Thursday, October 28, 2010

What The…??

Ok Ohhh-kayyyyy, it’s Thursday and I’m just now posting my What the Hell Wednesday post.  I know I’m behind.  In fact, that’s my middle name lately.  And ya know what else?  I don’t freakin care!

So, I’m gonna link up anyways because I can.  Can you?



I faxed my employer my updated W-4 form.  My goal is to receive more money in my check and to hell with receiving a lump sum at the end of the year.  First I called and asked them for a form.  Two weeks later I realized I never got the form.  What the hell?  Ok…so maybe that was too much to ask them.  I found my own form on the internet cuz I’m smart like that.  I faxed it.  I got paid today.  No fucking change in withholdings.  WHAT THE HELL, EMPLOYER????

So, apparently I need to drive the 20 minutes to the office in the hopes that someone is there to receive my W-4 form in person.  Otherwise I’ll put it in the lock bock and it will take another 2 weeks for someone to find it.

I just don’t get it….

My sweet Cali puppy…yes…she is wreaking havoc on my back window screen no more.  You see…she would jump up to try to get our attention to let her back in.  I was getting furious because I kept mentioning this to the spouse but the spouse wasn’t doing anything to fix the issue.  I think he thought I would do something….


cali window


Well, I was working on WHAT to do…use plexi-glass to cover the part she could reach?  Take the screen out completely and forget about being able to open that window??  I had some ideas….BUT…..I really didn’t know what would be the correct thing to do.

I asked the spouse again….he got disturbed about it.  Possibly because of the way I mentioned it this time.  You see…I just keep hoping that because I mention something, thy will be done.  (you know, like in our vows??)   Nope.  And he’s aware that this is my expectation….but I’m not sure he worries too much about the repercussions.  This time he got ticked off thinking I was insinuating that he doesn’t do things as well as my late spouse (I would NEVER insinuate this!)…or that he doesn’t do things quick enough….(again, NEVER….) but anylateness, he got ticked and stormed off saying he would fix the muther fucker….well, not those words cuz he doesn’t usually talk like that.  But….THIS is what I got….


gated window


He BABY-GATED the muther fucker!!  Yes!  THOSE are MY words cuz I DO talk like that!!  Seriously??  This is what I have to look at out my kitchen window??  Ahhhhhhh……..He said, “Are you ok with that?”  Ummmm…..yeah, sure…no problem….honey…


What am I gonna say?  No, dear…that’s a little off the wall…yep,  I pretty much think it’s not too kosher to babygate a window.  At least I can be happy that it’s not one of the FRONT windows, right?

My teenage daughter used to play the flute.  She did fairly well for never practicing only playing the thing at the band concerts.  Now…guess what?  She has changed instruments.  Just a little change from a flute….




I was all like “what the fuck is THAT??”  (I really have no clue about instruments…well, maybe a drum…)  It’s a “bari-sax”…or more specifically, a baritone saxiphoneWhat the hell, teenager??  Maybe there should be a weight requirement for this instrument and your 92 pounds just doesn’t cut it!

What’s even funnier is that she cannot bring this thing back and forth from home to school….it belongs to the school.  We cannot find a place that rents them because I was told “they are extremely expensive and you’d have to give up your last born if something happened to it.”  As tempting as that may be…well, no….I wanna keep my Little Man as long as I can.  So…the teen only gets to practice during band class.  She cannot play the songs yet.  I asked her what she was going to do for the concert this past Tuesday and her reply?  “My teacher told me to fake it.”


Seriously?  I pay a fee for her to be in band and she gets to pass by FAKING IT???  Oh no-n0…..No we do not like this idea at all.

I could go on and on with What the Hell Moments, but as we have already established, this post is a day late, and What the fucking HELL happened to my desk???



I think I have a bit of cleaning up to do!!


Happy Wedn….ooops!!  Happy Thursday!!


Frugal Vicki said... is no wonder why I love you.
I would tell the teacher to fake it as I showed that sax where the sun didn't shine

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