Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Letters of Intent

Oh…Now THIS is a new one for me!!  Letters of Intent!!  You can link up over at Foursons!!  (Shit, I better go make sure I’m following her…..geesh….I should be sure of this stuff before I blog)

Anyways….I linked up and I hope you do too!  You can write short little letters to people that you love, those that make you smile, those that DON’T make you smile, or even those that piss you off.  Go ahead, give it a try!


Dear Lil Lady,

I am so very proud that you decided peeing on the potty wasn’t such a bad idea after all!  Never in my life have I been happier to hear the words “I have to pee!!” come out of anyone’s mouth.  I’m not sure what did it for you….the million-kazillion of prizes we bestowed upon you, or the fact that your little bro decided he would give it a try, or that Daddy made you wear the real panties and pee down your legs into your sparkly-toed tennis shoes….whatever the reason, I love you for finally giving in to our pleas!!


Proud Mommy

~_to_2010Mar07 248


Dear Patient,

When you asked me to do you a favor and cut your friend’s toenails, I seriously wanted to be helpful.  But….and this is a BIG BUT…..when I saw what I would be cutting, I knew the job was not for me.  I KNEW I could NOT get any closer.  I KNEW it was the last thing on earth that I was going to be performing that Monday morning in 90 degree weather in an apartment with no air conditioning and no home-maker that has been there to clean up after the two of you.  I apologize profusely.  I was honest when I said that toenails really aren’t my thing….


Your Nauseated Nurse


Dear Sis,

Just wanted to tell you that I love you!!  I am so proud of what you have nearly accomplished, you have no idea!!  Soon we will be working together with the old people and we can have all kinds of fun at work (but we are NOT cutting toenails…just so you know).  I wish you wouldn’t have given up your pinning ceremony because you SOOO deserve it, but I also understand your reasoning behind it.  I’m sorry you had a rotten shopping day yesterday, but I’m so happy you received a free paring knife and didn’t use it on anyone at the grocery store.  Just so you know, I would visit you everyday if you had used the knife and gotten incarcerated.  That’s what sisters are for!

Love you,

Your Little Sis

You can find my Sis over at 2010-Year of Miracles!  Stop by her blog and give her some comment LUV!!  She soooo deserves it!

And one more Letter of Intent….

Dear Family,

I know I have been a bit of a bitch lately, but I need to get one thing straight.  When I say I am at the end of my rope, you MUST listen, or at the very least, you MUST take cover a.s.a.p.

That is all.


Stress-Out Mom 


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This weeks hostesses are Shell from Things I Can’t Say, Terri from That’s What She Said, Tami from Hearts Make Families, Harriet from Harriet and Friends, and Ian from The Daily Dose of Reality. Please stop by and see these awesome host/hostesses.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  Stay cool, if possible!!


Foursons said...

Yay for little lady! It's so great when they finally get potty trained.

I am gagging at that picture of the toenails. I would have vomited all over the patient had I been asked to cut them.

And yes, families need to take heed when we tell them to stand clear!

Thanks for linking up!

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by from Friday-Follow to thank you for participating.
Have a great weekend!

sammy said...

okay so please tell me those nails were fake...


Lourie said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY! Way to go, Lil' Lady! So happy for all of you!!!

Eeew! Eeew! Eeew! Please oh please tell me that picture is a google find and not the actual toenails in question. Either way....o.0 EEEEw!

Pam (The Reader) said...

I'm gagging so much from that toenail picture that I'm just about speachless. Accck! That's just so WRONG. LOL!
Great job Little Lady on hitting a big milestone. What a big girl you are! :D
By the way, glad to hear that your sisterly love extends to incarceration! LOL! :D

Rachel said...

Congrats to your sis! And I love that last shot of them taking cover! :)