Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye Poptart

Yes, once again I am blogging about weight loss. What's different about my weight-loss blogging? In my blog you won't find recipes (not at this time), you won't find my food journal (that would be too embarrassing), but you will find a whole lota bitchin about how I can't seem to stick with any weight-loss program. I personally feel that we all have to go through this phase first before we really get serious about losing any weight.

I don't know how people do it....IT being LOSE WEIGHT or get fit after being UNFIT....especially after having children (3 to be exact, 2 of which came along after turning 40). I've tried Weight Watchers. I think I had a problem with WW because I decided I would go for the full-treatment and actually PAY for the program which included the weekly meetings and weigh-ins. I would like to say, in a nice way, that I did not like the meetings...I did not like any of the people there, especially the leader who wore a name tag that also stated "in 1989 I lost 13 pounds". WTF?? that's great, 13 pounds, but does that make her an expert? Does that give her the right to mock the 30 pounds I would like to lose? Needless to say, I could not go to those meetings and look at that name tag and feel good about anything.

I've joined an online weight-loss 8-week challenge called Body After Baby.
This challenge is brought to you by Samantha over at this cool site called
Mama Notes. I think I've lost track of what week we are on!! Nooooo! Really?? I believe we are on week 3. Last week flew by and I think I accumulated 1 point, the total possible was 28....WHAT??? This week the mini-challenge is to see how many healthy meals we can eat. A "healthy meal" consists of at least two food groups (for example, chocolate and peanut butter would be dairy and protein). The total amount of points possible for the week would be 21, you know, 3 healthy meals a day!

I've skimmed the out-skirts of the Fat Smash Diet and the EXTREME Fat Smash Diet and although I am sure they are both successful when followed, I kept screwing up my glycemic index with my White Chocolate Mochas. I have not been successful in finding a diet that will incorporate my Caribou addiction, which is sad...really, really sad.

I've recently purchased The Biggest Loser interactive game for the Wii. Yes, I have a Wii. I bought my Wii in hopes of getting fit by using the Wii kids have used the balance board as a table top for their snacks as they sit and watch TV. Anyhoooo....The Biggest Loser....I have not watched a full season of this show, but I've seen bits and pieces (cuz that's how I watch TV with a tween and 2 toddlers) and I get the gist of it. I've seen the progress of the contestants. I've seen the weigh-ins, and the eliminations. So, the other night I'm working my ass off (hopefully, literally). I'm doing "floating lunges", "mountain climbers", the warm up, and the cool down. I made it 3 rounds and guess what? I got freakin ELIMINATED!! Oh -Yes-I -did!! I was sweating, breathing heavy, and nearly in a cardiac arrest, and they eliminate me?? WTF??

I know what it is...the reason I can't stay on's the tastings of Hamburger Helper as I cook it for the family. I cook it, taste taste taste it while cooking it, serve it...the family asks why I'm not eating and I say, "That?? You want me to eat THAT? I can't eat that, I'm on a diet...." ending with a big poor-me sigh. It's also the animal crackers, the pretzels, the fish crackers, the chips, the pieces of poptart that are shoved into my mouth as I try to say NO THANK YOU honey, sweetie, little munchkin of mine...thank you for sharing....and adding inches to my waistline....

My husband says there is nothing wrong with the way I look, in fact, I think he feels a good counselor would work more in my favor than any weight-loss program. I love him dearly, but....

If I look so good then why can't I sit down in my jeans?

If I look so good then why can't I cross my legs without holding the one on top in place so it stays put??

If I look so good, for Pete's Sake, why does the person in the mirror appear to
weigh 300 pounds?

Bottom line here, folks, even though I was eliminated with a capital E my first time with the Wii Biggest Loser, and even though today my body hurts so bad I can hardly lift my White Chocolate Mocha to my parched lips, I am going to get right back on the horse, or the Wii, and go for it! I will show you, Jillian Michaels, I am NOT a quitter!! I will not sit back and get ELIMINATED!

And I write this blog in memory of the Hot Fudge Sundae Poptart....


Krystal said...

keep on truckin! week 2 was really rough for me too, and today, well, it's my anniversary so i gave myself a free pass. eek!

you can do it, though! we all can!

Harmony said...

Week two is always the hardest for me, I always get distracted. But I will do I'll get back into it this week and you will too!

bass family said...

You crack me up!! I love it!! Oh hot fudge poptarts... I love those too!! Stick with it, you can do it!

Brassy said...

LOVE your post, especially the part about chocolate and peanut butter. :D

I also love your determination - I had a rough Week 2 over here. Keep it up, Momma!