Friday, November 19, 2010

For My Sake.

So, the Lady has been complaining that she doesn’t have much to write about so I am doing what needs to be done… a dutiful husband picking up my wife’s slack offering a helping hand to my Lady when she has a brain fart cannot think, you get to read a post written by ME….PETE…..the namesake of the bashing insightful writings which my backstabbing wonderful wife composes for all to enjoy. So for My Sake, sit back, enjoy, and be gentle with your comments (remember I’m Sicilian and the temper is hereditary, instinctive, and sometimes uncontrollable)

You have read how my wife views everyday occurrences in our lives, and some not so common ones as well. What you never get to see is the other side of the coin. So maybe some background is in order. I waited nearly 39 years to find the love of my life. At that time, never married and with no children, I was fairly settled into the thought that I would never have a love to grow old with. But hey, there are worse things in life, right?



Work became my love. It was the one thing that I could look forward to every day. Yes I dated and maintained a couple of long-term relationships, but nothing really felt everlasting. I just kept plugging away at my job doing my best and advancing through the company hierarchy until I was second in line under the owner of the company- at 27 years old. After nine years I was supervisor to company personnel of 30 years.

Then I met the future Mrs. Sake. You know that song “You Had Me from Hello”? She did.  I never met anyone so bashful and quiet who was saying so much to me.  Uhuh, yep, she hardly said a word and offered little if any opinion. Hard to believe isn’t it?  But when she spoke she made such an impression on me that there was no possible way I was going to let her get away. I instantly fell head over heels for her. As you may already know, she was widowed with an eight year old daughter. I knew that winning over the little miss was an absolute necessity. Without that I was doomed.

At that time the little miss was eight years old, a bundle of energy, and made me feel like I was whole. Since there were no guarantees, Lady and miss became my pseudo family. Our relationships developed and grew into the base we each needed, or at least what I needed.  (Hey, it’s all about me, isn’t it??)  So, with one hand-picked emerald-cut diamond and a little bit of gold, we were going to officially become a family.

 Onto that fateful  joyous day that the circulation in my left leg was cut off by a gorilla-like grip my lady lovingly squeezed my leg and told me the news that we were now “expecting”.  Expecting WHAT is what I wanted to know.    The fear  joy that I felt was overwhelming. I was going to become a diaper changer have the child I that I always dreamt of!   I was READY!!




Suddenly my world was changing so fast I could hardly keep up. Work was demanding as always and I now had to prepare for another child. Little miss was all for it!  She wanted to be a big sister so badly and actually convinced us of the name we would finally choose for the newest addition to our family: Lilli.

Twenty-one days passed- actually it was 18 months but it felt like only three weeks. Guys, if any are reading this, let me offer some advice. If you go on a family vacation with children who have earlier bed times, and the wife cracks a bottle of wine to relax, give the wife a half glass and chug the rest of the bottle yourself!  This way she relaxes and you pass out- therefore unable to perform any husbandly duties. Yep, with the condensation from the ocean-side North Carolina humidity collecting on the air-conditioned windows the future Little Man was conceived.



In a matter of 18 months we went from a 2-kid family to a three-ring circus!  The house was too small, we needed bigger cars, and my Lady had no idea what to do with a son! But I did. The moment he was born I was overjoyed that there was someone to carry on my family name. I wondered if he would be a doctor, a janitor, and afraid he would be just plain lazy. One thing I was certain of, even though I held him first he would get his first kiss from the one woman who was guaranteed to love him no matter what- his mother.

If this post is a bit long for your liking, I apologize.  I’m sure you are sitting there with the same look on your face that Mrs. Sake gets right before she says “you lost me.”  Or you might be feeling the need to blow out my eardrums nicely say, “I don’t need to know this!” like the little miss might do….or….maybe you’d like to hear more.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.  (Remember the Sicilian heritage)  Also, in case you didn’t notice, my text color reflects my wife’s opinion.  She believes me to be full of shit, so brown it is and shall ever be.  Ohhh For Pete’s MY Sake!  You all know it’s true!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Hmmm, now that is one BRAVE woman!! I would never let my husband have access to my blog. ;)

Very sweet story.

Tina said...

WOW Pete - great job!! Actually this is a very short post for your standards of explaining things. ;) You are never at a loss for words. Really you did great!!! Luv you guys, Tina

Anonymous said...

What a very sweet post. I can't imagine what my husband would say if he posted on my blog.

Actually, I know what would happen. He'd start to post then ask himself why on earth he is spending time on a blog when he could be playing a video game. He'd delete what he had typed and move on.

Frugal Vicki said...

Hey! I am Sicilian too! I am well-aware of this temper you speak of!
And I refuse to believe that she was quiet and had no opinion. Absolutely not.
And I never knew this was named after you! You learn something new everyday.
I'm pretty impressed.....but next guest blog I would recommend sharing more secrets. It is, after all, what she does to you ;)

Kat said...

The Irish have tempers, too :) Pete, I really love the words you had to say about my sister and your kids. I never knew you could be such a sensitive sap. I'm very impressed :) And I'm glad you love them and your life!

Rebecca said...

Love could I NOT comment for a fellow Sicilian? The way she had you from the beginning is wonderful...glad you were smart enough to see it!