Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Potty Training Post-Its

Potty training is among us full force….and I mean FULL FORCE!!  So….if you wanna just read about it “PINT” style, be my guest!  If you want to link up with some Post-Its of your own, that would also be fun!!  Link up with Supah!


We’ve been trying and trying to get Lil Lady on the pot.  She’s gone a handful of times but that is it.  She is 3 1/2 and it’s getting a bit embarrassing.  This past weekend the spouse decided to put her in her little training undies and let her pee her pants…or “piss herself” if you know the spouse!

And “piss herself” she did.  Just a few times.  It was amazing to hear her reaction.




















Little Man finally realized this was going to take longer than anticipated, and he just doesn’t have that many boogers to pick.  I guess he felt it was his turn….
















Now,  I must tell you that I told Lil Lady a million-kazillion times to let me know when she has a belly ache because I was soooooo NOT going to deal with a poop in the big girl panties.

We were downstairs, I was playing on my iPod being productive, and this is how it went down….

Lil Lady:  “My belly hurts….” 

Me:   “what??!!  Your belly hurts???”

Lil Lady:  “No, Mom, this girl’s belly hurts, not mine”  (She was playing with the Barbies) 

Me:   “are you SURE ?????”  (a little more frantic now)

Lil Lady:  “Yes, I am sure.”

A few moments later she came to me and said….


And of course, I had to dump the lump into the pot and as I did, it plopped on the floor, and on the way to the floor it hit the toilet seat….ohhhh!!  What a freakin mess just for one poop! 

I TOLD her when her belly hurt to tell me!!

So after this back and forth and back and forth between the two of them on the potty, off the potty, on the potty, off the potty, changing the wet panties, changing the poopy diaper of Little Man, and then dealing with the poop in the big girl panties….I needed a prize.








            A Lil Lady Pedicure!!

Yes, my toes are now blue and sparkly!!  Shut it….I KNOW you are jealous!

Everyone have a lovely day, and watch out for the panties that don’t hold the pee!!


Lourie said...

Keep at it she will get there! And in the mean time enjoy blue sparkly toes. :D

Shell said...

Good luck!

I hate potty training so much. One more child to go for me.

cfoxes33 said...

I was a lucky ducky. The first time Daughter's feet got wet because of pee, that was it, she was on the pot from then on.

Son pretty much trained himself. I heard someone in the bathroom one day and yelled "Who's in the bathroom?"

He comes walking down the hall with his pants around his ankles and said, "Come see what I did, Mommy", as he was gesturing with his hands to come on.

Sure 'nuff, he went just like a big boy.

That is all it took. I feel so blessed!

They'll get there. I know they will.

Kat said...

I have to say I think you will find that Lil Man will be easier than the Lil Lady and right now the only thing she has on him is her age. I think boys are just easier. I don't know why...probably something to do with how their brain works, and that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing! LOL

Angie said...


Potty training is hard work! You'll get there though! Hang tough!!

Lydia @ On The Verge said...

I am on my last potty training thank goodness. I hate it! I have used the pee on yourself tactic and it usually works.

Good Luck!