Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yes, "done" as in ....


....with family babysitters.  I mean no disrepect to the person that was babysitting...well, OK....yes, I just added that in case this person stumbles upon my blog.  Sorry, this is MY blog and I can write what I want.

You see, my sister, Kat, from 2010-Year of Miracles, is the ONLY family member that I would want to babysit my kiddos ever again.  She cares.  Not just about my kids, but she cares about my home and what condition it's left in when she is done babysitting.  She doesn't leave macaroni on the floor, or Poptart pieces throughout the house.  No, she does NOT

She does NOT let the little ones jump on the bed to their hearts content until the window blinds are dismantled and broken.  No, she never has done this.

She doesn't let an entire zip lock gallon baggie of chocolate that I received from one of my lovely patients just ONE day.  No...never!!  Not that I mind that the last sitter ate here, or that her son ate here....but when we are left with nothing for the week come Wednesday...that just doesn't work for me.  I'm sorry, we are struggling financially, and the sitter knew this. 

When my sister was babysitting, if I forgot to pay her, she wouldn't ask.  Nope...not even a gentle reminder.  It was me calling her saying, "WTF???  You let me forget again!!!!"  The last sitter, family or not, would get paid from us on Friday, then ask for a $20 on Monday for gas.  Ok, I would deduct that from her total pay.  Then she asks again on Thursday AFTER we hand her a check dated for Friday if she can have another $20 for gas.  Ummmm...the last I checked, most people had to wait for pay day.  Yep, I do.  I can't imagine asking my boss for "just a wee bit to tide me over" before payday!! 

Anybabysitter, I am done with the family sitters unless it can be my sis!  We started a new sitter this past Friday.  Her rates are reasonable.  She appears fairly normal.  Not too young, not too old, and yes, she appears to have what it takes to babysit my "babies"....

She gets coverage for herself if she has an appointment so I shouldn't have to worry about working around her schedule like I have had to do with the past sitters (other than my sis).  She does this out of HER home so MY home shall stay neat and tidy, provided it's neat and tidy when I leave it in the mornings.  The kids had a good time on Friday.  No complaints.

Yes, it's the just the beginning with this new sitter, but I am trying to keep an open mind.  I will try my best to allow this to work for me.  I know...I'm the biggest bitch when it comes to how people watch my kids, but they are MY kids and if I'm paying you, then you better do the job right!!

After reading my Sister's post about her Random Thoughts, I know she understands where I'm coming from with regards to her daughter-in-law babysitting.  Yes, it had a lot to do with the fact that her 3 year old was hard to control when he was at my house with my two little ones.  Mine are no me on that one....but I do know that when they are somewhere else, they tend to listen.  I do not know why the little Shorty couldn't listen when he was here....I DO know that some of the things that I witnessed were Just. Not. Good.

I just hope that we can move on from here.  Seriously.  I have learned a lesson.  What lesson? 


Unless, of course, it's my sister!!  Because she would NEVER do me that way!!


gayle said...

I am so glad you found someone new to keep your kids!! Hope it works out good for you!!

Together We Save said...

Oh my.... family, they can get the best of you!!