Monday, September 28, 2009


So, now you might have guessed that I have some stress in my life with the husband and 3 you might also have guessed that I have NOT lost the last bit of baby weight. Oh really? Really!! Go figure! Up until now I have not had the patience or the sanity to plan out a days meals, or to walk on the treadmill (without a child getting stuck underneath). I haven't had the motivation to even want to LOOK in the mirror. I DO know that the clothes I want to wear do not fit the way they should. I have a pair of size 6 jeans that I keep saying I'm going to fit into day.
I've joined Weight Watchers only to lose 9 pounds and gain I stopped going. Yep, I'm a quitter! I've joined many sites that might help me stay motivated, but yet have found one to succeed in doing just that. Here's my most recent attempt at getting motivated: Body After Baby
It's a "challenge" they say....a CHALLENGE!! This "challenge" is hosted by Samantha at Mama Notes Yes, it definitely is going to be a challenge. But I am going to try. I WILL stay motivated. I WILL NOT get obsessed, but will be proactive!! lol....I'm sounding crazy now. Actually, I'm just trying to boost myself up so that I can DO this!
When I first met Pete I was at a good weight. I imagine how he feels when he looks at me now....when he gives me a hug and feels the extra rolls of fat on my back! OMG! I have back fat!! I've never had back fat...other than when I was pregnant, but you're supposed to have it then! It's not like I was ever model perfect, but I was at a good weight before I got pregnant with the last two cave-people. But, you see, it took me almost 8 years to get there, and I don't want to wait another 8 years!!
My daughter says I don't need to lose weight....she's my 74 pound 12 year old....with her skinny little Barbie body, and it means alot to me to hear her say that. On the other hand, my 3 year old likes to squish into my very un-tone abdomen and giggle about the "squishy-ness". Great...just great....
My body is falling apart. I've been to the doc who instructs me to lose weight, walk everyday, eat only whole foods which means nothing processed. I wonder what he eats?? I wonder if he has time to walk every day. That is probably where he was when I called to say "hey doc, I'm losing my mind!" and I get a message back saying "he wants you to make an appointment".
Anyways, back to the weight loss issue. I am going to try this challenge although I am so not looking forward to having any before and after pics posted. I will do it, I will live through the humiliation. After all, if I don't succeed, no body really knows me on that site, right? Nobody would even miss my before and after pics if I never sent them....I just wouldn't win a prize. Ohhhh and I love prizes!!
So far this week, I've been on the treadmill once and walked a mile. Yes, ONE mile. Stop, I can hear you snickering..... It's a start, for Pete's sake! Gotta give me credit!
This week I am increasing my water intake. That alone is a big challenge for me. I always get an ice water with my White Chocolate Mocha, unfortunately I drink the mocha and the water is only half gone. This week I have to take a drink of water before a sip of the mocha. Eventually I'll give up the mocha, but not yet. No no no, I am not that good!


Harmony said...

Welcome to the challenge! I hope we are helpful in keeping you motivated. For me it was the clothes thing, I just can't afford to not fit into my clothes anymore.

Tabitha said...

Hi Terry! I am so like you in that I have other addictions that can get in the way... mine isn't a mocha, but rather an Ice Cold Coke.. mmmmmmm...

I can't wait to see your progress over the next 8 weeks!

bass family said...

You can do it!!!! And you're off to a good start... no snickering here!