Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wings or Not?

Not sure what comes to your mind when you hear the word “WINGS” but at this point, in my starvation state, I think of my most favorite….CHICKEN WINGS!!  Mmmmmmmm….shhhh, don’t tell the ladies at Lose It Bitches!!  I’m not sure how many wings I could eat and still stay within my point allowance with WW and still be satisfied….the “being satisfied” is the key here.  I could probably have 3…which might be ok for someone 3 feet tall which I am not. 
I’ve argued with myself over this wing situation.  I’ve decided that it’s ok to have wings in certain circumstances.  For example, if you are a butterfly, or a bird.  Yes, it would be ok if you had wings or you might look like this:
……no thank you.

So, should pigs have wings??  Don’t we all say “when pigs fly” when we know something is so far fetched that it would never happen??  Can you imagine if pigs DID have wings?  All those crazyass things that don’t happen because pigs do NOT have wings, would be happening!!  My spouse would be able to stop at the bar every day after work, my tween would have already gone on her first date; I would be a size 2 and 5’5”!!  So…thank the good Lord that he did not make pigs with wings!!  Besides, it’s Just. Not. Natural.

Angels….yes, they deserve their wings!!  They need them so they can fly up on to your shoulder and protect you, guide you, tell you NOT to eat that Ding Dong you are about to shove into your mouth in one piece before someone comes into the kitchen and catches you.  Oh wait…that might be your conscience….not your Guardian Angel…..                  Anywhooo….Angels are superb beings that you may or may not believe in and I’m not here to sway you either way because it’s no skin off my back if you don’t believe in that amazing being that helped you NOT to be in the middle of that intersection when the dumbass ran the red light.  Nope…not my job.

So…should chickens have wings?  Do they fly much or do they have them just so we can eat them?  Ick….don’t EVEN want to go there….

But I would like to go HERE….

Furthermore, there are some things that should NOT have wings other than myself who really and truly could devour 24 of them right now is trying so very hard to stay on track and lose this post baby weight once and for all.  One of them is Little Man who has been insisting on wearing the Lil Lady’s Tinker Bell wings for long periods of time.
 2010 035 2010 034
Yes, this scares me.

And one other thing that I believe should NOT have wings….

For Pete’s sake, they aren’t going to get up and fly, ARE THEY?? 
I’m just sayin…….


GregoryJ said...

I hate to be the one telling you this, but I'm gonna go get a bucket of wings. You just made me do it.
Thank you very much.

gayle said...

Don't tell on me but I got a milkshake (hubbie made me)

Dual Mom said...

Yeah, you knew I'd be here eventually to kick your ass.

Step away from the wings. Make a deal with yourself, if you workout xx number of times this week than you can have wings. Half of what you would normally have.

There's no damn sense in depriving yourself, you'll just fall of the wagon and end up eating the whole damn chicken....and the pig, and all those other things that have wings.

Tina said...

Well I guess at least you weren't thinking about your White Chocolate Mocha for once.... or was that in your hand as you were typing this??? :)

MrsWhich said...

Okay, maybe this won't satisfy, can buy buffalo wing sauce at the grocery store, and use it on something lower fat and not fried, like chicken breasts.

Or, have a cheat day. Every Friday, or whatever day you find is your worst, have the thing you most wanted all week. It can be incentive to stay on track the rest of the week - I want this now, but I don't need it now, I'll wait until Friday.

So, I was reading a theory that different food cravings can be tied to specific emotional needs that aren't being met. So craving sweet or rich foods may mean you need more nurturing, and crunchy foods mean you're holding some aggression, etc. So, if you go get a hug or punch out a pillow, it may abate the food craving. I don't really know if I buy that, and I haven't actually tried it yet, but thought I'd share it as food for thought. you know, to give your imagination wings ;-)

suzicate said...

I was not expecting the Kotex, you got me!! Funny post. yeah, I love me some wings, too!

Kat said...

LMAO! The wings on The Man got me rolling! I think he looks great, but needs a different color. Of course, I'm a little more free-thinking than you, and CERTAINLY than The Man's Dad, who must have been ROLLING when you sent him that pic! LOL!

The Blue Zoo said...

If you simply must eat wings, try to find a healthy version and make them yourself. The worst part about chicken wings is the fatty skin and the deep frying. So maybe you could take the skin off and bake some?