Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It Really Is OK.

So, have you heard of the MeMe “It’s Ok Tuesday”?  Probably not because the WhisperingWriter over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time hasn’t made it INTO a MeMe….but ya know what?  I threatened told her I was going to do it as a MeMe and link up to her post….Just becasue I CAN.

And I Am.

Go on, you can too!  He he he….She would love for you to visit her, I’m certain of that!



Drum roll…..

It’s ok to cook a roll of sausage even though it clearly states “use on or before October 10, 2010” and the current date is November 15th, 2010.  Just be certain to throw it away immediately after cooking and follow it promptly with at least a cup of bleach to clean out your drain.

It’s ok to let your heart sink into your stomach when you look at your Little Man’s pouty face and crocodile tears as you leave him with the sitter.  Just keep on moving…this too shall pass.

It’s ok to bitch to the manager at the grocery store when the crackers you were buying BECAUSE they were only 99 cents rang up at $1.99.  Seriously…that’s 2 bucks more than I planned on spending.  (I bought 2)

It’s ok to cringe at the noise of falling objects upstairs when being downstairs.  Especially when it’s just you and the puppy at home.

It’s ok to lose a few lives over this picture….




…Especially when you know what that cabinet holds…..




It’s ok to vomit just a little when one of your elderly patients is explaining how HIS friend helped disimpact HIM while HE squatted in the bathtub like a sumo wrestler.  Yes, this is definitely ok.




It’s ok to hide in the bathroom for 45 minutes each night and play Pocket Frogs, Bejeweled Blitz, and catch up on Facebook from your iPod.  Nobody should question what’s taking you so long in there.

It’s ok to eat entire bag of crackers mentioned above while you are blogging.  (Remember…there is a second bag left)  Just be sure to eat the healthy salad beforehand.

And last of all, it’s ok to link up to The WhisperWriter’s blog as if she is having a MeMe.  I don’t think she will hurt you or anything crazy like that….she is too busy shoveling snow and drinking hot chocolate.



or better yet….



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Kat said...

What a fun idea! It IS ok! And I'm going to link up as well :)