Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PINT-WTF Puppy???

It’s time to link up with That One Mom over at Only Parent Chronicles!!  This week I am dedicating my post to the crazy-ass puppy that I thought was a NEED…not a WANT….now?  Yeah…not sure she falls in the NEED or WANT category!!  Link up!




You see…sweet little Cali, our pain in the ass fur ball nearly 4 month old Golden Retriever can be very obedient…but ONLY when I have that Clicker in one hand and treats in the other.  I can’t say it’s ALL her fault since the toddlers seem to run around and get her going.  Wait…it’s not just the toddlers either…the teen ALSO like to get her running around like a fucking maniac because it’s funny to see poor Cali plow into the couch full speed….

What?  That’s not funny?  Well, everyone seems to laugh as Cali shakes off the concussion…..






IMG00092-20101011-1403   IMG00093-20101011-1403




Cali can sit, lay down, turn around, and give the high-five….too damn cute!!  What’s not so cute is when she jumps up on the back door, and now that she is bigger she reaches the screen…..she is ripping holes in it!  I try to make her sit before opening the door….











She chews everything in site….boxes, pajamas, toys….






Really…she is destroying everything…little by little.  She nearly bit off Little Man’s nose because he thought he was being funny by folding her up into the little kid’s couch.  Yeah…not funny.  Lil Lady runs around holding a Poptart over her head just antagonizing the poor pup…

Although it’s kinda funny to hear a 4 year old say from the other room as calm as can be…

“Cali is biting me, again.  Yesss, Cali is chewing me UP!”









I left Cali gated in the kitchen while I went to work yesterday.  She got out.  Hey…it’s ok…she just lounged around on the couch all day and waited until I got home to piss in the dining room and shit in the kid’s room….



And then….whew…as I turn around here to see WTF she’s into now…yep….


…Humping the Bear footstool….



(…Hmmmm, maybe I should have kept that pic for a Happy Humpday post!!)

When all is humped, chewed, and mangled….Cali can be as sweet as can be….My four-legged pain in the ass furry friend that wags her tail profusely when I come home or even when I come out of the bathroom for that matter….She’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. 

Gotta love a satisfied puppy…




…and a Bear footstool that’s just been puppy-raped!

Anyhump…Happy Tuesday!!!  Hope your week is going well!!


Ann-Marie said...

A few weeks ago I had the puppy fever, thank God I ignored it.

That One Mom said...

Hahaha! This is why I adopted an adult dog...

Marti said...

LOL oh the things we do for puppy love! :)

Renegades said...

LOL at your bear raped foot stool.

Barb said...

Oh, for the love of puppies! We are fostering a 5 month old puppy right now. With 3 other dogs, 3 kids, a husband and a cat, our house is total chaos!
I enjoyed your post.

Lolidots said...

For the love of all that's holy, save the My Little Pony!

One of our dogs was a chewer of all things for the first year we had him. Still catch him from time to time but, he knows my glare well enough now that I rarely even have to say anything to him. ;-)

Happy PINT!!

Rebecca said...

Puppy-raped? You are effed up!!!!

I'm so glad our lab wasn't a chewer...we would have had to get rid of her I'm afraid!

JKP said...

We had a dog (still have a dog) who was a chewer when we got him. He got over it, but in the meantime I lost a cell phone. Yes, he chose that over the cake that was on the table. How he got the cell phone off the table, I don't know. Two words -- rawhides and kongs (filled with peanut butter and kibble). Okay, that's more than two words, but it will keep the pup busy. If you find a way to break the back door habit, let me know. Our back door still gets scratched up (no screen).

JC Little said...

Too funny!
I'll trade ya for my dog.... ...heheh...

Kat said...

Oh LMAO!! She is funny! And her face is a Coalzer face :) She is going to give you lots more fun!