Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pissed Off And Determined

So, this isn’t exactly a whole week of my diet life-style (life-style my ass) change, but I wanted to be on target with the rest of the ladies over at Lose It Bitches so I am posting anyways.  I actually did start watching what I was shoveling into my mouth on the 2nd of January, but didn’t find this challenge until last week sometime. 
This past week I was watching everything that went into my mouth…oh yeah, EVERYTHING!!  If you know me, you know I cannot and will not live without my White Chocolate Mocha/no whip from Caribou Coffee.  It’s sad, such an addiction, but at least I am admitting that it’s an addiction, right?  So, if you are wondering, NO…I did NOT give them up.  But other than the mochas, and a few stolen peanut butter cups from the spouse’s stash, I did very well.  I learned alot about myself also.  This is what I learned:
1.  I am in love with Caribou Coffee…specifically the White Chocolate Mocha-no whip, of course.
2.  I do not drink enough water, even if I DO order an ice water to go with my White Chocolate Mocha-no whip, of course.
3.  I am not too bad of a boxer as long as the damn Wii Boxers keep their sunglasses on…boxing
4.  I apparently want to eat when I am stressed.  But now, after screaming at the family the knock it the fuck off before I eat this whole cake telling the family they are causing me poor eating behavior, I’m sure they understand and will stop acting like cavemen and women.
5.  I need to bring a lunch to work otherwise the temptation to buy and eat a whole bag of Lays Potato Chips is almost too strong for me to overcome.
6.  Jillian Michaels is an ass.
7.  I feel much better when I chose the healthy options of what I normally eat.  I think my sis probably agrees too.  Go see what she’s accomplishing over at 2010-Year of Miracles.  She’s really got her act together!!  (except she’s gonna take up running…ouch)
8.  It’s very hard to try to do a Wii Fit workout with a 3 year old Princess and a 22 month old caveboy while the spouse watches…
9.  I absolutely love reading all the blogs from the ladies over at Lose It Bitches!!  It often keeps me from munching on something that I shouldn’t be.
10.  Last, but not least, I’ve learned that I need to focus on ME…not all the time, of course, but some of the time.  I need to just let some things roll, not get so stressed out ….even when I find a very brown banana peel on my daughter’s headboard shelf….Because each day is a gift, right?  Absolutely!!
So, according to Wii Fit, my progress this week is that I’m down 2.9 pounds.  Of course you can’t see that on this pic because I did the body testing twice so that it did not record that I was a fit age of 52!!  Yikes!!  (fyi, the second time around I was 24 which was acceptable to me).IMG01040Regardless….do you SEE what it says in RED?  Oh yeah…ass-boogers!!  That’s what they are!!  Makes me ill to think I am overweight…..says who??  Wii Fit, that’s who.  So, with that, Ican tell you that I’m pissed off.  And when I get pissed off, I get determined.  This next week I am gonna kick ass with this new lifestyle!! 
How about you?  When you get pissed, do you get more determined?? 


SupahMommy said...


ihave to investigate wii fit.. is it worth it?? cuz my treadmill and i are NOT getting along.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Yeah, I'm interested in what you think of wii fit too. I thought about getting it, but then I don't know if my boys would give me a turn on the wii!!!

Kat said...

#4 and #6 are just hysterical, Ter! You're doing great! Don't listen to those Wii Fit dweebs. It's not worth it! Do your Wii Fit, eat what's right for you, and absolutely TAKE TERRY TIME!! That household of yours takes 110% of the Terry time most of the time. TAKE SOME CHARGE and TAKE SOME BACK!! Go Terry...Go Terry...

Blake Urmos said...

Keep it up. Understanding what you consume is the first step, taking action is the next. It is hard to regulate the quality of consumption especially if your job, spouse and lifestyle are not supportive of and conducive to healthy eating.

I know how to navigate a grocery store, and unfortunately, given the quality of food in NE Ohio grocery stores it is exceptionally difficult.

It is a battle but completely feasible. The lack of options in this area can actually become advantageous. Since there is not much to choose from, the amount of intake decreases while quality increases. Typically I walk out of the store with carrots and celery. Some times a peanut butter cup or two, but that's for seasonal affective disorder treatment.

Best of luck to you and if you seek any advice, do not hesitate to ask.

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

Hang in there, Sistah! You can do it. Yessssss, you need to find time for you every day, even if it's only 30 minutes. Remember, it's not a diet (DIE with a T, but a lifestyle change). Moderation is key. Don't completely give up chips, just not every day.

I am VERY proud of you, Lisa

Terry said...

Princess of Sarcasm and SupahMommy - I love the Wii Fit and yes I think it's worth it. It gives you so many different options of what you can do...aerobics, yoga, balance exercises, strength's awesome!

Kat - I love you, sis!! I can actually hear you say "Go Terry Go!"

Blake...awesome that you stopped by my blog AND left me such a great comment! I will definitely call upon you for advice! You seem to have your ducks in a row...with all the running you post about. Impressive :)

Mad Woman said...

I had to start actively scheduling time into my day for ME. If I'm working til 4, I schedule 4:30 til 6 for time at the gym. It's the only way. And I totally agree about trying to do Wii Fit with kids and spouse around. What a pain in the ass!!

You're doing great...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think that it is way awesome you are learning so much about yourself!!! Is Caribou coffee like Starbucks?? I live in a tiny town and havent ever heard of it. Can you order it sugar free and with non fat milk? That would save you some calories.

WeaselMomma said...

Keep up the good work! You're getting there.

Dual Mom said...

I haven't heard of Caribou Coffee either but fully understand addictions.

Chocolate cake, bagels with cream cheese, cinammon rolls hot out of the oven, oh yeah...addiction I understand.

But that is a FABULOUS weight loss for week one. Keep it up!

Terry said...

Lisa - thank you for your support! You rock, babyyyy!

Dual Mom and the Blue Zoo - yes Caribou is like Starbucks, but ohhhh so much better. I am working on cutting the fat and calories...been getting it with no whip forever (it's really nice when they mess up!!)

MadWoman Meg...I almost want to cry sometimes when I don't get Me-time, especially when I'm trying to reach a frustrating! But all of you are helping with the support you give me! Thank you!