Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day!

How many of you are celebrating Sweetest Day with your "sweeties"??  I always thought that Sweetest Day was supposed to be spent lavishing your Sweetie with gifts and love and favors and acknowledgement....but today as I fought to sleep in with the chaos happening right outside my bedroom door, I didn't notice any of that happening here.

I got up because I could no longer lay there in bed....I stumbled to the kitchen, noticed there was only a sip of coffee left...stumbled to the bathroom because I knew I could not make another pot without emptying my bladder.  Went back to the kitchen...tried to make the coffee...still had not put in my contact (yes, I only wear one) so I was wearing my glasses which are only good enough to get me from the bathroom to bed, certainly not good enough to make coffee...and it was damn near impossible.  Trying my best to be nice, but Lil Lady was chattering away, Little Man was right behind her....OH MY LORD gimme strength!!

Also, I've noticed that when I can't see well, I can't HEAR either!!  Does that mean I do alot of lip-reading??  Scary thought for when I get older and my kids stick me in a nursing home where they always forget to put your glasses on or your hearing aide in....Shit....I'm doomed!

Anyways....I got the coffee made, took two Tylenol Arthritis (not that I'm arthritic, I'm just thinking ahead), I went to the basement to wake the teen and her two friends that slept over.  I got them moving.  I cleaned up the basement.  I started a load of clothes.

Finally took my, wait, I didn't shower, I only dunked my head in and washed my hair because I didn't want to be in there too long.  It was already late enough, after 10...which is crazy, even for my lazy ass!  I was just trying to be quick in case I was needed out in the living room, or the kitchen...or where ever it was that my Sweetie was going to acknowledge that I existed....I KNEW he had to have something up his sleeve...after all, even my Twitter people were posting Sweetest Day wishes!!

But bestowing of gifts or affection came my way.  Hmmmmm....I KNOW it's Sweetest Day because people on Facebook are posting Happy Sweetest Day wishes too.....yep, they sure are.  I thought for a second that maybe I was....

Nope, not so.  It's definitely Sweetest Day. 

I decided...wait, let me look up this fucking Sweetest Day.  Cuz in the past there was at least an exchange of cards or something....and nope, that wasn't happening either.

Of course...... I GOOGLED it!!

This is what I found out:

Sweetest Day was founded around 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio by Herbert Birch Kingston who was a local candy company employee. Kingston sought to bring cheer and some happiness to the lives of those who were often forgotten. With the help of his friends, he began distributing candy and small gifts to children living in orphanages, those stricken with illness or disabilities, shut-ins, and others who were forgotten.

Ok, thank you Mr. Kingston.  I appreciate that you wanted to bring cheer to those "forgotten"....and help the kids in orphanages or the sickies out there in the world...but do you realize the expectations you've put on us now??  Yes, we EXPECT something good will happen on Sweetest Day.  At least I did! 

Of course, I did not get the spouse a card either....I think in the back of my mind I knew he had I didn't want him to feel bad if I got him one. my defense, I DID acknowledge one who is normally "forgotten" that is a "shut-in".  I gave him food...a heaping dish of food!!  And water...yes, could not forget the water....this poor "shut-in" had NO WATER!!  Can you believe that shit?  I also was nice enough to toss in a snack for after the meal.  Wow...I'm a true saint, yes??  Absolutely I am!!  Happy Sweetest Day, Spencer!  You truly aren't forgotten!!

                                                   Spencer-my 20 year old Cockatiel!!

I took care of the "ill" today too!  THAT would be ME!!  I took my Tylenol Arthritis....yes, it helped some of the aches and pains.  I also took my Claritin D which helps me to be awake....If I'm not AWAKE, I am pretty much DISABLED!  Happy Sweetest Day, Me!!

Now...I cannot make it to any orphanages today, so when I go out to work later, I will grab a few items for my own kiddos.  Happy Sweetest Day, Kiddos!!

As for my spouse?  Shit...I don't have a clue.  And yes, I feel lousy about it.  I'm not sure when the excitement of these holidays disappeared.  It makes me pretty damn sad, though.  Oh wait, I just allowed him to spend time with his brother working on an old tractor that they've been wanting to mess with for quite a while now....!!  Yes!!!  Happy Sweetest Day, Spouse!!  You've just been acknowledged!

And Cali Puppy??  Yeah, she get's acknowledged Every. Freakin. Minute!!  She gets love bestowed upon her constantly!!  And THAT, my friends,  is why she is exhausted....

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend and wonderful Sweetest Day!! 


Cheeseboy said...

I had no idea what Sweetest Day was, let alone that it was Sweetest Day. I would have happily sent you a Sweetest Day happy comment.

Sounds like the sweetest day, this was not.

Kat said...

Happy Sweetest Day, sis! I love ya! And I just read about this earlier in the week. I don't know, it seems that perhaps you should have gotten a card. But I remember going years where these types of holidays were thought of as "Hallmark" holidays. Ken, however, NEVER forgets to acknowledge. Now, he beats me and I have to hightail it to the store or wherever to get whatever I need to get him because I was trained to ignore the holidays LOL! I have the opposite problem as you!

Together We Save said...

I had never even heard of sweetest day!! I don't think it would ever get recongized at my house!!