Friday, July 9, 2010

Confess….or Smoke?

Ahhhhh Friday Confessional!  I love you!  I adore you!  You are the best thing since pepperoni and sausage pizza!!  Mwah!!!!

(I think my ankles just swelled typing that!!)

Friday confessional

  • First of all, let me tell you that GARAGE SALES suck!
  • I confess that it was way more work than I really cared to be doing on my week off just to be ready to sell this SHIT!  
  • I have never seen so many OLD MEN at a garage sale.
  • When I go to garage sales I see pregnant WOMEN.
  • Where the FUCK are the pregnant WOMEN who are supposed to be here buying all my baby stuff??



  • I confess I’m a little edgy.
  • This quitting smoking is for the birds. 
  • I confess that I have cheated and smoked a few….but only a few.
  • And I don’t care what anyone thinks.  It’s still an accomplishment for me.
  • Seriously people….
  • I have enough clothing to clothe half of this damn city, and no one is here buying them.
  • Tons of baby and kid clothes in bins, on tables, on racks….
  • Tons of toys….(Watch out, Mike…they are coming your way)
  • “Mike” would be @realdadshangout in case you didn’t know.  Also, you need to check out his blog because he and his wife are having baby number FOUR today, and I’m sure he’ll be blogging his immense JOY asap.
  • Go….now…..Real Dad’s Hangout.
  • I could put Vtech out of business…..


  • One more day of this garage sale.
  • Yes, I have my laptop in the garage with me as I sell not a fucking thing a few items here and there.


Yes, my precious laptop….it is NOT FOR SALE!!


  • So….we’ve had a few stragglers today….some bought a few things.
  • Some bought ONE thing for like 50 fucking cents….
  • Are they for real? 
  • Where are the BIG SPENDERS?????

  • WTF??  I said SPENDERS!!

  • Oh come ON!!  What do I need to do to bring in the buyers??
  • Drastic measures are upon us.


  • I’ll spare the kitty if you buy my SHIT.
  • Just sayin….
  • Did I tell you I have clothing for your child from birth until they start toddling around?
  • Did I? 
  • Are you sure?  I would’t want to be repeating myself.


Ok….enough is enough.  I came in the house because I just couldn’t bear it any longer….

It’s hot, humid and now it’s fucking raining!!


It just don’t get better than this!



K….you all go have a glorious day and an even better weekend!!

I’m going to go puddle-jump with the toddlers and ease some stress…..


singedwingangel said...

I hear ya. I loathe yard sales. My sister however is the yard sale queen. She can convince people to buy stuff they weren't even looking for lol..

Cheeseboy said...

So is your laptop for sale or not?

Rebecca said...

See? This is why I'm lazy and just donate all of my shit. I hate yard sales and get really shy when it comes to displaying all of my crap to the, the people who come to them really suck at parking.

Is there seriously a pregnant Barbie???

Lisa said...

After you adjust to not smoking and you get rid of the clutter in your home....I bet you start to feel better...almost zen like. Hang in there. HUGS, Lisa

Frugal Vicki said...

I gotta go with Rebecca on this is why I donate.......except I am the mom that can't let go and have TONS of cartons of crap in my garage, because I am just not sure about a third yet!

And big spenders don't go to garage sales, that is why they are there, DUH!

And finally, did you photoshop that or is that a real freaking preggo barbie? That's it, let's teach them pregnancy is cool at a YOUNG age. hee hee.

Lourie said...

We keep talking about it. But talking and doing are two very different things. Haha. Cause I am like you...not wanting to sit around for two people to buy one thing each for 50 cents. And I would have my laptop with me too. How else could I blog about it???

Erin said...

garage sales bite the big one. good luck! thanks for stopping by my place, and seeing as i have tears of laughter streaming down my face, i'm gonna click on that lil follow button now.


Real Dads Hangout said...

Now see...I am catching up on my blog reading while I am "working" because it is too busy at home! Shhh don't tell my wife.

Ohh and Misty? Misty? YUCK! (not that I smoke or anything..)