Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who’s Pete?

Pete entered my life when I thought I was at my very lowest point. I had lost my former husband in a freak accident involving his four-wheeler. It was just my daughter and I from that moment on. My late husband’s family was around at first but then slowly went their own way. I can’t blame them, it wasn’t up to them to make sure I was ok. I was theUs only one that was going to be able to make sure I was ok as well as my daughter. Friends that my former husband and I had together also went on to live their own lives. Well, most of them did, except for one. To this day, this friend is the one I know will always be there. (even if it takes her a while to answer her texts!!) So, what did I do? I resorted to online chat rooms and browsing the internet. Yep, you guessed it! I met Pete through Yahoo!! OMG!! How irresponsible!! Yep! That was me! But ya know what? It turns out that Pete lived just about in the next city from me. We had been to some of the same hang-outs. We clicked immediately in chat. He could finish my sentences as well as I could. It took us a couple of months to finally meet in person.

Of course it was "dangerous" and "reckless" to plan to meet with someone that I really didn't know that much about other than what he told me in chat. He could have been some psycho-killer, or a rapist, or God knows what, but he wasn't.....he was just Pete. Or "peteleft" which is what his yahoo screen name was. I recall a message he sent me before we met that just said "peteleft on yahoo"....and at this time I was slow at responding to his messages. I had alot going on since at that time I was a single parent, so I didn't always get back to him to answer his messages. I was interested in him, but still, parenting came first. So, when I got the message that just said "peteleft on yahoo" I thought...the hell he did!! I thought he was telling me he was done with me...that he wasn't going to waste his time on someone that was too busy to answer his messages!! OMG! I didn't realize that was his screenname!! That specific message was an eye-opener for me. I figured if I wanted to ever get out of the rut I was in, I better at least put some effort into it!

We made a plan to meet for favorite. I was stingy and gave him 30 minutes of my time. I figured, if it was a bad idea for meeting then 30 minutes would be perfect. As it turns out, I wish we had more time!! But I made sure I had something to do, like pick up my daughter, so I HAD to leave.

When we left there, I knew I wanted to see him again. I was hoping he’d feel the same, and this was confirmed when he ASKED me for a HUG in the parking lot!! OMG! How cute was that?? It was THAT specific hug that made me realize that this wasn’t just going to be a fling….there was something there between us from the very beginning. For Pete’s Sake, the Man loves coffee as much as I do!!!

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