Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Happened??

Ok, the Spouse….aka PETE….seems to have acquired a liking to this blog stuff.  When I checked what he was doing, I found twenty seven several posts ready to go.  Hmmm….maybe he thinks he’s going to take over MY blog??  Oh, For Pete’s Sake…that’ll never happen!  Regardless, I figured I’d post another by the spouse….He’s got a good point here.  What do you all think?

Post #2 by Mr. Sake

Since when did the world start to spin backwards? Why do I even ask such a stupid hypothetical question? This one may take a few minutes so go use the bathroom (no iPod games, please), grab a beverage and then we’ll contemplate this together……….



        …….done? Ok, let’s think about this.

For a quick rehash, I was born in the mid 60’s to parents old enough to be my grands. They were born during and shortly after WWI, and lived thru the depression and WWII. Life was not by any means easy for them. Neither graduated high school. Both had to work, and work hard to help their families survive.  They learned at young ages that it was all about survival of the fittest. Everything was basic but well earned. Respect was foremost and any advice that parents had to offer was key because they were working even harder just to keep a modest shack of a home. Food was basic and feasts were a luxury.

I was raised with these values. Yes I had a better young life than my parents, but we were by no means wealthy. My dad worked seven days a week. Mom went back to work as soon as my younger brother started school. We had a dedicated telephone, better than the party-line some of our friends had! The TV was black-and-white, heavy enough to be an anchor for an aircraft carrier. There were six TV channels. We had cake on birthdays,  a good Thanksgiving meal, and modest yet fulfilling Christmas celebrations.

We worked in the yard, took care of the garden, and shoveled snow off the drive and walk. Clearing the sidewalk was mandatory. Why? Because it was the nice thing to do for people who walked to catch a bus - that and my parents said we had to. We earned a buck cutting the neighbors grass and if our parents said go help we did – FOR FREE. When Mom said homework the school books better have already been opened. Getting a D was taboo.

When they said go outside and play because we had been watching TV for an hour they meant turn it off……NOW! We had friends we actually saw face-to-face and  had real conversations with. We got bumps, bruises and scrapes and went back for more.  If we got in trouble we got in trouble twice - first immediately once we were found out, and second when dad got home. Three times if other’s parents or the authorities were involved.

Fast-forward: 2010

We have phones on our hips, TV’s in every possible room, and the internet in the palm of our hand. Half of these belong to the kids. They have video games we never dreamt of and couldn't successfully play if we wanted. Pac Man is ancient.

Texting is the way the kids nowadays communicate. Email is old-school, and calling someone on the phone is prehistoric. Nobody has a best friend, they’re  BFF’s. Homework is a parental mission. What the heck is a multiplication matrix? Cognitive thinking isn’t a requirement of school. Classes are based on the lowest achieving student progressing instead of having the class keep up with the fast learner. I had a 3rd grade teacher who stressed the word “sincerely”. Ask your 13 year old to spell it.

In youth sports everybody is on the team and participates. Nobody gets cut.  Nobody sits on the bench. There is no real need to improve because the system is not designed for it. It’s all “feel good”.  What about cutting the kid because he flat-out-sucks? Either he’s got the desire to make the team next year and practices or find something else he’s good at!

When we say to go outside and do something, “it’s a new show” that’s been seen 100 times or “right after I get through this part of the game”.  If kids don’t have something, they want it (thank you Channel 295), and if they have it the new one is better.  Raking the leaves is not necessary because dad will eventually do it. Washing dishes is beneath them. Cleaning up after the pets……

 RU outa yr mnd????????? 

(Learned that one from the Teen)

If you say something you might hurt the kid’s feelings - so say some experts. Hey experts, your parents probably yelled at you, spanked you, and grounded you to you room. You may not have liked it and neither did I. But hey, you learned how to be responsible - successful in school and work. Most of you seem like nice people, too. Just keep your opinions to yourself.

These advocates have some kids thinking they deserve the world without having to achieve. God forbid moms and dads ask something be done, and a spanking is out of the question. They might pick up their cell phone and dial 1-800-FCKMYPARENTS.  Oh wait…. I wonder if they answer text messages…

Welcome to Parenting Y2K+10!!


Ann-Marie said...

LOL! Excellent.

I'm 32 with two kids ages 8 and 5. They are already asking for laptops for Christmas. They will not be receiving laptops or any other electric device. This year they are getting tinker toys and leggos. Oh and a big box of barbie clothes that Mom made for them.
I decided to take control of things and tell them what sort of toys they were going to be playing with.

Stasha said...

I think Pete needs to start his own blog! ;)

My daughter is 8 and she has asked for a cell phone, a nintendo ds and other electronic things. She is too young for a cell phone and she would lose the ds. Plus we already have a Wii, what else do you need?

Her Christmas gifts this year revolve around stuff she needs more than stuff she wants.

Kat said...

Wow...I agree believe it or not! And I say, do not ASK them to help. DEMAND they help OR ELSE. And for God's sake, follow through with the OR ELSE! Further, a spanking can save a life!! Mike was never spanked...he was hit by a car at age 5 and hit a truck on his bicycle a year and a half ago. This is what you are raising if you don't raise your hand...just sayin'...

Rebecca said...

I love this...I'm a Darwinist at heart which is probably why I'll never have any parent friends once my kids start activities. This crap is ridiculous...bring back the good old days where you could fail, be broke, get your feelings hurt, and learn a lot from each one of those things. Failure shapes better humans...not better text messages.