Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WTF?? I’m doing it again??

That’s right, I’ve decided to join yet another weight-loss challenge!  Oh come on….quit rolling your eyes.  I know what you are thinking….”Here we go again……”  Yeah?  Well, fuck you I’ll show you I can do it.  Afterall, I’ve done it before!  Sure, that was 6 years after my first child and a year before my second.  And I was on the right track after my second but I’ll be damned if I didn’t go on vacation without my birth control pills and came back knocked up for the third time……(that would have been with my Little Man….the crazy-ass monster apple of my eye).
So, now that Little man is 22 months…the big “2” right around the corner, I have decided enough is enough.  I can no longer carry him like a swaddled baby when we go in stores so people think I’m fat because he’s a newborn.  No, he’s too big for that.  I don’t feel like playing the sympathy card by bringing all three kids with me, letting them act like animals that have escaped from the zoo, push out the belly slightly (it only takes a “slight” push….shut up) and let people feel sorry for me because they think I am pregnant AGAIN.  No…I’m in no mood for that….
Instead, I’ve decided to get my act together.  I KNOW it can be done.  I’ve wanted to do it for some time now, but haven’t had the motivation.  Now I do, ever since I stumbled across Lose It Bitches hosted by Think Tank Momma aka Adrienzgirl and a few others that you can meet when you hop on over there.  THIS is the challenge I want to do because well…….hell, I don’t know why I picked this one other than the ladies over there seem so cool who wouldn’t want to be associated with them?? 
The pic I chose to post is not one of me.  I chose my scale…now, mind you, I AM holding my cell phone so that accounts for something, but it sure does look like this says 174 pounds…doesn’t it??   IMG01027
WTF???  When did THAT happen??  The last I recall I was 120#’s and 5’8” and now I’m THAT (don’t even want to repeat the number) and 5’ 2”???  Shit….something has gone wrong….terribly wrong.  All kidding aside, I was never 5’8” and was probably 120 pounds when I was in junior high….My goal weight is 145 for right now.  I might settle for 150….if you know me, then you know that’s ok for me (big boobs and all) because I carry it well.
And HOW am I going to accomplish this?  I have a few ideas which I have already put into place and hope to continue.  My sis and I are gonna be svelt this summer!  Oh yeah we are!!  You’ll see!!  Oh, and if you want to visit my sis, she’s over at 2010-Year of Miracles.  She’s also joined the Lose It Bitches challenge.  Way to go, Sis!!
Here is HOW I plan to accomplish this god forsaken horrible task incredible goal of weight-loss:
1.  I am planning on beating the shit out of the Wii boxers…oh yeah….especially the ones that think they can knock me down even while wearing sunglasses in the ring!  I am going to do this 3x/wk.
2.  Twice a week instead of boxing, I am going to do either the Wii Yoga or try the Wii Biggest Loser Challenge which I was eliminated from the last time I tried.  Yes, Jillian Michaels eliminated me with a capital E!  She’s no longer my friend. (well, she never was, but it’s nice to pretend sometimes).
3.  I am going to use my knowledge of  the Weight Watchers points system for my dietary guidelines.  I DO have the knowledge…I’ve been a member before (although I didn’t like the people that attended the meetings I was able to go to-too flakey for me) and I’ve also lost weight on the plan one other time. 
4.  I want to be a winner.  Not just for this challenge.  But for ME.  And if I keep my motivation and get the support from the awesome ladies over at Lose It Bitches, well, then I WILL have succeeded!!  And that will be one resolution I can cross off my list for 2010. 


Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

You can do it! I am on your side. Now go kicks some ass!

Hugs, Lisa

Terry said...

Awww thanks Sistah!! You're awesome! I really want to be where I was before these 2 toddlers and that's where I'm gonna be!!

Dual Mom said...

Hey Terry -

Dual Mom here from Lose It Bitches. Welcome onboard the crazy train.....I've added you to the blogroll so everyone can check out your post.

I'm dying laughing here. Seriously, the whole swaddling your two year old...that's funny shit.

And coincidence?? You and I weigh exactly the same weight and have the same weight lost goal.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Terry, nice to meet you! I'm thrilled you are joining the challenge and I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE!! Our goals are similar, I started at 170 and have lost 5 pounds since December 28 (I started a little early) but I'm off on a computer-free vacation for three weeks but will be weighing in as soon as I get back.

My post is almost ready with my scale for later today. I actually had to buy a set of scales, I didn't own any so weighed at a friend's house when I started the plan so posting the scale photo today too. UGH!! Hate that!

Oh well, no where to go buy down (I Hope!)

BTW, I'm a new follower :) I want to cheer you on when I get back!

Kat said...

Way to go, Lil Sis! I know you can do this. You don't have as much to lose as me! You're so lucky, but then again, I realize that the more you have to lose, the more that comes off at once...did you see The Biggest Loser show??? Some of those people lost over 30 pounds their first week! Of course, they almost died doing it...LOL I love you - you can do this!

Terry said...

Dual Mom! Wow...are you also 5'2" or are you lucky to be 5'8"?? This is going to be a damn fun "crazy train" and I'm so looking forward to getting to know you ladies as we lose our minds together!!

Terry said...

Menopausal Mom-
Have a great computer-free vacation and I will be looking forward to your post!! (make sure you note whether or not you are holding any objects in your hands when you weigh...that is soooo important!!)
Thanks for following!!

Terry said...

Kat...I've been thinking of being on the Biggest Loser and how I could reach my goal in a week with they way they torture those poor people! Wow...did you see Jillian yell at that older contestant?? I would have sucker punched her!!

That One Mom said...

Terry! Welcome aboard the crazy train! I'm swinging by from "Lose It, Bitches" to wish you luck and let you know we are all in this together. I have a 30 pound weightloss goal, and I am so excited to have such a great group of people on this journey with me!

AJ said...

bahahaha That's funny!

Thanks for the comment!

PS... still confused by all of this... but how do you get more comments on your posts with 20 followers? I am so confused!

I am your newest follower! (You can follow me too if you want?)

Terry said...

That One Mom - Thanks for the comment! Will be over to your blog shortly :)

AJ-thanks for following! Always glad to have more visitors :) (I'm new to this sure is fun)