Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Man

Yes, My Little Man… last born….my 2 1/2 year old “Man”.  My sister once wrote a post about my anxiety when it comes to Little Man.  You can read it here and understand.

You see, my first born is now 13.  Yes…as a teenager she can be quite trying, but as an infant??  Perfect!!  As a toddler?  Perfect-o!!  As a young child??  You got it…



My second child was born 10 years later…Lil Lady.  She was a little finicky as an infant…only would take a poop once we released her diaper and laid her down.  She had a severe milk protein allergy which made the transition from formula difficult.  But, ohhhh, is she smart!  She was talking around 18 months.  She walked right on time.  Sure, potty training was a bit of a hassle, but we finally conquered it right before turning 4!! 

There there came Little Man. 


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When I found out I was having a boy I was, to say the least, a bit nervous.  What on earth do you do with a boy???!!  What do you do with the little thingy between their legs once you bring them home from the hospital??  What??  I had to put vaseline on it to help it heal after the circumcision??  What?  I had to keep pushing back the forskin??  Holy crap-oly!! 

But I made it through the infant year.  Yes, I did.  Even though he was always climbing from the moment he could.  Because of Little Man I no longer had sweet little knick knacks throughout the house.  I’ve had to remove a lamp that he kept tipping over for the fun of seeing it fall onto the couch.  I had to move  out an end table that he liked to sit on top of…it was one of those cheapie ones that you really don’t put things on top of except for maybe a doily or something very light.  I’ve had baby gates attached to baby gates…without success…


Yes, we’ve done a bit of rearranging around here because of Little Man.  When he turned 2, we put latches up high on the doors leading to outside because he liked to leave the house.  We closed up the doggy door so he couldn’t escape that way.  We put latches on the gates outside so he couldn’t be found way in the back yard unsupervised by the creek!  For God’s Sake, we are like prisoners here in our own home.  It can take someone at least 20 minutes to LEAVE the house because of all the contraptions!!


Lately he’s been talking more and more.  He’s putting whole sentences together which is really awesome to hear.  For a while we wondered if he had a hearing issue or something because he had very few words.  NOW??  Oh, Man…..he can’t be kept quiet!!

He loves to aggravate his sisters.  I really didn’t know a 2 1/2 year old knew HOW to aggravate anyone on purpose, but this little guy does.  He likes to bug his biggest sister right when she’s so not in the mood.  It’s funny to hear them fight because she’s so serious about it, and he’s giggling the whole time.  He loves to pick on his other sister too.  Loves to just “touch” her to piss her off.  She’ll be screaming bloody murder that “Manny is touching me!!!!”  So I say, “Man, keep your hands to yourself.”  He says,

“I just TOUCHING her!”

Exactly!!  So knock it the fuck off!!

It’s funny…everything he says starts with, “I just…..”

Like the other day he was scooping up all the pasta out of the bowl at the dinner table….using just his hands of course.  The biggest sister told him to stop.  He didn’t.  She said it again.  He didn’t listen….again.  She yelled at him and he said,

“I JUST TAKING them!!”

Yeah, exactly!!  That’s what we don’t want you to do!!

The one night I went into his room and saw this:



Man!!!  What the fuck H-E-double hockey sticks are you doing????

Man says….

“I just YOOKING!!!”

and again….




Man!  Nice boots, baby!!  Whatcha doing??

(Those boots belong to Lil Lady)

“I just DIGGING!!”

So…it’s pretty funny, I think….

My oldest had a thought.  She said when he gets older he will probably be caught stealing money from bank or something and he’ll tell the policeman…

“I just ROBBING!”


Seriously though….I love my Little Man, and as much as he makes me want to beat my fucking head against the wall whack his sweet little ass at least 20 times a day….well, when he comes up and head butts me and says:


…I  melt.

This is for my baby boy, Little Man!!



Pip Pip Hooray said...

that's sweet and funny :)

Carol said...

How very sweet! Little boys are so much fun in way girls usually never think of!

JKP said...

I have one of those little boys who was climbing before he could really walk, taking things apart before he could string three words together, throwing things across a room before he could stand on his own, that sort of thing, so I understand what you are going through. Some days I'd love to have my baby boy back (don't tell him I called him that). He's 6'1" now. 15 years old, and turning into such a man. I'm so proud, but sad. Miss my baby. Enjoy the moments, the laughs, the times you find him sitting on top of a bookshelf (after you recover from your heart attack at seeing him there). They will be gone all too soon.

Kat said...

And now you know how I feel about mine :) Boys rock :)

gayle said...

OMG this is so funny!! I about died laughing about taking 20 minutes just to leave the house. Love the cute pictures!! Isn't it funny how different kids are. My grandson is not a climber and he still doesn't get into much at almost 4. But boy his mother .......climbed got into everything...broke nick nacks etc.

Frugal Vicki said...

I loved this! My daughter has attitude and always says "what?" Like I am crazy for even thinking of yelling at her. sheesh.