Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PINT-Grocery Shopping Blues

I absolutely hate grocery shopping, but I absolutely LOVE Post-It Note Tuesday!  Why not combine the good with the bad??  The good must outweigh the bad, yes??  Link up!!  Enjoy PINT with That One Mom!



After stopping in at work at Saturday to help a new grad RN with an IV, I decided I would try to get the grocery shopping done.  I despise the grocery store, mostly because I am broke, but also because the people there are asshats!!

I normally LOVE old men.   At Giant Eagle?  Not so much.  This old man was basically following me around.  Ok, he wasn’t following ME, but his path in the grocery store was the same as mine.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed but he was whistling.  Yes, I said “whistling”!!  Not a bad thing, right?  Sure….until he keeps getting louder and louder….



Seriously….when we got to the deli counter I was in line first.  I ordered my pounds of nitrates that can kill you lunchmeat (yuk!), but as I was waiting, the Whistler kept getting closer and louder and closer and louder….he was RIGHT next to me, and he was loud.  The whistling was NOT soothing, it was not pretty, it was nothing but irritating the fuck out of me! 


And if the nitrates don’t, I will!!

After dodging the Whistler, the short people, the pushy people and the baggers that destroy my bread, I make it home only to fine dishes not done…..the counter a mess…..

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore……

I start to put the groceries away.  I start with the freezer items….I open the freezer to rearrange everything….pick up the ice cream container and think, huh….this seems rather light…..


Not a drop….


I threw it away wondering who had the brainless moment….then figured no big deal, it happens.  I open the fridge to start rearranging to get everything organized….I’m not sure, but we must have some ghost that rearranges shit through out the week because the top shelf items get to the bottom, the crisper drawer items are on the shelves….it’s just a mess come the weekend. 

Any whoozle….what do I find next??   This:





And then this:



K…one empty thing I can deal with…three in a row??  Fuck that!!






Seriously….Can’t we just get the items on the list and the empties in the trash??  Otherwise I will teach all you asses a lesson and leave this:


Happy Tuesday!!


G.M. said...

Ha! That is funny! My mom always comes over and eats/drinks etc. but leaves like 1 drop of everything, seriously just finish it off!

That One Mom said...

My kids get an earful when I find stuff like that!

Kat said...

Was Michael at your house? Seriously??? WTF! That's what Mike does he's afraid to use it all. He uses half, then half again, then half again...and so on and so forth and so on until I'm ready to murder him!!

gayle said...

That drive me crazy too. Why am I the only one who put toilet paper on!!

Tina said...

Love your post - but hun, where is your pretty thumb nail???? It's a stub!

Sherri said...

I loved your post its! the dog is a mess. lol I'm sure she will provide lots of material for your blog.
And I am completely down with the empty items in the refrigerator thing. I hate when the tea pitcher is put in the refrigerator empty. Its not the fact that its empty that gets me it's the fact that its empty and someone put it back in the fridge like that. lol