Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Award?? For Me???, this is awesome...this is wayyyyyy cool...Over at Dual Mom's place, I've been called "queenshit".  Oh yes, I have!!  Is that like the greatest compliment you can ever ask for?  I'm not gonna tell you WHY I've been called that, that's up to you to go and investigate.  All I know is that I'm an honored.  AND because I am Queenshit (yes, I think it should be capitalized), I've been given this award!!

Now I am supposed to tell you 10 things that make me happy, then share this award with 10 of my bloggie friends.  I would first share it with my sis over at 2010-Year of Miracles, but Dual Mom already shared it with her, so if I did too, well, then....yeah, she would have to come up with 10 more things that make her happy, and if anyone has 20 things they can easily think of that make them happy then they are way too happy for me.  In fact, my sis has TOLD me she is just not that happy of a person, so no one should try to make her her doc once gave her a medication that made her ecstatic and she stopped taking it because it made her "too happy".  What??!!  Is that possible?  Apparently so....go ask her.  It's her story.
Now....drum are my 10 things, in no particular order, but here they are:
1.  MY KIDS  Definitely 3 "things" that I cannot live without.  With their highly entertaining shannanigans to their toddler hugs and tween whinings, I could not go a day without any of them.  As much as they make me want to pull out my hair (especially the gray ones I just noticed this evening) I look at them and can't help but melt.  Did I really take part in making these little beings??  Amazing....
2.  CARIBOU COFFEE  I think if Caribou didn't exist, I would be one hell of a crabby ass lady.  Oh, and I probably wouldn't have the need to be part of Lose It Bitches either, but that's besides the point.  Sometimes I get confused and when I go through the Walgreens drive thru for meds, (you'd never think I need meds, would ya??) I ask them for a WCM-NWP (white chocolate mocha, no whip please)....and this is because I am ALWAYS at Caribou!  My car leaves my drive and cannot go left, it has to go right.  It will not go past that parking lot, I HAVE to turn onto Summer Rd or my car will's sad, I know.  Also, the employess at Caribou Coffee are my friends..oh yes, they are.  Go ask them.  They know me as the "lady that drives the white SUV"  or "white-chocolate-mocha-no-whip-please lady".  I think I will invite them to my children's weddings in the future...just sayin.....
3.  QUIET TIME which I don't get enough of.  The only time that I get that is quiet is when I end my day of seeing patients and get my mocha and hide behind Caribou and catch up on blogs.  That is my time.  And if you have any doubts, I even have my own parking spot. 
4.  MY BLACKBERRY and now my new friend, iPod TOUCH.  I swear, one day before iPod came along, Blackberry was out of commission, and I nearly lost my marbles.  I was this close *pinching thumb and first finger together* to throwing in the towel and having myself committed.  Yes, I could have just had a conversation with the spouse, but I NEEDED my social media!!  It was a life or death situation...for about 17minutes, then all was well again.  But now I have iPod too which lets me hide in the bathroom and play Bejeweled Blitz!!  What more could I ask for??
5.  MY TWITTER PEEPS...or TWEEPS as they are called.  Honestly...they rock!!  If it's not Lisa @LadyWanderlust, or Andrea @lilmommasmom...then it's @Supahmommy who keep me feeling validated as I navigate the social media world.  Also, their is @DadUnMasked who is the "hottie" and master of the "half pic".  These people should be followed by all.  I am not kidding won't be sorry.
6.  MY NEW BLOGGIE FRIENDS  These people are all that, and more.  It takes someone special to read the shit I write and comment.  It takes someone absolutely out of their freakin mind to give me an award!!  But my bloggie friend (Dual Mom) has done that....hence the list of 10 things that make me happy!
7.  MY PATIENTS  I do homecare for the elderly, and I cannot tell you enough how awesome my patients are.  They have been with me through good times, bad times, pms times (and yes, they GET it), and all those times that I have felt like I was losing my mind...they have been there.  And THEY have taken care of ME.  I wish I could give them an award of some kind....they have become my extended family. 
8. TINA  I could not live without this awesome person in my life.  We met when we were both pregnant with our first child.  Our spouses at the time knew eachother.  From the moment my spouse went up behind her in Lamaze Class and nearly grabbed her ass because he thought it was me...well, we've been friends.  When she had her second child...I was there...When I lost my baby Nathan...she was there.  When I lost my Mom...she was there...and when I lost my late spouse, she was there.  And she has been there each and every day that I've needed her.  She did not stop being my friend when I met my current spouse...neither one of us really like him, but she's still my friend.  Ok ok....I'm kidding, we love him, for Pete's sake!!  All I'm saying is that she's the BEST...MY BFF as my daughter would say!  (that's tween talk)
9.  MY SISTER  Omg...what on earth would I do without her??  From sharing a room with her when we were growing up and her side was the pigsty and mine was, of course, now....we have come a long way.  I talk with her every day, could not have a day without that.  She can make me laugh even when I think I'm going to kill someone.  And I'm not talking just a "laugh"...I'm talking the kind of laugh where you screw up your face, can't breath, can't keep your eyes open, and you pee your pants kind of laugh.  She's the one I call when life is great.  She's the one I call when life sucks the big one....all in all, I call her for everything!  Hell, I even called her when I needed to discuss the possibility of bugs reproducing in places that no one wants to have bugs!!  Yeah...that's how close we are.
10.  Ok...MY SPOUSE  I suppose I have to mention him in my list of things that make me happy.  He was, after all, the one who brought me out of my slump after my late spouse passed away.  He was that person that was detached from my world at the time, and he was able to show me that life does go on.  He's also the reason why I don't get any sleep now due to having two more kids.  He's also the reason why there are always dirty dishes in the sink and dirty socks on our bedroom floor....Oh...wait...this is a happy post.  Ok...he came into my life when I needed him the most.  Even though he has some pretty whacky quirks, I love him.  Even though he gets hair clippings on my bar of face soap......I love him.  Even though he puts an empty 16 oz bottle of shower soap in the very small trash can in the bathroom knowing I will be the one to empty it.....I love him.  As much as I bitch about him....I do love him and he does make me happy.  And no, I'm not just adding this in here in case he comes to lurk on my blog!  How DARE you think such a thing!!

