Friday, November 26, 2010

Fess Up? Oh Fawk It!

Seriously, I had a Friday Confessional post ready to go and the un-named blogger Glamazon somehow failed to post her meme this week.  So what if it was Thanksgiving and she was probably knee deep in turkey and dressing…..What the Hell?  Oh wait…that’s a whole other meme from Blue Monkey Butt for Wednesdays…..(Glam, you are forgiven….I’m just missin ya is all)

So, what did I do?  I decided to go with J and Christy with FAWK YOU! Friday!!  Ha!  Appropriate??  




I over-indulged for Thanksgiving.  I ate turkey and fudge and ham and sweet potatoes and fudge and bean salad and pie and fudge and and AND!!  Wait…did I mention I ate fudge??  Yep….I did….a bit too much fudge.

FAWK IT…I’m still full.  But…if there was any more fudge left, you can bet it would find it’s way into my mouth! 


FAWK YOU, FUDGE!  May you R. I. P.




This week was pretty rotten.  PMS or not, I had a few meltdowns.

I called my doc and promised him I would stop stalking him if he would call me in something to help me calm my ass down.  I confess that I asked for Nicotrol AND Wellbutrin…told him I wanted to quit smoking.  Knowing that Wellbutrin is also used for depression (shhhhhhhhh!) I figured I might kill two birds with one stone.  Or…maybe just one, but hopefully it will be the right one!



FAWK YOU, Wellbutrin!  I took ONE pill this morning and I’ve had a splitting headache all fucking day!  You know the kind…you bend over and it’s throb throb throb.  Or you turn your head and it’s throb throb throb.  Or you even blink….yeah, pretty much sucks!

I admit that I was wayy way WAY disappointed that there were NO COMMENTS on my spouse’s post….yeah, the one where he decided to rat me out and  TELL ALL SECRETS. 


WHAT THE FAWK, commenters??


So sad….so very sad.  (Seriously…get him off my back and comment, would ya???) 

I’m getting worried that my 144 followers are just little square pictures at the top of my blog and that they really don’t come back to read.  Why is that??  I admit…I’m a tad bit emotional about this.  sniffle sniffle….

See the reason for the Wellbutrin plea??  Yeah, fawk you , too!  (delivered with the utmost respect, of course)


Happy Friday!




Mad Mind said...

I still can't eat desert. I'm so stuffed I can't see straight.

NikkiDarlin' said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm now following you. and I won't be just a small picture at the top of your blog!
Fudge yum!

aims said...

hahaha when i see the f-bomb i read!!! yay! :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hey I read! Occassionally...ok I fawking suck at this blog thing.

WhisperingWriter said...

I like the word fawk.

Rebecca said...

I couldn't focus enough last week to thoroughly read (and comment on) blogs last week! I was zonked! Oh, you forgot about all of your fawking RSS readers...they're not little squares!

Kat said...

I had a piece of your was really good! Christmas is going to kill me because I'm baking this year. Ugh!

singedwingangel said...

Ohhh fudge. my mom makes tons of it at Christmas and I do the peanut butter balls.. umm yeah.. can we ssay a gaszillion calories of love..
Ya know you could improve your depression without medication.. now the not smoking umm have not clue. But I can tell ya that my shake worked for my depression. I was shocked at how well it works. Even my bipolar son has admitted it has changed him too.

Anonymous said...

А! Merci pour l'information grand! Je n'aurais pas découvert ce le contraire!