, I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. Now we walk around saying stuff like, "DOn't give me that snow!" "Holy Snow!"

Anonymous said...

no fixing things now....all the bad words are already on a running loop in his brain. Let's just hope he learns to say Mother fucker in Manadarin.