Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still a Bitch

Ok…I’m an still on the wagon with Lose It Bitches, and so far I haven’t killed anyone or bitten off any heads have managed to stay somewhat motivated.  Kinda hard not to when you reach for that bag of cookies but have to move the bunch of bananas on the counter and you see THIS:2010 030 Or when I go to work and visit one of my patients and THIS walks by:2010 039 This, my friends, is Butchie….one FAT CAT!! 

So, this week I dusted off the treadmill, and got on it 3 times….or was it 2??  Shit…I knew I should be logging this important information!!  I see all those sites for logging your food intake, your exercise time and all that but do you think that I have done that?  Nope…and now I can’t remember how many times I walked my ass off on the treadmill!!  Damn Damn Double-Damn!! 

Anywhoo….I DID exercise, and that is the point I’m trying to make here.  I think it totally ticked off hubby that I left him to deal with everything while I went down to the basement to walk my way to svelt-ness, but he’ll get over it, I’m certain of that.  It was a little difficult the one day because the spouse sent the Lil Lady down and she wanted to also walk her way to svelt-ness (she’s 3 and has little hamhocks for thighs)….I keep telling her not to fret over it….she’s good the way she is, but she is such a worry-wart!!  I wonder where she gets it from…..(don’t look at ME!!)

As for how much weight I lost this week?  Let’s see, that depends on what scale we are going to believe.  I think I will go with the one that was the nicest to me and that would be my work scale that I lug around with me and weigh my old people with.  Yeah, that one was nice to me.  So from here on out, I will go with that weight, from my work scale and it will be from my Thursday visit with my 2 ladies that are also trying to lose weight.  So, this week I am down to

Do you see that??  Did I make it big enough for you???  Yes, that would be

(for those of you who did not see it the first time.)

That would mean I have lost 5 pounds.  Might not seem like much, but the fact that I am in the 160’s is exciting to me.  I am trying so hard to make the right choices in what I shovel into my mouth eat…really REALLy trying.  I have yet to give up my White Chocolate Mocha No Whip Please but I need to do things one step at a time, and for me, my mocha is my LIFE!!  Wait…did I just say that??  I didn’t say “My spouse is my life” or  “my kids are my life”??  No…it’s my mocha.  Sad, but so true. 

This week?  My goals:
  • Increase the amount that I exercise whether it is to exercise longer or exercise for more days, I don’t know-one or the other.
  • Plan a healthy  breakfast.  I haven’t been concentrating too much on this, yet I know I’m not eating enough fruits.  I may also need to add a multivitamin tablet or have them add it to my mocha.
  • Stop getting stressed out every time my kkkkkkkkkk button pops off my keyboard.  I think I can take it up to MicroCenter and they can fix it.  Ok, so you think this has nothing to do with my diet….wrong you are!  Can you imagine the stress that this “k” is putting me through??  And y’all know what stress does to someone dieting……enuf said!!
  • Bring a lunch with me to work!!  It’s not that I stop and eat something bad when I don’t bring a lunch, it’s that I don’t eat at all and I know this is not good.  Not good because when I get home I am starving and the kids are all out of sorts begging for my attention and the stress-o-meter goes way off the chart, and yeah…you get the picture!!
There ya have it.  I have lost weight, I have goals, I will continue this freakin lifestyle change as long as I can!  And thank you ladies from Lose It Bitches for all your support.  And thank you Dear Sister from 2010-Year of Miracles for taking that damn exercise bike out of my basement.  My treadmill feels so very important now.

Now, I need to share this comment I received on one of my other posts from Gregory over at Day to Day…I think he has a very good point…Not saying that I want to kick any one out of LIB, but if you are the one that is losing the most weight, I’d be careful if I were you….just saying……

GregoryJ said...

Nice try; I think you missed the positive a time or two.
Would Be Bambi just informed me of the 4th Law of Thermodynamics: When one person loses weight, another person gains it. The amount of weight in the world stays the same.
Whoever is losing the most weight in the LIB, kick them out; they are why you are not losing.

That is what Gregory had to say…..This is what I have to say:

Beware!!  This crazyass mother gets extremely psychotic when things don’t go her way!!


Anonymous said...

Five pounds that's awesome. I've only lost two, but I really truly suck at diets, and exercise...I figure if I'm chewing food I am exercising my jaw muscles! And I'd definitley pick the scales that was my bff, not the lame lying ones the say you weigh more!

Anonymous said...

I think I got the 5 pounds you lost. I had to let my belt out another notch. Thanks alot.

Really. Good for you. We're proud of you and pulling for you.

Thanks for the shout.

Kat said...

Woohoo!!! 169!!! Yayyy! And your treadmill IS very important. AND keep my little tiny neice off that thing! It could suck her under! LOL

Dual Mom said...

That is so awesome! It's a great feeling getting below a certain number (usually one ending in a zero..170, 160).

I started tracking food, for all the good it's doing me.

adrienzgirl said...

Congrats on the loss! It is nice to see those numbers going in the down down down direction!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Our 'adventure' in Venice is a lot sweeter looking back 28 years than it was at the time.

gayle said...

Congrats you are doing awesome!!Keep it up!!