Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is It Fall Already??

The weather is changing faster than I recall it ever changing. It seems like yesterday I was complaining how hot I was. How I couldn't stand to be sweating all the time!'s chilly, it's raining, and the leaves are falling! I guess that's what happens in the FALL! Honestly, I love Fall. I love the colors it brings, I love the smell of the crisp mornings, and I absolutely love Fall flowers and decorations.

Since I met my spouse in the Fall, it brings with it those nostalgic feelings of falling in love. It makes me want to cuddle with him, bring him his coffee in bed, and just BE with him. Am I sounding sappy? Yeah, I bet I am. Today started as one of those days. I said to Pete, "Let's go outside and start cleaning up the yard for winter." You know, put away the deck furniture, clean up the kids toys scattered around the sand box....the point is, I wanted to do it t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. We have alot of things that need putting away, and alot of it goes into the shed. Now, let me tell you, I think I've been in the shed once. My late husband used to put all the stuff in and out of there, and I never needed to go there. So, with Pete, I just let him take over. NOW, when I am ready to put stuff away, he says, "I'm going to build a deck in there that can give us more space..." WHAT?? NOW??? When it's time to put the stuff away? I'm telling you, those warm fuzzy feelings went out the window with that one!!

So, I started clearing off the deck, piling chairs, chasing my 19 month old out of the garage, helping my 3 year old build her sand castle in what's left of the sand, telling my oldest "no, I am not looking for your hat with the peace sign on it right this minute", cleaning out coolers from 3 weeks ago.....and I thought, as I'm doing all this....what the H -E-double toothpicks is he DOING?? Is this something that he needs to do NOW when it's time to put the stuff IN the shed?? For Pete's THIS what I signed up for?? I don't remember asking to be in this club. But here I am.

The kids got restless, I got ticked off, and Pete continued to empty the shed. Nothing got done. I gave up. I am not going to try to act on these feelings of "we should do this together", or "wouldn't it be fun if...", or "remember when...??" No, I am not. Instead, I am going to do my Fall decorating around the chaos. That's right...AROUND the chaos. And I am going to be happy doing it because even though I did not sign up for THIS, I did sign up for something, and that "something" includes all the ups and downs, the good and bad, the chaos and calm....I am here, and so is Pete, and so are the three little cave-people that we love with all our hearts. I wouldn't have it any other way! (well, except if that other way included a shed that was available to put my deck stuff in....) Happy Happy Fall to you All!!

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