Now I am supposed to pass this award along to 10 other bloggers that I think deserve it.  So, if you are listed, grab the bloggie award above and have at it!!  You rock!!
First of all, I want to pass this award to the awesome Single Mom over at Single Mom Survives.  She is in the process of "getting her "Me" on" and I think this would be a good exercise to help her in her re-evalutation of her life.
Laura over at The Life of a Tatooed Mom of 3 because she has 3 kids and they drink alot of milk!!  Yeah...that's what she says :)  And she has some awesome goals for 2010 so she deserves a pat on the back!
Melanie over at Mommy Tantrums because I think she needs a time out!! 
Crazysahm - because she plays a mean game of Words with Friends on the iPod!!  And she's always there to give me a good laugh on Twitter!!
Kiera over at Imperfect Daisies This lady here has ambitions!!  She's getting ready to begin her P90x tour de diet and I am wayyyyy impressed!  I'm following her blog just so I can see the transformation that I'm sure will be incredible!
Weaselmomma over at the World of Weasels because she has a houseful of rodents and blogs about all their quirks and accomplishments.  She makes me laugh at least daily on Twitter.  She is the best manager of her very own funny farm, and you'd be just damn silly not to check out her blog.
Andrea over at worldofmomma is getting this award because she's one of my Soul Sistahs!!  (my other one, LadyWanderlust, already been given this award so I can't double-award her, unfortunately) 
Nic over at My Bottles Up because she's got a gorgeous Twitter Avatar and her blog rocks.  She's as real as real gets....
MiniMaura at Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling needs to participate because IMO (in my opinion....) she needs to blog more often and loiter at the bars LESS often and maybe her elbow might get better.  Just sayin....
Meg at Mind of A Mad Woman !!  She deserves this award because...mmmm....let me see....oh!!  I know!  I know!!  I came across her blog and found Lose It Bitches!!  That in itself is worth an award!  Thank you, Meg!!

I also had another person on my list, @MrsHotMom....she should have this award, but I don't believe she has a blog!!  Awwww...that's just sad!!  Since I don't always play by the rules, I am also awarding it to her cuz she's a lovely Tweeple of mine!!  You should follow her!  (cuz her husband still thinks she's hot!)

Ok that I have done this post, I almost feel that it was A LOT OF WORK!!  Yes, definitely ALOT of work!!  So, those of you that have been given this award, do NOT take it lightly, YOU are special and I am a crazy ass fool who took the time to give it to you so do your part, GRAB the EFFing award and run your ass off to your blog and work as hard as I just did!  The Queenshit has spoken.....


Tina said...
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Tina said...

Awww you make me happy too!!!
Luv, Your BFF :)

Dual Mom said...

"Out of their mind...". I would say it takes one to know one lady! haha

Congrats Queenshit!!

andrea said...

awww T I love you too "like a kid loves cake" and congrats mrs. Queenshit

WeaselMomma said...

Tanks so much for including me in this! It's been a while since I received a reward, besides the ones that the dog leaves me in the yard.

Melanie said...

Thank you! So sweet! =)

Anonymous said...

I love it! QUEENSHIT! You should grab that domain!

Ann Marie said...

Love reading the blog and learning more about my new Twitter-friend. Going to look into that new-fangled Blueberry-Razzberry-Blackberry thingy you are raving about.

Anonymous said...

Love your happy list and going to check out the blogs, just found yours yesterday (sorry can't remember how I got here, but that's kinda like my life story...not remembering)

Terry said...

Tina - your very welcome!

Dual Mom - It sure does take one to know one and I'm glad I'm getting to know you :)

Andrea - :)

Weaselmomma - You deserve more than doggie rewards!! geeeesh!!

Terry said...

Melanie - soooo did you take your time out??

Lauren - heyyyyy !! excellent idea! love it!!

Ann Marie - definitely check out the Blackberry!! it's sooo worth it!

susiecate - well, it doesn't matter how you got here, I just hope you come back soon!

Thank you for all the comments! mwah!!

Maura @MiniMaura said...

hey! i don't party much, once a week, and i usually have to drive, so i'm not drunk! elbow night was a BAD day gone wrong!! but thanks! i'm not sure i know 10 bloggers, but i'll try!

EcoStylish said...

Great post Ms. Queen Shit! Loved it!!! PS: I'm addicted to my iPod touch and blackberry too.

Kat said...

Awww thanks! And you know what? You ARE the Queenshit! :)

My Bottle's Up! said...

awww!!!! how did i not see this until now?!?!?! thank you. and please patent the term "queenshit" before someone else does. tis brilliant.